Looking to lose weight? Go to boot camp

With Mark Thiesmeyer's boot camp-style workout regime, there's no reason to keep those extra pounds. Just witness the mid-60s woman enrolled in the Better Living outdoor weight-crunching program, who also participates in the 10-minute Frisbee [...]

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No-excuses training

By Jessica Carreras FERNDALE - Kole Wyckhuys wants his clients to drop down and give him 20. In their living rooms, that is. A former sergeant and fitness coordinator in the U.S. Army, Wyckhuys, now [...]

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Fluid exchange

When most people hear the term "lesbian," they're more likely to think of things like folk music, Ellen DeGeneres, "The L Word" and tennis than they are to think of sperm. After all, lesbians are [...]

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General Gayety: News clues

By Leslie Robinson Are you up on the latest LGBT news? Let's find out! Circle the correct answer to the questions below. 1. Who is the mayor of Fort Lauderdale, whose recent anti-gay rhetoric has [...]

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Summer’s End/Fall’s Beginning

By Imani Williams Voices from an Urban Bush Sista Greetings. Hope you are having a fabulous and safe summer. As we wind down and gear up for fall make sure and take time to visit [...]

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The politics of self-destruction

by Chris Crain {ITAL Larry Craig's toilet trolling doesn't prove 'family values' rhetoric is claptrap anymore than Bill Clinton's infidelity proved the converse.} And another one bites the dust. Another Republican, this one with a [...]

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Policy Summit breaks new ground

by Sean Kosofsky LGBT community has a real chance to impact these discussions if we are in the room. This isn't just a place for lobbyists and professional policy people. If you have a story [...]

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Billy Masters

"Suck it, sexy boy!" - Matt Damon's e-mail to George Clooney. Although Clooney has been named "Sexiest Man Alive" twice by "People," Damon was just named "Most Bankable Star in Hollywood" by "Forbes." More to [...]

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Goodbye, guitar

Quickies on Chris Pureka Fave gay-themed TV show: "The L Word" Last time she wore a dress: "Wow, OK, a dress? Or like (laughs) - I can't remember the last time I wore a dress. [...]

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A starry night

By John Hartman A Judy Garland quote comes to mind when reflecting on Rufus Wainwright's memorable show at the Michigan Theater last Friday: "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version [...]

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Scene Check: The R&R

The R&R in Detroit was decorated for a major event as Ruby celebrated her birthday. Surrounded by friends and family all raised a toast to Ruby. BTL photos: Danielle

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Fab fashion fiasco

'Tim Gunn's Guide to Style' B+ 10 p.m. Sept. 6 on Bravo Rebecca's a total fashion fiasco. Wearing jeans that hug her voluptuous hips. Swimming in primary-colored shirts that a middle school girl has a [...]

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Tommy Blade brings sexy back

Wanna see more of Tommy Blade? Enter our porn giveaway contest and you could win a copy of "Bi-Back Mountain." Answer the question below and include your name, address and phone number in an e-mail [...]

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Q Scopes

by Jack Fertig August 27, 2007 "Occupy your mind, Cancer!" Mars in Gemini is loosening lips, and, squaring Uranus, he will have us all blurting out things we'll wish we hadn't! Keep your ears open [...]

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Q Puzzle

August 27, 2007 "Not Interested in Dating Men" Across 1 Gary Glickman novel 5 Voyeurs look through them 10 Family group 14 It makes watching porn harder 15 Gay rodeo accessory 16 Taylor of "Six [...]

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Brazil to fund sex-change operations

by Rex Wockner LGBT people in the Faroe Islands celebrated their pride Aug. 17-19 with a parade, festival, panel discussions and movies. About 130 people marched under the theme, "Does love have gender?" The events [...]

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Letter: Duck Eat Duck

The BTL column, 8-22-07, "Duck eat duck world," by Sean Kosofsky painted a fearsome, conflicted and treacherously competitive portrait of our LGBT community - like a freeze frame from a movie without the context. And [...]

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Letter: Kudos for Ducks

Kudos to Sean Kosofsky for his column entitled "Duck eat duck world"! It is a rare commodity for leaders who are busy making sure that their own organizations survive to take a moment to self [...]

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Letter: Thanks for the Promotion

Dear BTL The organizers and volunteers of the 11th annual Ferndale Pub Crawl would like to thank Between The Lines for your generous support for our event held last month. The Ferndale Pub Crawl broke [...]

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WRAP moves out of Braun Court

The Washtenaw Rainbow Action Project, a community outreach organization in Ann Arbor, will move from its location at 319 Braun Court on Sept. 30. "We were unaware of deliberation to close the doors or to [...]

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Political Round Up

Saugatuck passes Human Rights Ordinance SAUGATUCK - The City of Saugatuck, long a destination for the LBGT community of the midwest, voted to approved a new comprehensive human rights ordinance at its Aug. 27 City [...]

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WRAP’s future is a question

The decision by the board of directors of WRAP to not renew their lease in their Braun Court facility has sent shock waves through the LGBT community in and around Ann Arbor. We are saddened [...]

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WRAP moves out of Braun Court

Proofed by KK, 8/27 The Washtenaw Rainbow Action Project, a community outreach organization in Ann Arbor, will move from its location at 319 Braun Court on Sept. 30. ÒWe were unaware of deliberation to close [...]

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Iowa court OKs same-sex marriage

By Lisa Keen Between The Lines Online Monday, Sept. 3, 2007 In a state where the nation's eyes are frequently focused this year, a district court judge in Iowa ruled Aug. 30 that the state [...]

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Craig resigns from U.S. Senate

by Bob Roehr Analysis Idaho Sen. Larry Craig resigned Sept. 1, effective at the end of the month. It was just five days after news broke that he had pled guilty to charges of "lewd [...]

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