Dear Jody

Partner's cancer is exhausting - for us both Q: I hate to complain because it makes me feel guilty but I have no one else to talk to, so I want to get your input. [...]

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Creep of the Week: Don Wildmon

The end is near. It's what right-wing religious Christians have been going on about for years. It's the plot of the inexplicably popular Left Behind series. Make sure you're wearing clean underpants and have washed [...]

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Book Marks

By Richard Labonte "Band Fags!," by Frank Anthony Polito. Kensington Books, 448 pages, $15 paper. A decade ago, who'd have thunk there would be a glut of high-school coming-out novels. Bret Hartinger, Robin Reardon, Brian [...]

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Rewriting the rules of humor

By Cornelius A. Fortune When author Kage Alan first heard the suggestion that his second book be called "Lord of the Loins," he hated the idea - and not just because he thought it slightly [...]

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‘An Extension of Myself’

By Dan Smith Eugene Harris, or "Geno" as he's more commonly known, began making his art out of necessity. His apartment needed to be adorned, and he got the idea to start in decoupage while [...]

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Melissa Rocks!

7. SHE'S GOT A MUTE MAN And wouldn't we all dig one of those? Except hers - the Oscar for Best Song ("I Need to Wake Up" from Al Gore's docu-pic "An Inconvenient Truth") - [...]

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New eateries open in Northville

Red Pepper Deli offers healthy choices For those who are looking to jump start their healthy eating habits by making better choices while eating out, downtown Northville's August-opening restaurant, Red Pepper Deli, is serving up [...]

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“Clear out the old, Gemini!”

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Mars in Virgo brings out a critical fury excellent for cleaning up messes and re-organizing, if you can resist the tendency to dither. Fault-finding comes easily now, so remember that [...]

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Q Puzzle Across 1 "How queer!" 5 Minnesota state senator Spear 10 Little biker in a Gay Pride march 14 Hint in an Ellen Hart mystery, e.g. 15 Copland composed for it 16 Come and [...]

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35,000 at EuroGames

by Rex Wockner International News Some 5,000 athletes and 30,000 spectators attended the EuroGames, the European Gay & Lesbian Championships, July 24-27 in Barcelona. The games were expected to inject $47 million into the local [...]

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Iran nabs HIV doctors

by Rex Wockner International News Iranian authorities should immediately release or charge two physicians who are internationally recognized for their work on HIV and AIDS, Human Rights Watch said July 21. Arash and Kamyar Alaei, [...]

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Northern Ireland pol in trouble with gays

by Rex Wockner International News British MP Iris Robinson, who is married to Peter Robinson, leader of the regional government in Northern Ireland, has come under fire for saying homosexuality is worse than child molestation. [...]

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Open ears and open mind

HUNTINGTON WOODS - "Involved and Innovative." That's what it says under Democrat Ellen Cogen Lipton's name on the yard signs that dot lawns in Michigan's 27th District prior to the Aug. 5 primary election. For [...]

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Michigan activist gets hot seat treatment

FERNDALE - Sean Kosofsky, Triangle Foundation's out-going director of policy, sat smiling by the metaphorical open fire during a July 28 roast held in his honor. Over 100 people attended the send-off for Kosofsky, who [...]

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Latest HIV vaccine trial canceled

by Bob Roehr The path of HIV vaccine research got rockier on July 17 when the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) announced that is will not move forward with PAVE 100, the [...]

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A beautiful day for black gay pride

by Jessica Carreras Ruth Ellis Center Executive Director Grace McClelland smoked a cigarette and stared out at the road running the length of Detroit's Palmer Park. "I wonder what he'll be driving," she said. Michigan [...]

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PFLAG Tri-Cities co-founder died

J. Richard (Rich) Kormelink, co-founder of the Midland, Bay City and Saginaw chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG Tri-Cities) and retired biology Delta College professor, died on June 2 in [...]

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‘Sleepless on the campaign trail’

by Jessica Carreras Sandi Smith hasn't slept much lately. Instead, the Ann Arbor resident and co-owner of Trillium Real Estate with her partner Linda Lombardini has been what she calls "sleepless on the campaign trail." [...]

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Thanking God for pride

by Jessica Carreras It was an unforgettable night. Gospel music filled the air, candles glowed and everyone remembered why they still have pride. Thursday evening's vigil, held on July 24, drew well over 100 people [...]

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Garden-variety Shakespeare in the park

By Robert Bethune It is difficult to kill Shakespeare, and even more difficult to kill "Romeo and Juliet," now in production by the Water Works Theatre Company out-of-doors at Jaycee Park in Royal Oak. However, [...]

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