Dear Jody

Trick or treat? Q: I don't want what happened last year at Halloween to happen again this year. But if my boyfriend "Charles" has his way, it could be a repeat Halloween catastrophe. Oh, god, [...]

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iPhone on Sarah’s steps

Parting Glances I'm really, really quite taken with my iPhone. As a person of refined tastes (few of which my retirement budget actually permits, however), it gives me modest pleasure when my unit, costing 300 [...]

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Making the marriage case

by John Corvino I've been doing a lot of same-sex marriage debates lately, and thus interacting with opponents - not just my debate partner, but also audience members, some of whom will soon be voting [...]

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S/He said

compiled by Howard Israel "I'm the same person I was last year and the year before, but I am transgender and will now come to school as a boy. You may not agree, but I [...]

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Ellen fights California’s Prop 8

Billy Masters "I am so distressed about this election. I watch the news channels incessantly. All the new stories are about the election. All the commercials are for Viagra and Cialis. Election, erection, election, erection. [...]

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Kink to the rescue

If a cowboy is hanging with some leather daddies at Exotica 4, it's a triumph in Vena's eyes - and the start to solving larger social issues? "I always thought that if the rest of [...]

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Gorefest or borefest?

Gay or straight, horror fans can agree on a couple of things. We like seeing severed heads bounce on the pavement like a basketball. And we never mind seeing zombies make out by munching on [...]

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Sassy-Me Street

By Taras Berezowsky Even with yapping puppets, "Avenue Q" is no "Sesame Street." The Broadway musical, which opens Nov. 5 at Detroit's Fisher Theatre, is tailor-made for an adult audience. It explores a range of [...]

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Now Playing

NEW THIS WEEK High School Musical 3: Senior Year Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and his girlfriend Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) are about to graduate from East High, but they've got conflicts. Troy doesn't know if [...]

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“Rethink your premises, Capricorn!”

By Jack Fertig Horoscopes Mercury is aspecting most of the outer planets, triggering new ideas for opportunities (Jupiter) - tackling limits (Saturn), innovation (Uranus), competition (Eris), and inspiration (Neptune). Nurture those ideas for a few [...]

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Cheering for Charity and Pride

By Dan Woog The Outfield Cheerleading developed in the early 20th century, when males began chanting at football games. During World War II, females took over - many men were in the military, while women [...]

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“Frida’s Ayes”

Q Puzzle Across 1 Line of Rupert Everett 6 "A Boy Named Sue" writer Silverstein 10 The bottom line 14 Cara of "Fame" 15 Roz portrayer on "Frasier" 16 "The African Queen author 17 Mary, [...]

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Jerusalem gay center in financial crisis

by Rex Wockner International News Jerusalem's GLBT community center, Jerusalem Open House, is in "financial crisis," the board of directors said in an open letter to the community Oct. 22. "As an organization that a [...]

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UK to give lesbians equal access to fertility treatment

by Rex Wockner International News A controversial bill that passed Britain's House of Commons Oct. 22, authorizing stem-cell research that implants human cells into animal eggs creating human-animal hybrids, also cleared the way for lesbians [...]

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Where the Presidential candidates stand

An analysis of the candidates' positions on issues of concern to the GLBT community Employment Non-Discrimination Barack Obama: * Supports ending employment discrimination against the entire GLBT community John McCain: * Cast a deciding vote [...]

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Key race could go to Dems

OAKLAND COUNTY - One could hardly attend any LGBT event this past year without running into Gary Peters - at events hosted by Triangle Foundation, Affirmations, the HOPE Fund, Pride - he was everywhere, and [...]

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HARC to bring NAMES Project quilt to Jackson

by Jessica Carreras On Nov. 6-9, the HIV/AIDS Resource Center of Jackson, in conjunction with other community organizations, will host a display of four sections of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. The quilt will [...]

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Election volunteers needed on Nov. 4

This election, do more than just vote - volunteer! People from all backgrounds and all areas are needed to help monitor the polls on Nov. 4 to ensure election integrity. Be trained as a poll [...]

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Looking forward: What will Nov. 4 change?

We can't predict the future. We can read polls. We can listen to political commentators. We can talk up Obama's spine-chilling speeches and talk down about Sarah Palin's off-the-script wardrobe freak outs. We can watch [...]

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A force more powerful than geeks & nerds

It's no secret that local playwright Joseph Zettelmaier is one of the industry's rising young stars. An adjunct lecturer at Eastern Michigan University and prolific author, two of Zettelmaier's efforts have already been nominated for [...]

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Key race could go to Dems

OAKLAND COUNTY - One could hardly attend any LGBT event this past year without running into Gary Peters - at events hosted by Triangle Foundation, Affirmations, the HOPE Fund, Pride - he was everywhere, and [...]

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California ain’t over yet

By Lisa Keen Keen News Service California's landmark victory enabling same-sex couples to obtain marriage licenses is teetering on the brink of extinction, but - with 96 percent of precincts reported in as of 1:40 [...]

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