LGBT parents creating change

By Dana Rudolph Mombian How can LGBT parents create change? I've been pondering the question in light of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's annual Creating Change conference in Detroit this week. Becoming a [...]

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Creep of the Week: Stacey Campfield

Remember "Field of Dreams," the movie where ghosts tell Kevin Costner, "If you build it, he will come" to convince him to turn his cornfield into a baseball diamond? Apparently Tennessee Rep. Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) [...]

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All Politics is Loco: People before Task

by Sean Kosofsky Some of the most valuable things we have are our relationships. We spend years developing and repairing them. Yet many of us take our relationships with our peers, co-workers and team-mates for [...]

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‘We Are All Floridians’

by Nadine Smith On this cool January morning, a Clearwater grandmother is talking to a conservative Christian health care worker who says she will vote NO in November on the so-called "marriage amendment" because she [...]

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YODA monologues speaks up on disability issues

Capitol Correspondent DETROIT - As participants of the 20th anniversary Creating Change Conference wander the hallways following plenary sessions and workshops, they might stumble upon some provocative guerrilla theatre. "I am hoping that our performances, [...]

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Are you The Gay?

By Dan Smith I'll offer you a typical scenario: I'll be at a party, or a bar, or on an off-day, a family funeral with my girlfriend. We'll mingle; we'll socialize. I normally have my [...]

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Forever changed

By Cornelius A. Fortune As cautionary tales go, the documentary "Ballot Measure 9" might well be a time capsule more relevant today than it was in 1995. The events depicted in the film echo Michigan's [...]

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Getting Dirty

By Jessica Carreras What's sexy to some may not be to others - but for ex-porn star Annie Sprinkle and her girlfriend, college professor Elizabeth Stephens, that's what makes erotic art so fun and daring. [...]

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A Sweet, Sweet Fantasy

Just to be saved by the beefy Batman, Travis de Jonk would do anything to piss off the Joker. Being in the mountainous arms of a tight-costumed superhero is his fantasy - one of several [...]

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Great Dayne

By Lawrence Ferber It took 10 years, but soulful songstress Taylor Dayne has returned to music on her own terms and her own indie label. And she's feeling pretty "Satisfied" about it. Remember 1988 international [...]

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Billy Masters

"I was the 'Hannah Montana' of the 80s and I have a lot of experience and knowledge to offer today's aspiring performers." - Deborah Gibson explains why she's started "Camp Electric Youth." A step in [...]

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Q Scopes

By Jack Fertig As Mercury lines up with the Sun in Aquarius, everyone is a bit more know-it-all and too damn clever for his or her own good. Try to be adaptive, open-minded, and a [...]

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Dear Jody

It's his turn to plan V-Day Q: Valentine's Day is coming again, and again I'm sure to get the wrong thing or take my partner to the wrong place. I can't seem to get it [...]

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Sweating, and seeking bliss

By Dan Woog The OutField Bliss. Some people seek it through meditation; others through chemicals or sex. Christopher Bergland finds bliss through sweat. Bergland sweats a lot. He has won three Ironman competitions. Each Ironman [...]

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Q Puzzle

Across 1 Initiated phone sex 5 Haul ass 10 Salty white stuff from the Greeks 14 Wife in Rilke's homeland 15 Top-notch 16 Shape of George Frenn's track 17 Hamlet, for one 18 Screenwriter John, [...]

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A Visual Salute to NGLTF

Art at Afirmations Fifteen artists are taking part in an all media show saluting the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Conference. The Affirmations Center Art Gallery show, entitled "Art Salutes NGLTF!" features the work [...]

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Valentine’s Adoption Event

Friends For The Dearborn Animal Shelter Valentine's is the perfect time to meet your best friend for life; and there is no better best friend than a four-legged, furry one! The Friends For the Dearborn [...]

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Judge rules in favor of free speech

by Sharon Gittleman {BOLD FERNDALE- }A district court struck down Ferndale's effort to ticket protestors who gathered on street corners in opposition to the war in Iraq and other political issues. The court determined that [...]

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NYS to recognize Canadian marriage

By Lisa Keen Keen News Service In a decision that could have significant political implications beyond its state border, a five-member, mostly Republican, state appeals court in New York State ruled February 1 that a [...]

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Bedroom Beats

You know what sucks? Doin' it to the same ol' sex songs ("Sexual Healing"! "Justify My Love"!). Need a less-archaic foreplay-to-finish compilation to spice up the crib with that longtime lover or "friend" - or [...]

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Gay folks go gaga, too, ya know

By Jessica Carreras If you're looking for love, cultural anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher can help you - but first she needs to know which is longer, your ring finger or your index finger. Huh? When [...]

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Nothing says "I love you. Let's screw" better than a bottle of K-Y Intrigue $19.99, This premium ultra-long-lasting personal lubricant (if it had a mascot, it'd be the Energizer Bunny) doesn't beat around the [...]

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A scorching commentary at Breathe Art

By D. A. Blackburn The Breathe Art Theatre Project breathes fire with its latest offering, "Oleanna," delivering a scorching social commentary, and a production sure to spark discussion among intellectuals. Written by David Mamet, "Oleanna" [...]

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Irish family dynamics via Chicago and UDM

By Robert W. Bethune Greek philosophers wrote, "Know thyself." Irish playwrights say, "Yeah, right." Since John Millington Synge, Irish playwrights - in Ireland, and in this case Chicago - have had a marvelous knack for [...]

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Wholly romantic and fun at Tipping Point

By D. A. Blackburn With ValentineÕs Day on the horizon, NorthvilleÕs Tipping Point Theatre offers up a production perfect for a romantic and fun-filled date. John CarianiÕs ÒAlmost, Maine,Ó which serves as the fledgling companyÕs [...]

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Art & Around for the period Feb. 7-16, 2008

ARCHITECTURE/GARDEN TOURS: Edsel & Eleanor Ford House Special events include: "Enchanted Evening" (Feb. 9; $42 per person, reservations required). General admission: $8. Open Tue.-Sun. Grosse Pointe Shores: 313-884-4222. ARTS FESTIVALS The Erotic Poetry & [...]

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Theater Events for the period Feb. 7-16, 2008

PROFESSIONAL THEATER/OPERA: All in the Timing A collection of short stories by David Ives. Detroit Ensemble Theatre, Warren. Fri.-Sun., through Feb. 16. $12. 877-636-3320. Almost, Maine The Michigan premiere of the romantic comedy about [...]

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Ruff love

By Jessica Carreras The love of Andrew DePrisco's life is loyal, affectionate, well-groomed and high class. Unfortunately for his partner, Robert White, his main amore also has four legs and goes to the bathroom in [...]

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Dancing with Destiny

By Jessica Carreras Cut/Kenn Bing, Timothy Smith and their daughter, Destiny, celebrate Valentine's Day at the Chesterfield Township Daddy Daughter Dance. It's no secret that having or adopting a child can change a couple's life [...]

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