Creep of the Week: Brad Snavely

In case you missed it, the Detroit News ran an excellent piece June 6 on the second parent adoption bill pending in Michigan's legislature. The bill would allow unmarried adults, including gays, to adopt children [...]

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Gay Moralist: E-Disharmony

by John Corvino When I heard that someone was suing eHarmony for its refusal to provide dating services for same-sex couples, I winced. It's not that I approve of their policy (I don't). It's not [...]

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Collaborate, organize and win

by Craig Covey Viewpoint Last month 81 leaders and activists from 35 area and state LGBT organizations gathered for a two day retreat organized by the Peninsula Group. This was the largest and broadest such [...]

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Curl or hurl?

"Curl Girls" knows its audience. And it's not me. Though rippling waves, sand and sun tickle me like some heat-deprived Alaskan, the Logo six-part series, which premieres at 10 p.m. June 18, is like picking [...]

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Positive TV

Rachel Sandler's story will resonate: Girl gets knocked up, guy doesn't use a rubber, girl crumbles when his HIV-positive status leaks. The 17-year-old's frantic first-time spirals into a hellish nightmare that's chronicled on Lifetime's docu-style [...]

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West Michigan PrideFest Schedule

Happenings June 15: Pride Night @ UICA, 7 p.m. Featuring wine and Hors d'oeuvres and the movie "Puccini for Beginners." The Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts is located at 41 Sheldon Ave. Tickets are $10 [...]

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Now Playing Hostel: Part II

June 18, 2007 NEW THIS WEEK: Hostel: Part I In the first installment of this series of relentlessly gory films, backpacking college boys met increasingly sickening ends in a Slovakian youth hostel that fed its [...]

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Q Puzzle: Til Death Do Us Part

June 11, 2007 Across 1 Treats for Rizzo at the Frosty Palace 6 Very top 10 Prick 14 Carpet layer's calculations 15 Billy of "Cleopatra" (1999) 16 Crack the whip at, e.g. 17 Having a [...]

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Community activist heads south

by Sharon Gittleman FERNDALE- Tom Hitchman never planned to be a community activist. Then came Proposal 2's limitation of marriage to one man and one woman. "It wrote discrimination into the state Constitution," said Hitchman, [...]

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Domestic partner benefits gone

Capitol Correspondent LANSING- Last week, the announcement from the City of Kalamazoo that it would end its non-union domestic partner benefits program, cracked open the flood gates. Soon after, Ann Arbor Public Schools and Farmington [...]

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Joyous melodies sung by DTMC for 25 years

by Sharon Gittleman FERNDALE- Two things have kept Mark Campau singing with the Detroit Together Men's Chorus for 23 years. "The camaraderie and the joy," he said. "It helped me through a lot of troubled [...]

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Eurpean hate crimes report

By Lisa Keen The United States and Sweden are the only countries in the world that collect data on gay-related hate crimes on a national basis. That is one finding of the first comprehensive study [...]

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International News Briefs

by Rex Wockner Western European officials denounce Russia Western European officials have denounced Russia over the May 27 gay pride rally in which hundreds of police officers watched anti-gay thugs violently beat gay activists, visiting [...]

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Mass. will keep same-sex marriage

By Lisa Keen Between The Lines Online BOSTON - When Massachusetts Senate Press Therese Murray gaveled the joint session to order and then moved immediately to a proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, gay marriage [...]

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Ex-gay website using taxpayer funded server

Capitol Correspondent EAST LANSING- The website for an ex-gay ministry is under scrutiny by officials at Michigan State University. The site,, came to the attention of Between The Lines when staffers visited the ex-gay [...]

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Democrats’ abstinence follies

by Bob Roehr WASHINGTON, D.C. - The House subcommittee that handles health and education appropriations has increased funding for abstinence-only education programs by 25 percent, despite a heavy lobbying effort by AIDS and reproductive health [...]

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A heartbreaking story from the front lines

Second parent adoption: Capitol Correspondent LANSING-- Marie Wolfe prefers a quiet, private life. She never imagined herself as an advocate for LBGT issues. But circumstances have a way of changing one's life perspective, and Wolfe's [...]

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An Open Letter To The Michigan LGBT Community

With the recent decisions by several public employers in Michigan to take steps to rescind benefits for employees' domestic partners, many in our community are wondering what we can do to fight back against the [...]

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Coming out the hard way

A basic tenant of the LGBT community is one of cooperation and community building. In many ways the LGBT community achieves these goals as it works together in our fight for full equality. However, when [...]

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Art & Around for the period June13-23

SUMMER ARTS FESTIVALS: Ann Arbor Summer Festival A three-week celebration of performing arts, outdoor entertainment and community spirit that offers dozens of legendary artists, pop icons, international superstars and emerging newcomers in and around the [...]

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MI Theatre Festival: 3 days, 8 plays

Michigan's state legislators might want to visit the Boll Family YMCA in downtown Detroit this weekend where 10 of the state's professional theaters will toss aside their differences and collaborate on a three-day festival to [...]

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A problematic Shylock at Stratford

By Robert W. Bethune L A father's will blights a woman's love. A man risks everything on desperately chancy business. A moneylender schemes to take bloody revenge for racist abuse. A daughter abandons her people [...]

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Theater Events for the period June 13-23

PROFESSIONAL THEATER/OPERA: The All Night Strut! The Wilde Award-nominated musical returns to celebrate one of the greatest eras of American music, the era of Swing. BoarsHead Theater, Lansing. Previews June 21 ($25); runs Wed.-Sun., June [...]

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