Worth 1,000 words?

Alfred Eisenstaedt's 1945 photo "The Kiss at Times Square," taken at the end of World War ll, is honored as one of the pictorial moments "that changed the world." (There's a published collection by that [...]

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Not there yet

by John Corvino I have a confession to make: I'm getting ever so slightly tired of the reaction to Prop. 8. I know I shouldn't. I know that the loss in California is terrible, and [...]

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Creep of the Week: Ted Haggard

Guess who's back, back again? Shady's back, tell a friend... While I'm sure Eminem never intended to write Ted Haggard's comeback theme, I simply can't help but think of Haggard singing Eminem's song "Without Me" [...]

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S/he said

Compiled by Howard Israel "The approval of Proposition 8 in California, a constitutional change designed to prohibit marriage between couples of the same sex, was not just a defeat for fairness. It raised serious legal [...]

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Book Marks

by Richard Labonte "The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For," by Alison Bechdel. Houghton Mifflin, 384 pages, $25 hardcover. First, for completists, the numbers: according to Bechdel, this hefty collection includes 390 of "the extant [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Gay Gift Giving

 QUEER DUCK Rub-a-dub-dub, there's a tranny in your tub! Conceptualized and produced by 1980s New York art-wear designer Art by Davey, the limited-edition Amanda Lepore CelebriDuck measures 4-inches tall by 4-inches wide and arrives [...]

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Swift-ly sailing

Taylor Swift, 'Fearless' Instead of juvenile gay jabs, we get fairytale name-drops. So, yeah, Taylor Swift hasn't grown up much after releasing her claim-to-fame debut at just 16. But on her No. 1-charting sophomore shiner, [...]

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Now Playing

NEW THIS WEEK Australia With World War II looming, imperious Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman) arrives in Australia to corral her errant husband, only to find him dead and their cattle ranch failing. To save [...]

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10 under $25

by Jessica Carreras Every Michigan resident has felt the sting of economic hardship, and the LGBT community is no exception. This holiday season, don't rack up AIG-like debt and wait for a Christmas (or Hanukkah) [...]

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Dear Jody

All I Want For Christmas Is ... Somebody Else Q: My boyfriend "Hal" and I were talking about what we wanted for Christmas last night. (For your information, we have been together for four years. [...]

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Be playful, Libra!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Mercury is in Sagittarius stimulating talking, so work on listening. He's tripping through aspects first to Uranus and Chiron, offering healing through inspiration and wild experiments, then to Saturn, Neptune, [...]

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Uno River Runs Through It

Q Puzzle Across 1 Taylor of "Six Feet Under" 5 They're pretty straight on the Kinsey Scale 9 Kate Clinton's "___ in Joyland" 14 Tyson Gay statement? 15 NCAA home of the Bruins 16 Shelley [...]

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Kalamazoo City Commission passes gay rights ordinance

KALAMAZOO - Monday night city commissioners unanimously passed an ordinance banning discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation. The Equal Rights Ordinance is aimed at protecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered individuals from discrimination in [...]

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Southfield City Pride?

by Jessica Carreras Recent rumors in the LGBT community surrounding the future of the Motor City Pride festival have been debunked. Talk has circulated suggesting that in 2009, the festival would be held in a [...]

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Skillman named director of Triangle Foundation

by Jessica Carreras Alicia Skillman, a notable member of the LGBT community involved with S.P.I.C.E. and PFLAG, among other organizations, has been officially named as the new executive director of the Triangle Foundation. The announcement [...]

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Leaders reflect on past year in HIV/AIDS in Michigan

by Jessica Carreras One year ago Monday, the Michigan AIDS Fund, in collaboration with many other statewide organizations, released an HIV/AIDS in Michigan Report Card. The document detailed grades for different aspects of the epidemic, [...]

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Reports: No quick action against DADT

by Rex Wockner President-elect Barack Obama may not move quickly to repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ban on being openly gay in the military, according to published reports. A Nov. 24 report in The [...]

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Coordinators of huge Nov. 15 protests plan new actions

by Rex Wockner Several new activities are being planned by JoinTheImpact, the grassroots organizers who conceptualized and coordinated the huge Nov. 15 protests against California's Proposition 8. Those protests took place in some 300 cities [...]

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Calif. legislators to undertake repeal of Prop. 8

SACRAMENTO - When California's state legislators return in 2009 Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and Assemblymember Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) plan to introduce measures that state Prop. 8 is an "improper revision of the California [...]

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Marriage commissioner sues Canadian province

by Rex Wockner A marriage commissioner who was ordered by a human rights tribunal to pay $2,500 to a gay couple he refused to marry is suing the government of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. [...]

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Euro MPs’ gay leader blasts Burundi gay-sex ban

by Rex Wockner The president of the European Parliament's Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights, Michael Cashman, on Nov. 26 condemned new legislation in the Central African nation of Burundi that specifically criminalizes gay sex. [...]

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Irish gay choir may sue festival

by Rex Wockner "Gloria: Ireland's Lesbian & Gay Choir" is considering filing a Circuit Court lawsuit because the "lesbian & gay" part of its name was not included on posters advertising the 2004 Cork International [...]

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Transgender ex-MP wins Italian reality show

by Rex Wockner Transgender former Italian Member of Parliament Vladimir Luxuria won the Italian TV reality show Celebrity Island (L'Isola dei Famosi) Nov. 24. Viewers selected Luxuria, 43, winner of the program after seeing the [...]

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Sew long, Michigan

After Daniel Vosovic crawls out of his beau's bed in the morning, he's onto his next love affair: A much-adored coffeehouse across the street. It's not so much a problem (though he calls it "sick") [...]

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DADT challenge passes legal hurdle

by Bob Roehr A federal appeals court has declined to hear an en banc review of a lower court ruling challenging the antigay military policy known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." The Bush administration may [...]

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