Dear Jody

Was I just her toy? Q: I must admit that the last year has been a living nightmare for me and I need some advice. I met a lady approximately three years ago and our [...]

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She He Said

compiled by Howard Israel "The world as it is should be one that rejects discrimination of all kinds. A world that recognizes that equality in relationship, family and adoption rights is not some abstract principle. [...]

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Obama on California marriage

by John Corvino The Gay Moralist Barack Obama believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Yet he opposes the California ballot initiative that would write that view into the state constitution, [...]

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No Joke

Heath Ledger is gone. There's no Aussie accent, swooning good looks, charm - it's all swallowed by the Joker, the "Brokeback Mountain" actor's last complete role before his too-soon death in January at 28. He [...]

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Family matters

When Saint Clair Shores native Chris Pudlo scored his series-debut on Logo's "Sordid Lives," it didn't immediately sink in that he'd work with a menagerie of acting icons. Or get an ass spanking by one. [...]

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‘Girl’ Talk

Rue McClanahan is nursing her illness - an "indefinable something," she determines - with a bowl of vegetable soup, which sounds pretty dull compared to the dish she serves to us (see accompanying story) and [...]

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Book Marks

By Richard Labonte "Candy Everybody Wants," by Josh Kilmer-Purcell. Harper Perennial, 288 pages, $13 paper. Jayson Blocher - the "y" added for style - yearns for celebrity. The small-town Wisconsin teen's first stab at '80s [...]

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“Learn from feedback, Taurus!”

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Prepare yourself for a planetary bait-and-switch. Venus in Leo makes grand promises, although as she aspects Saturn in Virgo, her tempting involves work and delayed gratification. Then, as she moves [...]

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“Two to Beam Up”

Q Puzzle Across 1 Doesn't feel up 5 Straight beater 10 Queens rule over them 14 Mosque head 15 Hits hard 16 Apple that isn't a fruit 17 Start of a quote about legalizing gay [...]

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Report urges repeal of DADT

by Bob Roehr A study by four senior retired officers, each with more than 30 years of service from all four branches of the military, is urging repeal of the antigay military policy known as [...]

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Hotter Than July 2008

It's hot outside - but it's about to get Hotter Than July in Detroit. The 13th annual event kicks off this Saturday and continues with over a week of music, dancing, socializing and learning with [...]

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Anti-gay-marriage registrar wins discrimination case

by Rex Wockner International News A marriage registrar in the London borough of Islington who refused to perform same-sex civil partnerships was bullied, harassed and discriminated against for her Christian beliefs, the Central London Employment [...]

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Large, violent attack on Budapest Pride

by Rex Wockner International News Right-wing extremists attacked the 1,500 marchers in Budapest's gay pride parade and fought with police for several hours afterward July 5. Hundreds of counterdemonstrators reportedly threw rocks, eggs, bottles, firecrackers, [...]

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Half a million at London Pride

by Rex Wockner International News Around half a million people turned out for London's gay pride parade July 5, led by Mayor Boris Johnson, who wore a pink cowboy hat. Members of the British Army, [...]

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Hundreds of thousands at Madrid Pride

by Rex Wockner International News Led by Equality Minister Bibiano Aido, hundreds of thousands of GLBT people marched in Madrid's pride parade July 5. This year's theme was "Lesbian Visibility." The Socialist Party of Prime [...]

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McCain opposes gay households adopting

By Lisa Keen Keen News Service Adoption became an issue this week in the presidential campaign - at least for Republican nominee-apparent John McCain. The New York Times, in an interview published July 13, asked [...]

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Kern County supes reject marriage ban

by Rex Wockner National News Briefs Supervisors in Kern County, Calif., voted unanimously July 8 to do nothing with a proposed ordinance to ban same-sex marriage in the conservative county. The measure was proposed by [...]

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Massachusetts may OK marriage for out-of-staters

by Rex Wockner National News Briefs Massachusetts' legislature is considering repeal of a 1913 law that prohibits people from other states from getting married there if the marriage wouldn't be allowed where they live. The [...]

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San Diego offers gay-wedding sweepstakes

by Rex Wockner National News Briefs The San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau is holding a contest to give away a six-day "dream vacation" to the city for a same-sex couple to get married. The [...]

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Their big, fat, rock ‘n’ roll wedding

By Jessica Carreras Chris Campbell and Scott Meyers had better brush up on their Kid Rock and Nickelback tunes. After all, the avid XM Satellite Radio listeners have local radio station 101.1 the WRIF - [...]

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Hamtramck sexual orientation ordinance under fire

by Jessica Carreras The anti-transgender and sexual orientation discrimination ordinance that passed in Hamtramck's city council last month is being threatened. The ordinance was passed in early June with a 6-1 vote that included the [...]

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‘Improv-able Lives’ at Ledges Playhouse

GRAND LEDGE - The Ledges Playhouse returns this summer with "Improv-able Lives," an original sketch and improvisational comedy starring local cast members Mark Bethay, Tonya Burnham, Melanie Cherry, Luke Elder, Michael Hayes, Ben Holzhausen and [...]

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