In a Family Way: A whole new world

By Arlene Istar Lev Those of you with small children will recognize the title of this column from the movie Aladdin, which my older son watched 500 times in the first few years of his [...]

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Transmissions: What’s in a name?

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith Zoo Atlanta has a new panda cub, a 12-pound baby bear named Mei Lan. As cute as she may be, my reason for bringing up the new arrival are more complex [...]

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Creep of the Week: James Dobson

The question of the hour is, to paraphrase a nursery rhyme, "Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your baby grow?" Or, if you're James Dobson, it's "Mary Mary, godless heathen, how dare your baby grow?" [...]

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‘Doubt’-ful intentions

Cherry Jones keeps life simple. Except when she's a churchwoman. "They hired a lesbian to play a heterosexual who no longer is a heterosexual (but) who's a celibate nun," Jones says about her role as [...]

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Spark-ing scandals

Hal Sparks brought back the dork factor with his sarcastic "Talk Soup" banter. On "Queer As Folk" he showed his softer side. Then he blew through the reality TV circuit, wailing with Wynonna on "Celebrity [...]

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New faces

The fourth season of "The L Word" brings with it several new characters. Here's a look at a few of them. Papi (Janina Gavankar) This Latina lothario brings the edgy culture of East Los Angeles [...]

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Alexander art show

"The Visitation," collage on aluminum by community artist Charles Alexander, is one of 25 art works on exhibit at the Scarab Club, second-floor gallery, Friday, January 5 through the end of the month. Alexander's one-person [...]

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Almodovar returns

To those who say you can't go home again, the latest film from director Pedro Almodovar is here to prove you wrong. "Volver" (which means "to return" in Spanish) stars Penelope Cruz as Raimunda, a [...]

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Book Marks: Top 10 Fiction Titles, 2006

by Richard Labonte December 18, 2006 It's a good year for queer readers when books by the likes of Christopher Bram, Edmund White, Norah Vincent, Leslie Feinberg, Cheryl Clarke, Stephen McCauley, and Andrew Holleran are [...]

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She’s not going to be ignored

By Christopher Cappiello In a film season that has seen monarchs, African dictators and murderous Boston gangsters, there might be no more ferocious screen presence than Dame Judi Dench's Barbara Covett, the quiet spinster history [...]

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Pet of the Week: Jingles

Jingles is ready to jingle all the way home! Jingles is a beautiful five-years-young collie and German shepherd mix. She is already spayed so she is ready to go home with you today! This sweet [...]

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Nite Out at the Clubs

THURSDAY Body Zone Health Club: Free tanning Club Flamingo: Happy Hour, 4-8 p.m. Diamond Jim's Saloon: Cadillac Squares Square Dancing and Bit T.W.A.T. Karaoke. Diversions: Karaoke. $3.00 16 oz beer. $1.50 Schnapps. $5.00 Jager Bombs [...]

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Q Scopes “Take up yoga, Leo!”

by Jack Fertig December 25, 2006 The Sun in Capricorn draws our attention to our work and accomplishments, making this a fitting time for a New Year's review. With the Sun now aspecting Jupiter in [...]

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Q Puzzle: “Ball Handlers”

December 25, 2006 Across 1 Movie about a gay bathhouse, with _The_ 5 Clergyman Bean 9 High places with flat tops 14 ___ bit (slightly) 15 Ready to go in 16 Good-sized 17 Cartoonist that [...]

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Curtain Calls ONLINE

Professional Theater News from Around Town: Breathe Art Theatre Project moves to new Detroit stage DETROIT - Continuing its third Detroit/Windsor Cross-Border Season, Breathe Art Theatre Project announces that it is moving Detroit theaters, citing [...]

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Art & Around for the period Dec. 28-Jan. 6, 2007

ARCHITECTURE/GARDEN TOURS: Edsel & Eleanor Ford House Events include: Estate-wide exhibit, "Josephine Ford; A Celebration of Her Life and Legacy" (through Dec. 31; $8). Open Tue.-Sun. Grosse Pointe Shores: 313-884-4222. ART, HISTORICAL & SCIENCE [...]

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MSU campus welcoming to LGBT-identified students

The article appearing in BTL's 12/7/2006 issue, "MSU Student Group Likely Hate Group" prompts our letter. We represent three LGBT-supportive organizations affiliated with Michigan State University. Unfortunately, support for broad free speech rights can be [...]

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She/he Said Dec. 28, 2006

"This time around, ballot initiatives banning same-sex marriage drew markedly less support than in 2004; the draconian one endorsed by Mr. McCain in Arizona was voted down altogether. Two national politicians who had kowtowed egregiously [...]

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Holiday Godmothers

The Godmothers recently hosted their eighth annual T-Dance at the newly remodeled upstairs bar at Como's in Ferndale. The Godmothers, a grassroots group of women from Metro Detroit that address the needs of families in [...]

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Triangle Foundation to open office in western Michigan

DETROIT - Michigan's largest LGBT anti-violence and advocacy organization is about to get bigger. The Triangle Foundation will expand its organizing, education and coalition building efforts to western Michigan with the opening of a Western [...]

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What the community says about Jay Kaplan

"Jay is an irreplaceable resource to CARE and to the greater LGBT community. He is someone who truly cares about the community and is genuinely passionate about his work. He has been instrumental and tireless [...]

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