Dear Jody

Was transition a mistake? Q: Oh my God! I just don't know what I am going to do. I think I have made a huge mistake and I don't know what to do about it. [...]

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S/He said

Compiled by Howard Israel "I was aware that I was attracted to men by age eight, even though I did not have any gay sexual experiences until I was 19. Meanwhile, despite having no sex [...]

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Like oil and Holy Water

by Leslie Robinson General Gayety Here's the sort of math I understand: Pope Benedict XVI + gays = a hoo-hah. Europe offers two recent examples of how charged, how volatile the relationship is between the [...]

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Seven Years, No Itch

by John Corvino The Gay Moralist This column appears on the evening of my seventh anniversary with my partner Mark. Happy anniversary, sweetie. Like many gay couples, Mark and I have multiple anniversaries. It was [...]

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Dirty little secret

ROYAL OAK -It's 9 p.m. on a Saturday night. You're expecting some company and plan to be, ahem, tied up for the next few hours. Trouble is, your nipple clamps have seen better days and [...]

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BTL chats with Amy Ray

Sure, she's currently touring with Indigo Girls' other half, Emily Saliers. But Amy Ray spent much of the past year working on and promoting her third solo album, "Didn't It Feel Kinder." Released in August, [...]

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‘Come get your praise on’

FERNDALE - The 6th Annual Gospel and Soul celebration is scheduled for this Saturday, Sept.20 with the promise of a "Motown Celebration." A free concert will start at 5 p.m. at the Zion Lutheran Church, [...]

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Ferndale gets funky with two fairs

FERNDALE - This once quaint, little bedroom community has in recent years cultivated its image as the area's most hip, cool place to hang. This weekend, along with hundreds of professional artists and performers, the [...]

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Buying real estate in the off season

by Jeffrey Hammerbery As summer comes to a close and kids go back to school, the home buying season typically winds down before heading into hibernation mode during the dead of winter. That makes it [...]

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There’s no place like home

A person's home - inside and out - is a reflection of their personality. Some are filled with art and surrounded with fancy shrubbery and stone walkways; others are cluttered and cozy, or sparse and [...]

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Landscaping 101

by Jessica Carreras From the time the snow melts to the time it starts to fall again, landscaping season is in full force. And as a community who takes pride in their homes, the gays [...]

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“Be creatively indulgent, Scorpio!”

By Jack Fertig Horoscopes Venus, Mercury, and Mars, dancing together through Libra, are now aspecting Uranus, Neptune, and Eris. As Venus peels away, and Mercury slows down to turn retrograde, new initiatives in teamwork are [...]

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Now Playing

NEW THIS WEEK Burn After Reading Middle-aged gym employee Linda (Frances McDormand) laments about getting the money together to pay for plastic surgery. When a janitor finds a computer disc with top-secret intelligence information on [...]

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Running for Many Reasons

By Dan Woog The OutField In high school, Joe Simenic always ran. His goal was tangible - the finish line of a cross-country or long-distance race - but looking back, he realizes he sought something [...]

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“The Last Picture Show”

Q Puzzle Across 1 London mayor Johnson 6 Warning from Toto 9 Wet spot on a blanket of sand 14 In-your-face 15 "Don we now ___ gay apparel ..." 16 Horny creature 17 *Gay actor [...]

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Court: Florida’s gay adoption ban unconstitutional

by Rex Wockner National News Florida's gay-adoption ban is unconstitutional, Monroe County Circuit Court Judge David J. Audlin Jr. ruled Sept. 9. The law illegally singles out homosexuals for punishment, Audlin determined, according to the [...]

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Lesbian San Diego city councilwoman marries

by Rex Wockner National News SAN DIEGO, CALIF. Out lesbian San Diego City Councilwoman Toni Atkins and her partner of eight years, Jennifer LeSar, got married Sept. 6 at the Lodge at Torrey Pines along [...]

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Kevin McAlpine to leave Triangle Foundation

DETROIT - Deputy Director Kevin McAlpine will be leaving Triangle Foundation to pursue a position with Wayne State University as Director of Development for the College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts. McAlpine has been [...]

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Serra gets State Bar post

FERNDALE - Attorney Rudy Serra, a former Detroit Judge, was appointed Friday to The State Bar of Michigan's Standard Criminal Jury Instructions Committee. "This is a very important appointment," Serra said. "The Standard Criminal Jury [...]

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ACT UP/Paris protests pope’s visit

by Rex Wockner International News ACT UP/Paris demonstrated at Paris' famous Sacre-Coeur church Sept. 13 as Pope Benedict XVI staged a mass for more than a quarter of a million people on the Esplanade des [...]

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Beijing reports HIV stats

by Rex Wockner International News Five percent of gay men in Beijing are HIV-positive and too many gay men are having unsafe sex, the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention said Sept. 5. Local [...]

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Bogota police create group to protect gays

by Rex Wockner The Metropolitan Police in Bogota, Colombia, have created a special group of 650 officers charged with protecting the GLBT population. The officers, who have attended advanced training sessions, are directed to respectfully [...]

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Cayman Islands bans same-sex marriage

by Rex Wockner International News The Caribbean's Cayman Islands banned gay marriage Sept. 5. Lawmakers voted for the measure unanimously. The bill amended the Marriage Law to define "marriage" as "the union between a man [...]

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Romanians disapprove of homosexuality

by Rex Wockner International News A new Gallup poll has found that 68 percent of Romanians think homosexuality is a "bad choice" and 36 percent support punishing gays with restrictions on their rights, fines or [...]

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Pride to be staged in Singapore

by Rex Wockner International News Singapore's first gay pride parade is scheduled to take place Nov. 15 at Hong Lim Park, the locale where the government recently announced it will allow demonstrations. "I have no [...]

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I love it, it’s perfect, now change it

By Robert Bethune "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" needs no introduction. It has not achieved iconic status among off-Broadway musicals a la "The Fantasticks," but in the tradition of the small-cast, off-Broadway sketch [...]

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Why he walks

By Jim Larkin HIV positive Flint man to participate in his 20th walk to raise needed funds FLINT - Lamarr Mitchell will be walking in the Sept. 27 Flint AIDS Walk for pretty much the [...]

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The HIV plight of black, gay youth

by Jessica Carreras In 2006, the Horizons Project, a program of the Children's Hospital of Michigan that focuses on providing care and help HIV positive and at-risk metro Detroit youth, was seeing a fair amount [...]

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