That’s professor faggot to you

by John Corvino Gay Moralist I'm back in the classroom after an eight-month sabbatical. It's good to be teaching again. I love teaching. I'm a philosophy professor at Wayne State University in Detroit. Mostly, I [...]

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Creating Change offers hope for Michigan

by Kate Runyon Viewpoint The 2007 Creating Change Conference is almost here! Hopefully as you read this you have already registered for the conference, made your hotel reservations and are getting as excited as I [...]

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‘Fat Girls’ has big heart

Young writer-director scores with underdog story. Even without hefty humor. Been bullied? Then you'll feel Rodney. He's the guy who's always getting ragged on. And the one whose married-to-God mother (Deborah Theaker) is making it [...]

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Here comes Hilarity Clinton

By Sarah Mieras Kate Clinton calls herself many things: "comedy concierge," "com-activist" and "Hilarity Clinton." And for over 25 years, she's been churning belly laughs from fans. But, folks, that's all she's got. "I have [...]

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Art at Affirmations

Sixteen artists are taking part in an all media show saluting the National Gay/Lesbian Task Force Conference. The show, entitled "Art Salutes NG/LTF!" features the work of artists Alice Allhof, Anthony Beasley, Patrick Burton, Jud [...]

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Billy Masters

"He was a real sweetie pie." - Eric Roberts, who plays a minor role in "The Dark Knight," describes co-star Heath Ledger. Do straight men often call their male friends "sweetie pie"? This week's column [...]

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Dear Jody

When is enough, enough? Q: Jody, I have a question for you: When is enough, enough? I just don't know how to gauge it. Here's what's going on: I've been with "David" for two-and-a-half years. [...]

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Q Scopes

By Jack Fertig Venus and Jupiter, aligned in Capricorn, get a boost from the Sun and Chiron. Opportunities abound through carefully planned teamwork. Efforts to heal - yourself, your community, your world - offer immediate [...]

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Q Puzzle

Across 1 It tops a queen 6 George O'Malley, et al. 10 Human Rights Campaign fundraiser, e.g. 14 One who screws around 15 Switch end 16 Put out 17 "The Most Happy ___ " 18 [...]

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Swedes support full same-sex marriage

by Rex Wockner International News Seventy-one percent of Swedes favor moving beyond the nation's 14-year-old registered-partnership law and granting gay couples access to full marriage, a new poll has found. The Sifo poll questioned 1,000 [...]

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Dr. Julie Nemecek to Speak at Perceptions

by Tana Michaels Perceptions Saginaw Valley will be hosting Dr. Julie Nemecek at 7pm on Thursday, February 21, at St. John's Episcopal Church, 123 N. Michigan Avenue, in Saginaw. Everyone is welcome to attend this [...]

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Pink Pistols grow to 40 chapters

by Shaun Hittle When Dexter Guptill and his gun-slinging group head into a restaurant, they can't help but be noticed by other patrons. Virginia state gun law prohibits concealed weapons in establishments that serve alcohol, [...]

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Transgender odyssey

When Julie Nemecek first told the president of Spring Arbor University that she was transgender and would be assuming her female persona, the president, Nemecek said, was supportive. But in the weeks that followed, the [...]

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Book Marks

By Richard Labonte "About My Life and the Kept Woman," by John Rechy. Grove Press, 320 pages, $24 hardcover. The story about the story - and about the man - behind one of gay fiction's [...]

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Never quite saying Kaddish together

By Robert W. Bethune Here we have a play about two sisters who are Jewish, with witty lines, strong characters and worthwhile issues at stake. The play is "Saying Kaddish With My Sister," by Alison [...]

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Now Playing

NEW THIS WEEK: How She Move Raya (Rutina Wesley) is both a brilliant student and a gifted street-dancer. When her sister's drug addiction and death decimate her family's finances, Raya must return home from her [...]

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Changing Creating Change

By Sarah Mieras DETROIT - Heading into its 20th national conference, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is shaking things up. A new name, a new time of year and a new line of [...]

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NGLTF executive director announces resignation

By Sarah Mieras WASHINGTON - A week before the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's largest annual event, the Creating Change Conference, Executive Director Matt Foreman has announced that he is leaving his post in [...]

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Creating Change 2008 Conference Highlights

February 6-10, The Renaissance Center, Detroit Day-Long Institutes February 6: Start with the Fundamentals: Anti-Racism Institute for New Activists Building Community and Solidarity from the Inside Out: Anti-Racism Institute for Intermediate Activists Finding Our Kin [...]

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Change starts at home

By Sarah Mieras DETROIT - In the 25 years Matt Foreman has worked as an activist for LGBT equality he has seen many advancements, changes and even a few setbacks. But one constant has been [...]

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