Molly Ivins dead at age 62

Molly Ivins, unabashed liberal newspaper columnist and author, died Jan 31, 2007 in her Austin, Texas home. Ivins had battled breast cancer since 1999. She was 62. A Texas native, Ivins was an expert on [...]

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She/He Said on Michigan Appeals Court Ruling

Oct. 24, 2004, Ann Arbor News, prior to the election: Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, responds to concerns that the amendment language will threaten health benefits: "Scare tactic." - Glenn [...]

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Gushing grooves

By Matthew Zeiberman 'This Is Love' "This Is Love" Jason and deMarco They're more than pretty faces. Jason and deMarco are Christian. And gay. Their new gushy single, "This Is Love," floods with love. [...]

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MAPP coordinator to attend leadership institute

Midwest AIDS Prevention Project's (MAPP) program coordinator, Brianne A. Moore, has been awarded a slot in a nationwide leadership institute that provides comprehensive, capacity building education designed specifically for HIV prevention program managers who work [...]

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Protesters blast anti-gay coach at MSU

Around 130 protesters scattered through the Breslin Arena to rally against anti-gay Penn State coach Rene Portland as her team played against Michigan State University on Feb. 1. "I thought it was good to go [...]

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Busy ‘Boy’

Reuben Butchart has worked 10-hour days before, but not like the ones leading up to the release of his sophomore album. As the elements of Butchart's disc, "Golden Boy," melded - the addition of orchestral [...]

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Art & Around for the period Feb. 8-18

ARCHITECTURE/GARDEN TOURS: Edsel & Eleanor Ford House Discover the Ford House with all-new tours that go behind the scenes, examine special subjects and provide a new perspective on the family that left an indelible mark [...]

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Theater Events for the period Feb. 8-17

PROFESSIONAL THEATER/OPERA: Amadeus The story of two brilliant composers, Mozart and Salieri: one humbly gifted and the other viciously envious. Hilberry Theatre, Detroit. Plays in repertory through March 3. $15-$28. 313-577-2972. Between Men and [...]

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On the DARK side

The third DARK weekend embraced Diamond Jims Saloon with fun and friendship. Sponsored by The Leather Institute For Education, the three days were filled with various speakers, venders, demonstrations a pub crawl and the Mr. [...]

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Pet of the Week: Frisbee

Fantastic pup seeking life long companion for lots of love and affection! Meet Frisbee, a two-year-old German shepherd mix pup, who is just as sweet as can be! This fellow is very smart, and heÕs [...]

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Q Puzzle: “The Bird Cage”

February 5, 2007 Across 1 It made the Titanic go down 5 Queen's "subjects" 9 Singer Nyro 14 Spread it on your muffin 15 _Boys in the Band_ author Crowley 16 Waters of _The Member [...]

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The OutField: Out to write wrongs

By Dan Woog Two words with long histories of hatred fly around every professional locker room. One - so odious that mainstream media often will not print it, calling it "the 'n' word" - is [...]

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The Gay Moralist: How liars killed our benefits

By John Corvino It was a classic bait-and-switch. When gay-rights opponents sought to amend Michigan's constitution to prohibit, not only same-sex marriage, but also "similar union[s] for any purpose," they told us that the amendment [...]

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Creep of the Week: Dick Cheney

Sometimes kids do the most ideologically inconvenient things. Like be a pregnant lesbian when the party you head more or less has taken the position of hating people like her. What's a Dick to do? [...]

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Curtain Calls ONLINE

'American Idol' meets 'Saturday Night Live': 'Auditions Tonight' MANISTEE - Manistee's Little River Casino Resort is gearing up for Valentine's Day with top-notch entertainment, the energetic and fun-filled audience-participatory comedy show, "Auditions Tonight - An [...]

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Viewpoint: Black History/Herstory Pt.2

By Imani Williams The series continues by recognizing the contributions and talents of a sister in the movement who moves with grace and style and the old soul wisdom of someone who believes that "when [...]

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Parting Glances: Book pages (Pt. 18)

Going to New York City in mid-July was a mistake. Temperature was in the 90s. Air conditioning was limited to offices and entertainment venues. Ten minutes onto the pavements, we perspired from our ducktail-combed heads [...]

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