Life of the tiny mind

By R.J. Beaumia It's tempting to compare the Rev. Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church to Kabuki theater; however, that would be insinuating that the group is a hyperbolic representation of the American right [...]

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Q Scopes: “Think ahead, Aries!”

by Jack Fertig December 18, 2006 Mars square Uranus provokes wild impulses - a few are brilliant, but most are just reckless. Venus in Capricorn offers a strategic focus. Older women and classical arts offer [...]

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Q Puzzle:

December 18, 2006 Across 1 Cry before claiming immortality 5 Overhand stroke, for Martina 10 Pull out your shooter 14 Blown away 15 One from the heart 16 "The Music Man" setting 17 Martina slammed [...]

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Waxing’s worth it

Steve Carell didn't make waxing his man-lawn look merry in "The 40 Year Old Virgin." "Damn that movie! It scared everybody away," laughs owner and esthetician Yvette Tremaine of Tantra Face & Body in Ferndale. [...]

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Art & Around for the period Dec. 21-30

ARCHITECTURE/GARDEN TOURS: Edsel & Eleanor Ford House Events include: Estate-wide exhibit, "Josephine Ford; A Celebration of Her Life and Legacy" (through Dec. 31; $8). Open Tue.-Sun. Grosse Pointe Shores: 313-884-4222. ART, HISTORICAL & SCIENCE [...]

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Theater Events for the period Dec. 21-30

PROFESSIONAL THEATER/OPERA: Arborophilia An oblique comedy that manages to twist thoughts, maul marriage, poke politics, whack weather, muddy money and loop love around a tree. Detroit Repertory Theatre, Detroit. Thu.-Sun., through Dec. 30. $20. 313-868-1347. [...]

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Catholic, KKK reference tasteless

I'm sending this email as a comment on D'Anne Witkowski's article about Sen. Sam Brownback entitled "Creep of the Week". In the article, Witkowski sardonically that "a good, God-fearing judge would have attended, but with [...]

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‘Boys’ make the grade

Perhaps the greatest lesson taught isn't one chronicling history. In the screen adaptation of the Tony Award-winning "The History Boys" director Nicholas Hytner tests that theory with a group of seven unruly, brainy boys vying [...]

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Repeating ‘History’

By Gregg Shapiro The "Dreamgirls" aren't the only Tony Award winners to make the transition from the stage to the screen this holiday season. "The History Boys," which cleaned up at the Tony Awards this [...]

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Pet of the Week: Motown

Meet Motown, a marvelous two-year-old tabby kitty, with magnificent tiger markings and stunning green eyes. She's both sweet and social, making friends with all she meets! This gal adores affection, especially enjoying endless pets and [...]

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Gifted and ChoZen

ROYAL OAK - When greeting customers in his newly opened home furnishings boutique, ChoZen by BC, interior designer BC Cabangbang first introduces himself and then his mother. Though she died when he was only 11, [...]

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Conservative Jews change stance on LGBT issues

SHARON GITTLEMAN ANN ARBOR - One of the three major Jewish sects made decisions that will cheer many members of the LGBT community. At least one area congregation was especially happy to hear the news. [...]

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Lansing approves human rights ordinance

LANSING - As expected the Lansing City Council voted unanimously to approve a comprehensive human rights ordinance Monday night, then voted to make the ordinance effective immediately. The ordinance, introduced in October, is the first [...]

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Report documents masculinity, hate crimes

By Bob Roehr A report released last week documents the tide of murderous violence against gender nonconformity in the United States over the last decade. "Under 30: Masculinity and the War on America's Youth" was [...]

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‘Dreamgirls’ shines on silver screen

The Dreamettes, a Detroit trio, seem destined for stardom when up-and-coming record mogul Curtis Taylor Jr. (Jamie Foxx) signs them to his label. Both big-voiced Effie (Jennifer Hudson) and beautiful Deena (Beyonce Knowles) are in [...]

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Sweet dreams

By Lawrence Ferber They say the camera adds 10 pounds. But that wasn't enough for "American Idol" finalist Jennifer Hudson, who landed the plum - and plump - role of Effie White in out screenwriter/director [...]

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