Creep of the Week: Tommy Thompson

Tommy Thompson, former governor of Wisconsin and United States Secretary of Health and Human Services from 2001-2005, is feeling the heat after his decidedly anti-gay response to a question during the GOP presidential debate. The [...]

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More bang for Buck

What The Buck? Host: Michael Buckley, Hollywood hit man If "American Idol" were cocaine, Michael Buckley would be dead. But, after the barf-bag inducing Bee Gees week, the wicked-Web speed speaker might have [...]

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Ferndale hangout dares to be different

By Jessica Carreras Walking along Nine Mile Road in eclectic downtown Ferndale, the front of AJ O'Neil's Cafe is barely noticeable from the outside, tucked among dozens of shops and eateries. "We're getting the sign [...]

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Fabulous ‘Freak’

Thirty seconds. They meant everything for James St. James. They also changed everything. As he sashayed into class on the first day of high school, the former Michigander - much like international phenomenon Borat - [...]

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What the duck?

Remember "Queer Duck"? Well, neither did a group of attendees when Mike Reiss mentioned the quack-quack character at a speaking gig at the University of Rhode Island. One person clapped. "I told him, 'Gee, you [...]

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Pet of the Week: Melanie

Meet Melanie, a gorgeous five-years-young calico kitty, with the most stunning green eyes to match her beautiful coat! She's a super sweet girl, who soaks up all the affection and attention she can get! Melanie [...]

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Q Puzzle: As Greta Would Say

May 14, 2007 Across 1 Meat in a can 5 Poet Gidlow 9 Like Edmund White's beautiful room 14 Colette's coffee 15 Series of concerts for Etheridge 16 Amounts left on nightstands 17 CK One [...]

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Saginaw nightclub celebrates first anniversary

By Tana Michaels SAGINAW- It's the night of the first anniversary celebration of Saginaw's Mixx Nightclub & Metro Bar and Grill, when the phone call comes that Celeda, the evening's headliner, has lost her luggage [...]

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Simcox protest at MSU leads to felony charges

Capitol Correspondent EAST LANSING- Jose Villigrans and Raul Perez who were both arrested during the Chris Simcox speech at MSU this April, have each been charged with felonies. The charges are assaulting a police officer [...]

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Chosen Books rises again

FERNDALE - If absence makes the heart grow fonder then the reopening of Chosen Books should fill its loyal customers' hearts with glee. It's been more than six months since Chosen left its longtime home [...]

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Euro court rules against Warsaw pride ban

Warsaw violated European law when it banned the 2005 gay pride parade, the European Court of Human Rights ruled unanimously May 3. The man who was mayor then, Lech Kaczynski, is now Poland's president. The [...]

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Foreigners to join Riga, Warsaw prides

Activists from several nations will travel to gay pride parades in Riga, Latvia, and Warsaw, Poland, this year to support the local celebrations, which have seen aggression and hostility from residents and government officials in [...]

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Honduran activist injured in attack, jailed

Police officers watched and offered encouragement as five attackers beat a transvestite activist April 20 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, according to a May 4 alert from Amnesty International USA. At the time of the attack, Josef [...]

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Lithuania to hold first pride events

Lithuania will see its first gay pride events in late May. The Lithuanian Gay League said a major highlight will be the May 25 display in Vilnius' Savivaldybes Square of a 30-meter rainbow flag - [...]

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Lima gay bar closed over noise, ‘immorality’

One of Peru's most-popular gay bars has been shut down by Lima city officials following complaints of noise and immorality. The bar Downtown, in the trendy Miraflores district, had incurred the wrath of the Peruvian [...]

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As he departs Dixon Osburn reflects on SLDN

by Bob Roehr C. Dixon Osburn helped to change the priorities of the LGBT community and the opinions of the nation during the 13 years that he served as executive director of the Servicemembers Legal [...]

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Art & Around for the period May 17-26

ARCHITECTURE/GARDEN TOURS: Edsel & Eleanor Ford House Discover the Ford House with all-new tours that go behind the scenes, examine special subjects and provide a new perspective on the family that left an indelible mark [...]

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Theater Events for the period May 17-26

PROFESSIONAL THEATER/OPERA: The Abduction from the Seraglio To celebrate Mozart's 250th birthday, MOT stages this classic romantic drama for the very first time. Michigan Opera Theatre at the Detroit Opera House, Detroit. May 16, 18 [...]

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Jason Knight talks of serving under DADT

by Bob Roehr Jason Knight, the sailor who was dismissed from the Navy for being gay, then called back to serve in Kuwait, will be booted again for violating the antigay policy known as "Don't [...]

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