Dear Jody

Living through her horoscopes Q: My girlfriend, "Maggie," lives - and will undoubtedly die - by her daily horoscope. If she believes that her horoscope wants her to stay in for the day, that's what [...]

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Overcoming the ‘ick’ factor

By Diane Silver Political IQ Put down your coffee cup, step away from the computer if you're reading online, and take a deep breath. You won't like what I'm going to say next because here's [...]

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Lincoln, Whitman, 16.4

Who could imagine in 1865 that 144 years after John Wilks Booth murdered Abraham Lincoln in Ford Theater, America's first black president would be attending ceremonies in Lincoln's honor? The gala event on the 200th [...]

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S/he said

compiled by Howard Israel "What does every queen need to make herself feel better? A little dash of Dolly Parton! I went to Dollywood! Wow! Bizarre! Hollywood meets the Deep South! I really had a [...]

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The power of words

by John Corvino Two decades ago, when I first came out of the closet, my mother had an irritating habit of referring to my boyfriend as my "friend." You could almost hear the scare-quotes around [...]

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American Family Association

Homosexuals hate Jesus and have waged war against anyone who believes in Him. Such is the premise of the American Family Association's hour-long infomercial "Silencing Christians." Host Janet Parshall begins with a look at "After [...]

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Winging it

An in-person interview with Marco Del Zotto would likely result in a maneuver a la Tom Cruise, jumping up and down in uncontrollable peppiness. "This is my first interview!" the Italy-native says immediately when he [...]

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A winding road, indeed

As if Maureen McGovern's latest covers album, a disc honoring singer/songwriters of the '60s and '70s, isn't a good enough clue, she flat-out admits: "I'm a dinosaur here." The digital music fever still hasn't zapped [...]

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Peeking out of the All-American closet

By Dan Woog The OutField Last month, the National Soccer Coaches Association of America honored its college All-Americans. With up to three men's and women's teams in the NCAA (Division I, II and III), NAIA, [...]

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Jacksonville and the Beaches

by Andrew Collins Out of Town February 16, 2009 Jacksonville sits along the Atlantic coast of northern Florida, and in some respects it possesses the gentile charm of low-country Georgia and the Carolinas. At the [...]

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‘Taste of Ferndale’ set for Feb. 24

FERNDALE - Ten local restaurants will be participating in the city's first "Taste of Ferndale" strolling dinner event on "Fat Tuesday," Feb. 24. Tickets for the benefit are $30 per person and support the Ferndale [...]

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Watch how you speak, Scorpio!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Mercury in Aquarius stirs the brain to new ideas. Aspecting Pluto in Capricorn, he can bring new solutions to deeply entrenched problems, but it will take some work and careful [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente February 16, 2009 Julia Roberts may Eat, Pray, Love with Ryan Murphy Even in a time when reading's popularity seems to be at a historic low, you can count on a [...]

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Q puzzle: The Oscars

Q Puzzle Across 1 Give the once-over 5 Bouncer for Amelie Mauresmo 9 Peter the Great, and more 14 Kipling's Rikki-tikki-___ 15 "East of Eden" director Kazan 16 Beginning to come? 17 Cut 18 PAC [...]

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Project Coordinator Sara Van Wormer

Sara Van Wormer is head of the new Michigan Project for Informed Public Policy. The 32-year-old Ferndale resident began the project with hopes that it would help to educate legislators, media and courts about LGBT [...]

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African GLBT activists meet to plot strategy

by Rex Wockner African GLBT activists and gay rights lawyers met in Cape Town, South Africa, for four days in early February to discuss legal strategies in the push for gay rights on the continent. [...]

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Bolivia bans anti-gay discrimination in constitution

by Rex Wockner Bolivia's new constitution, approved by 61 percent of voters last month, bans discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The constitution took effect Feb. 7. According to New York-based Latino activist [...]

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Moscow Pride sues President Medvedev

by Rex Wockner With several lawsuits pending before the European Court of Human Rights against Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov for his repeated bans of gay pride events, Moscow Pride organizers now have filed a similar [...]

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Gay DIA security man found murdered

by Jessica Carreras On Feb. 3, William Boss, a retired head of security at the Detroit Institute of Arts, was allegedly murdered. He was 61 years old. The openly gay Detroit resident was stabbed 27 [...]

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Riot for change

by Jessica Carreras Almost every day, Yoni Siden would go to Pioneer High in Ann Arbor and be pelted with fruit. Calls of 'fag' followed him in the halls. Classmates teased him endlessly. Students in [...]

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