Dear Jody

A baby wasn't enough for her Q: My partner and I have been together for 15 years. We got together in our freshman year at college. We have been very happy - or so I [...]

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Creep of the Week: Rick Santorum

This week's Creep comes from the "Sticks and Stones" department: "Bigot! Hate-monger! Homophobe!" is how former Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania) began his May 22 tirade in the Philadelphia Inquirer. "Those were just a few of [...]

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She/he said this week

compiled by Howard Israel "There is nothing that the GLBT community can do to appease its opponents except, perhaps, disappear. But in one exit poll in the 2004 presidential election, 60 percent of voters favored [...]

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The Audacity of Pride

This year as we begin celebrating our pride across the country and in our own great state of Michigan, I am filled with more than the "Audacity of Hope" but am embolden to have the [...]

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{ITAL Over} the Rainbow

Eric Himan doesn't need to show pride by looking like the Color Wheel. His music speaks for itself: "I was not raised the way you were," he fiercely spouts on his latest album, "and, yes, [...]

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Into the (Gay) Groove

Did you hear the news? Madonna is set to perform at this year's Motor City Pride. OK, so it's not actually the Madonna, but it's a Madonna - and we're not talking about the (possible) [...]

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The Monkey Man

Guitar over his shoulder, Ryan Mintz saunters up to the adorned beverage counter at AJ's Cafe and orders a soy latte. He makes a special request: A mug. Saving a Styrofoam cup was a conscious [...]

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Ways to be Gay

By Joel Derfner In the last few years, the heterosexual community seems, astonishingly, to have understood that it has a great deal to learn from us. I think this is generally a good thing, though [...]

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Briding Her Time

By Lawrence Ferber "I feel the safest when I'm with my gays," Tori Spelling admits. And Spelling has felt very safe indeed throughout most of her career and life, from "Beverly Hills 90210" (she hopes [...]

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Q Scopes: “Shake things up, Scorpio!”

By Jack Fertig {HEADER} Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Pisces offer liberation within and from hierarchies (especially in religion), new artistic and spiritual visions, and opportunities to reshape social structures. Alas, Mercury turning retrograde [...]

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“Count Me Out”

Q Puzzle Across 1 "Bottoms up!" 6 Nick was his master 10 "The Lion King" cad 14 "Flesh" in an Almodovar movie title 15 Bosom buddy 16 Jolie's " ___, Or Something Like It" 17 [...]

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The real Charles Alexander

by Jessica Carreras Charles Alexander has told lies about strippers. But it was his job, he says, defending his not-so-factual work for Guest Magazine in the early '60s. "Back then, Detroit was a big stripper [...]

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Three questions. Three politicians.

by Jessica Carreras When it comes to Michigan's LGBT community, there are many unanswered questions and open wounds. However, while there is much to be unhappy about, during Pride month, Michigan gays and lesbians will [...]

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Looking back, moving forward

by Jessica Carreras In the summer of 1995, Susan Horowitz went out to breakfast with Shannon Rhodes, then the editor of Between The Lines, a 12 page monthly LGBT newspaper just over 30 issues in. [...]

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Black attitudes toward LGBT community studied

by Bob Roehr Heterosexual African Americans are more likely than whites (65 percent vs. 53 percent) to oppose marriage equality for gays and lesbians. They "are virtually the only constituency in the country that has [...]

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Appeals Court sends back DADT case for trial

by Bob Roehr A three-member federal appeals court panel has sent a challenge to the anti-gay military policy known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT), back to the lower court for trial. The Ninth Circuit [...]

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Second-class status

By Jim Larkin Feeling once again like second-class citizens, Flint area social workers Linda Campbell and Lucy Mercier anxiously wait to see how the state Supreme Court decision prohibiting public employers from offering domestic partnership [...]

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Motor City Pride Performances

Trying to balance beer-garden time with Pride performances? It's a daunting task, we know. So, here, we've devised a handy li'l list of the talent gracing the downtown Ferndale stages. We, of course, can't tell [...]

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Dating in the Fast Lane

Rev up your love engine! Faster than you could name the hosts for "Dating in the Fast Lane" - which are Between The Lines, Affirmations, General motors and GM PLUS - you could score your [...]

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Bears (in Speedos), oh my!

by Jessica Carreras Few things personify Motor City Pride better than a big, hairy, gay bear in a teeny, fire-engine red swimsuit. At a festival that celebrates being oneself without fear of being judged, what [...]

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Armed and androgynous

by Jessica Carreras Life's not easy for a four-legged model. Just ask Twiggy, Affirmations Special Events Manager Carrie Copeland's greyhound diva. Between weekly manicures, waking up at noon and rigorous walks to maintain her figure, [...]

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Pride Calendar

West Michigan Pride Through June 21 Grand Rapids Pride GAY-la 8-11 p.m. May 31 Black Tie fundraiser with food, entertainment and a silent auction. Tickets: $20. 401 Hall St. Pride 5K 9 a.m. June 1 [...]

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Nominations announced: 2008 Wilde Awards

By BTL Staff As the economy faltered and gas prices spiked, Michigan's professional theaters struggled to survive the recently concluded 2007-2008 season. Yet despite the rough waters, not one theater permanently closed its doors. Instead, [...]

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