Creep of the Week: Mitt Romney

For those of you who may have seen a Mitt Romney campaign ad on, rest assured, it was a mistake. The New York Times reported last week that Team Mitt ads cropped up on [...]

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Parting Glances: H. H. H. who?

TEPID SPRINGS (GA): SEXodus, an ex-gay outreach sponsored by It's Not A Choice Ministries and Moms Against Wide Stance Politicians, today announced it's expanding its reparative therapy (RT) programs to include one of America's long [...]

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A mother’s love

by Imani Williams Voices from an Urban Bush Sistah! I'd like to dedicate this month's column to mothers. Yes, I know its November and not May, but sometimes you just have to take a moment [...]

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Choral group performs for hope

ANN ARBOR - The Eleventh Annual Evening of Sacred Song, a seasonal celebration of peace, community, and spirit, will take place at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 1 at Temple Beth Emeth/St. Clare's Episcopal Church on Packard [...]

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Billy Masters

"I met him in a hotel lobby in New York City and he came in just from the gym. I was sitting there and I was, like, wow. And I pretty much saw everything - [...]

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The Big Apple brings out Bitch

By Trevor Hoppe I can't deny it: I heart NYC. I took the weekend over Fall Break to spend a few days with my friends there, and generally distract myself from my graduate studies at [...]

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Now Playing Movie Reviews

: Beowulf In this motion-capture version of the classic tale, warrior Beowulf (voice of Ray Winstone, body of an anonymous underwear model) lives in a kingdom terrorized by the hideous giant monster Grendel (Crispin Glover). [...]

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Queer quin-tessentials

Something sealed the lesbian-dating deal for Tegan Quin: It was her identical twin, Sara. Save for music, the alt-rock duo - known for their quirky arrangements, ear-appealing melodies and crushes on chicks - hardly share [...]

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Q Puzzle

"Gender Blender" Across 1 Shakespearean soliloquy starter 5 Bone separator in the back 9 Come as far as 14 Transgender role for Kelly Lynch 15 ___ Candy ("Wonder Woman" character) 16 Bea sitcom 17 She [...]

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STDs increase modestly in the U.S.

by Bob Roehr The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that there were 19 million new sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the US in 2006, a modest increase from the previous year. Yet [...]

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Letter: Burden of ‘Homocentrism’

First, in response to the Between the Lines editorial (November 15, 2007) titled "HRC abandons principles on ENDA": Good message! Many thanks! Second, inspired by that editorial, I wish to share with you the letter [...]

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Letter: Shame

Shame on Rep. Barney Frank and the rest of congress who decided to vote on the non-inclusive ENDA bill.Shame on HRC who claims that they represent the whole TLGB community, but in reality they do [...]

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Foundation launches LGBT racial equity initiative

Arcus matches national grant to support project DETROIT - The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has received two grants totaling $150,000 to launch an initiative focusing on racial equity issues within the LGBT community. The [...]

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Veto means no increase in Federal AIDS funding

by Bob Roehr WASHINGTON, DC - No increase in federal funding for AIDS programs is one of the many consequences of President Bush's Nov. 13 veto of the Labor-HHS appropriations bill. The $606 billion measure [...]

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International News

by Rex Wockner Daughter: Raul Castro supports gays in the military Raul Castro, who is leading Cuba during his brother Fidel's lengthy illness, supports gays serving openly in the military, says his daughter, Mariela Castro [...]

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BTL Editorial: Giving thanks

Being gay, lesbian bisexual or transgender in today's world is to be at the center of social dialogue and political change. Each week the events, traumas, victories and latest news of our colorful, fun and [...]

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Celebrate the complexity of basic training

By D. A. Blackburn The Hilberry Theatre marched out an exceptional production of Neil Simon's quintessential coming-of-age tale "Biloxi Blues" last Friday night, and in the light of America's current military entanglements, the work has [...]

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Theater Events for the period Nov. 22-Dec. 1

PROFESSIONAL THEATER/OPERA: Back of the Throat A chilling tale that explores the tools our government uses to interrogate suspects. UDM Theatre Company at Marygrove College Theatre, Detroit. Fri.-Sun., through Dec. 2. $15. 313-993-3270. The [...]

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The Gay List

The List Stumped? We asked the experts - local retailers and service providers - to tell us about their most unique, special items. So if you want to really surprise and please that special person [...]

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