Dear Jody

He'd be perfect - without porn Q: My boyfriend "Brandon" and I have been together for almost eight months, but we don't live together yet. The reason why I have not committed to moving in [...]

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Sister’s bra 5Ks Madoff

I usually spend New Year's Eve alone. Just for old time's sake. Yes, hard to admit - popular raconteur and egad-about Spell Checker that I am - I sit in my art studio with a [...]

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Are our opponents like segregationists?

by John Corvino In terms of gay-rights progress, brace yourself for a difficult year. This is not because things are getting worse. It's because the national conversation on gay-rights issues is getting harder. One reason [...]

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S/he said

compiled by Howard Israel "With so many congregations embroiled in controversy over sexual orientation issues, or struggling to address teenage sexuality, or concerned about sexual abuse, there is an urgent need for ordained clergy who [...]

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Dancing with the stars

By Taras Berezowsky Among his many influences in modern dance choreography, being Filipino is arguably Eddy Ocampo's most fundamental. As a young child performing Filipino folk dances in his native Chicago - well before a [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Lisa Kudrow Takes a Ride with "Dirty Girl" What happens when the school slut grabs a closeted classmate and goes on a road trip of self-discovery? We'll all find out when [...]

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Flowers and Co. kill it

Only a gay guy - or a straight dude raised on queer musicians - would have a birthname like Brandon Flowers. And the pretty boy frontman of The Killers (who is, by the way, hetero [...]

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Now Playing

NEW THIS WEEK Defiance The four Bielski brothers evade the invading Nazis by escaping into Belarus' forest where others fleeing the dawning Holocaust join them. The eldest Bielskis, Tuvia (Daniel Craig) and Zus (Liev Schreiber), [...]

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An inner passion

by Jessica Carreras If it's a good sign to an artist when their artwork sells at a gallery, Sister Cheryl Phillips should be ecstatic. Her piece "River" - a large canvas covered in a rainbow [...]

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Be careful of injuries, Libra!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Big political shifts accompanying the Uranus-Saturn opposition set the scene for personal changes. Mercury in Aquarius aggravates the existing tension with crazy notions. Talk out those ideas - gently, calmly [...]

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Q Puzzle: Way Out

Q Puzzle Across 1 Went down, on the beach 6 Dorothy Gale's home 10 Word on Warhol's can 14 Tim of "Rocky Horror" fame 15 "A Streetcar Named Desire" director Kazan 16 Bear that may [...]

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Viewpoint: Rick Warren comes out for gay rights

by Clayton Gibson This SHOULD have been the headline around the world after the Rev. Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life, gave this significant interview to Beliefnet. Unfortunately, [...]

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HIV Program Director Royale Theus

Since 2004, Royale Theus has been making a name for himself in the HIV/AIDS community through his work with the Midwest AIDS Prevention Project. The 28-year-old director of programs spearheads several initiatives to help prevent [...]

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GM Foundation cuts $50,000 grant to Affirmations

by Jessica Carreras Recent cuts in funding from General Motors that hit hard on the Michigan Opera Theatre and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra are also affecting the Affirmations community center. Last week, GM announced cuts [...]

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Donations needed for MLK Day of Service

The Washtenaw Youth Mentoring Coalition and the Washtenaw Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network are teaming up to make January a great time to give to others. On Jan. 19 and 20, the two organizations are asking locals [...]

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Obama once backed full gay marriage

CHICAGO - During his run for Illinois state Senate in 1996, Barack Obama stated his unequivocal support for same-sex marriage, according to an exclusive story in the Jan. 14 Windy City Times newspaper. President-elect Obama's [...]

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Flint loses a leader

By Jim Larkin FLINT - It wasn't just that Joann Downing fought for the rights of the LGBT community that amazed those who knew her best. It was that she fought for all people's rights [...]

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Where to go on inaguration day

Lift Every Voice, 10 a.m. Brunch and gala with guest speaker, music and poetry to celebrate the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. Hosted by Unity Fellowship of Christ Church. Tickets: $35. First Congregational Church of [...]

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