S/he said

compiled by Howard Israel "Rather than simply fighting the Religious Right's campaign to stop gay marriage and weaken the church-state divide, progressives could take a more radical approach. Gay and straight, they could demand an [...]

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Book Marks

by Richard Labonte "Edward Carpenter: A Life of Liberty and Love," by Sheila Rowbotham. Verso Books, 548 pages, $40 hardcover. Rowbotham's gripping biography of British socialist Carpenter resurrects the very queer life of an overlooked [...]

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Dear Jody

Critter comfort? Q: Guess what I got for Valentine's Day? A gerbil. I don't like gerbils. I don't like any ratty looking critters. I know that my boyfriend "Fred" didn't know that, but don't you [...]

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Reg: Not so regular

Gentleman Reg, 'Jet Black' This queer Canadian's fourth LP isn't as dark as a title like "Jet Black" lends itself to. The charmer, which is only a tad ho-hummy at the tail end, is Gentleman [...]

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Who’s William Control?

Forget Prozac. Try the wiL Francis way - be someone else. The hot singer of punk-rock band Aiden, who released his solo LP "Hate Culture" last year, will open for Escape the Fate as his [...]

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Air your disagreements, Cancer!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Mercury and Mars are lined up in Aquarius provoking wild impulses of word and deed, all too easily going dangerously overboard. As they aspect Saturn in Virgo, sensible restraint may [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente February 23, 2009 Jude Law's dresses will be all the 'Rage' British actor Jude Law has never been uncomfortable playing the object of male desire on screen, from "Wilde" to "The [...]

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I’ve Been Had!

Q Puzzle Across 1 It arouses you in bed 6 "Mamma Mia!" band 10 Shows appreciation for 6-Across 15 Island of Mead's research 16 Have sex, with "around" 17 Lube user? 18 What you might [...]

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Riot Youth lead, will legislators follow?

Outstanding. Thanks for this story, and thanks to those young leaders ("Riot for change," BTL Feb. 19). Now then, when are our state legislators going to follow their lead? {ITAL Kendra Royal Oak, Mich.}

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LAAN may have made right decision

This seems like it might actually be a realistic, if tough, decision for management of LAAN to take ("Turmoil arises at LAAN after layoffof long-time staff member," BTL Feb. 19), especially given the many funding [...]

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Ick factor still exists

Yes, I regretfully must say that the ick factor does exist and seemingly works against us ("Political IQ: Overcoming the 'ick' factor," BTL Feb. 19). I know some very loving, progressive and open-minded people who [...]

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Matt Foreman responds to ick factor

"We can't beat prejudice by ignoring it" wrongly implies that I do not support advertising campaigns that proudly feature our faces and families ("Political IQ: Overcoming the 'ick' factor," BTL Feb. 19). In fact, this [...]

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Electra-fied divas to shock The Magic Stick again

By Taras Berezowsky DETROIT - When surfing the tubes of cyberspace, it doesn't take long to find a music video-style parody of Christina Aguilera's hit "Beautiful" by the celebrated drag queen Varla Jean Merman. As [...]

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Outreach Coordinator Jihannh Jones

Pets are important to their owners - especially when the owners have health problems - and no one knows that better than Jihannh Jones. For almost two years, the 28-year-old gay Roseville resident has been [...]

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What Americans think about marriage equality

by Bob Roehr America's changing attitudes towards marriage equality for gays and lesbians suggest a weakening in intensity of marriage as a political issue, said Sharon Groves, deputy director of the Religion and Faith Program [...]

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Undetectable, but transmitting HIV

by Bob Roehr A commonly held belief is that undetectable HIV viral load in the blood means that the person cannot transmit the HIV virus to others. While this is true much of the time, [...]

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HIV rate climbs in Asia

by Rex Wockner Gay and bisexual men in Asia are having risky unprotected sex, causing dramatic climbs in HIV infection rates, said officials attending a World Health Organization HIV/AIDS conference Feb. 18 in Hong Kong. [...]

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Beijing gays stage Valentine’s Day action

by Rex Wockner About 30 gays and lesbians staged a public gay rights action in Beijing on Valentine's Day. With some of the group dressed as same-sex couples getting married, the activists walked down Qianmen [...]

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Burundi plan to ban gay sex dies in Senate

by Rex Wockner A move to ban gay sex in the Central African nation of Burundi was rejected by the Senate Feb. 16 after having passed the National Assembly unanimously in November. "Burundi's Senate, after [...]

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Moscow Pride seeks emergency hearing

by Rex Wockner Moscow Pride activists went to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, Feb. 13 to plead for emergency consideration of their languishing cases stemming from Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov's repeated [...]

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Phelpses banned from entering UK

by Rex Wockner Anti-gay Kansas pastor Fred Phelps and his daughter Shirley have been banned from entering the United Kingdom, the Telegraph reported Feb. 19. The "God hates fags" team had announced plans to picket [...]

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Working like a dog

Pumpkin grabs the strap in her mouth and pulls hard, a little growl escaping out the side of her lips as she yanks down and pulls back. Most dog owners would immediately recognize this classic [...]

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Passion fish

A fantastic splash of paisley, green and bright purple, swirling so quickly it is first a blur of wild color. Then just as quickly it stops, the sharp color delineations so stark to look almost [...]

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Pet peeves

compiled by Jessica Carreras Every pet owner knows the joy of a furry friend who keeps their feet warm at night, or the relief of an unconditional companion who greets them at the door after [...]

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The bar pussy

by Jessica Carreras Ah, gay nightlife. It's a bustling bar and club scene filled with yummy drinks, good beats, hot guys and - a cat? At the Temple Bar in Detroit, owner George Boukas wouldn't [...]

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Dishing out for dogs

by Jessica Carreras While retail, restaurants and automakers suffer, there's an industry that's going strong throughout Michigan's economic recession: doggy day care. Though it may appear to be on the top of the list of [...]

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