Billy Masters

"She should be alone with her THOUGHT!" - Joy Behar answers the question of whether Paris Hilton should be in a special part of the prison instead of being with the general population. Since I [...]

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Creep of the Week: Leslie Southwick

Remember the days when Bush was trying to stack the nation's appeals courts with right-wing ideologues? For anybody feeling nostalgic for that time, don't worry. It never ended. Right now Bush has Leslie Southwick on [...]

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EDITORIAL: Listen up

Families across the state are about to lose benefits offered by public employers because of a ruling from the Appellate Court that failed to interpret the 2004 antigay marriage amendment as voters intended it. The [...]

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S/He Said

" (James) Holsinger is an ideologue whose medical views on gay and lesbian people resemble sorcery more than sound science. It is clear that Holsinger is to medicine what Alberto Gonzales is to justice." - [...]

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Gay Pride and Putin’s Soprano-state

by Wayne Besen Anything But Straight The first sign that Russia's march toward freedom was on a downward spiral came on June 16, 2001, when George W. Bush said of Russian President Vladimir Putin, "I [...]

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A new Democratic frontrunner

by Chris Crain {ITAL Only one of the top three so far has put gay rights specifics where his rhetoric is.} There may be three Democrats in the "top tier" of presidential candidates, but on [...]

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Book Marks

by Richard Labonte June 4, 2007 "Fellow Travelers," by Thomas Mallon. Pantheon, 360 pages, $25 hardcover. Offbeat American history, with mere hints of homosexuality, has long been novelist Mallon's fictional playground. His 2004 novel, "Bandbox," [...]

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Chris Azzopardi is the entertainment editor of Between The Lines. Disagree that Rufus is a size queen? Is Tori getting stranger with age? Should Miranda have turned her man in – or put a bullet in him? Let him know at {URL [email protected]}.

Rufus Wainwright Release The Stars B- If it wasn't evident before, it is now: Rufus Wainwright is a size queen. And he likes it B-I-G - walloping string-laden riffs, orchestral frills, and the popera's pipes. [...]

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Q Scopes

by Jack Fertig June 4, 2007 "Economize, Taurus!" Energy is running high - but what to do with it? Mars is in his own sign, Aries, pumping up the testosterone in all of us. With [...]

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Now Playing

June 11, 2007 NEW THIS WEEK: Gracie After her soccer star brother dies in an accident, 15-year-old Gracie (Carly Schroeder) announces that she wants to take his place on the high school team. The coaches, [...]

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Q Puzzle

June 4, 2007 "A Tony Event" Across 1 What a guy does nocturnally 6 Rita Mae Brown's "Pay ___ " 10 Foundation for Humanity name 14 Knock-down-drag-out 15 It comes out of your head 16 [...]

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Art & Around for the period June 7-16

EDITOR'S PICK The University of Michigan Museum of Art presents "Out of the Ordinary/Extraordinary: Japanese Contemporary Photography," an exhibition of works by 11 young photographers - most of whom are unknown to North American audiences [...]

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Theater Events for the period June 7-16

EDITOR'S PICK: EMU Theatre celebrates America's favorite pastime with a new spring musical "Diamonds in the D." Directed by Ken Stevens, with original music, lyrics and additional arrangements by R. MacKenzie Lewis and lyrics and [...]

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Lesbian runs for Japanese parliament

by Rex Wockner Japan's largest opposition party has selected lesbian Kanako Otsuji as a proportional-representation candidate for the National Diet's House of Councilors, the upper house of parliament. The percentage of votes cast for the [...]

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N.Z. civil-union figures released

by Rex Wockner Statistics New Zealand reports there were 430 civil-union registrations last year. There were 397 registrations by New Zealand couples and 33 by foreign couples. Of the resident registrations, 188 were female couples, [...]

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Transsexual becomes mayor of Cambridge

by Rex Wockner The new mayor of Cambridge, England, is a male-to-female transsexual, and so is her partner. Liberal Democrat Jenny Bailey, 45, was appointed by fellow City Council members May 24. Her partner, Jennifer [...]

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Letter: K’zoo Pride

Its great to see someone report accurately and positively about Kalamazoo Pride. It means alot to us, and I really appreciate our true vision getting out there. Thank you. via email Jonathan Elyea Kalamazoo

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Beacon Press launches new LBGT book series

{URL Capitol Correspondent NEW YORK CITY- As Michael Bronski, a longtime LBGT journalist and activist, taught classes on LBGT theories at Dartmouth he realized something. Books about the issues facing the queer community were either [...]

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Domestic Partner Benefits to be cut in Kalamazoo

{ITAL Capitol Correspondent And wire reports} KALAMAZOO- The city of Kalamazoo has become the first public employer in Michigan to end its domestic partnership program which had provided health benefits to same-sex partners of LBGT [...]

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Teen injured in bullying incident

Capitol Correspondent NAPOLEAN TWP- According to reports from PFLAG Jackson and the Jackson Citizen Patriot, a 15-year-old, openly gay Napolean High School student, Brandon Gallentine, was assaulted in the hallways of his school on May [...]

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Michigan Pride in trouble

Capitol Correspondent LANSING- Michigan Pride, the organization that sponsors the annual pride event in Lansing, is in trouble. The organization has missed deadlines, is behind nearly $10,000 in fundraising, and is desperately seeking volunteers and [...]

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Pittman-Puckett offers newest show

by Sharon Gittleman FENDALE- Visitors to the newly reopened Pittmann-Puckett Art Gallery will soon have their first chance to see the work of BTL Graphic Designer Kari Helm when her nearly month-long show begins at [...]

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Affirmations celebrates new center

by Sharon Gittleman Ferndale- Walk by the new Affirmations Community Center on an average weekday afternoon, glance inside and you'll see crowds of people drinking coffee, catching up on their computer browsing, chatting in the [...]

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Pride poured out

by Jessica Carreras FERNDALE - Nothing was going to stop Rebekah Seeloi of Warren from coming out to Ferndale's Motor City Pride festival on Sunday - not even the torrential downpour that began just an [...]

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Surgeon General nominee raises concerns

by Bob Roehr WASHINGTON, D.C. - James W. Holsinger, Jr. 68, was nominated to be Surgeon General of the United States by President George W. Bush, on May 24. Some aspects of his background, including [...]

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EDITORIAL: Pride and leadership

For the twenty thousand people attending Motor City Pride this past Sunday, the crowds were smaller, but peoples' spirits throughout were never higher. In spite of threatening weather and occassional downpours, folks took time out [...]

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Razzle-dazzle at the Avon

By Robert W. Bethune Ever since the Stratford Festival started doing Gilbert and Sullivan decades ago, it's hard to deny that this company does musicals extremely well for an outfit dedicated to Shakespeare. In fact, [...]

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Lapses and laughs galore

Lapses - we all have them. Whether of the mental or moral kind, none of us is immune to the occasional break from "normalcy." But what happens when such occurrences become more and more frequent [...]

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Conservative activist coming out

Capitol Correspondent WASHINGTON, D.C. - An 18-year-old leader of Young Americans for Freedom and a conservative campaign operative is coming out of the closet. Tyler Whitney, the immediate past chair of Western Michigan University YAF, [...]

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Coming out the hard way

A basic tenant of the LGBT community is one of cooperation and community building. In many ways the LGBT community achieves these goals as it works together in our fight for full equality. However, when [...]

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