Dear Jody

Once phat, now fat Q: My boyfriend, "George," has been growing by the day, and I don't mean in a good way. He's growing fat. He says it's because he's under a lot of stress. [...]

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Strange bedfellows

by John Corvino Recently I wrote about a proposed compromise by David Blankenhorn, who opposes gay marriage, and Jonathan Rauch, who supports it. On the Blankenhorn/Rauch proposal, the federal government would recognize individual states' same-sex [...]

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Spectrum Center Schedule

March 13 Breast Cancer Awareness 12-1 p.m., UH B11 C111 This event, in celebration of LGBT Health Awareness Week, will feature speaker Dr. Lisa Newman. Contact: Kimber Converso, Gender-Bender Review 6-9 p.m., Necto Nightclub, [...]

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Book Marks

by Richard Labonte "The Sky Below," by Stacey D'Erasmo, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $24, 288 pages hardcover. Gabriel Collins isn't a very likeable fag. When young, he dealt drugs without guilt to his peers, seduced high [...]

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Bringing the LOLs

Ian Harvie Age: I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. Location: Los Angeles. Other jobs: Pumping gas, care attendant for people with disabilities and Web developer. Have you tried bringing sexy back? Back? [...]

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The Dating Diet: Exposed to love

By Anthony Paull My boyfriend will not be thrilled with what he's about to read. You see, like the other encouraging souls in my social circle, he doesn't care for it when I write about [...]

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Hear Me Out

Lily Allen, 'It's Not Me, It's You' We could use more Lily Allens in the world. That is, ballsy smarty-pants who say whatever flies off their tongues (especially when it's about narrow minds), a non-issue [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Elton John + Jane Austen + aliens = 'Pride & Predator' The upcoming novel "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" is the talk of the publishing world, but the idea of mixing [...]

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Lead with your intuition, Capricorn!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Uranus and Neptune are doing a long, slow dance, provoking important social and technological innovations. The Sun is now joining in showing how you as an individual can ride these [...]

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Soap First

Q Puzzle Across 1 Swallow alternative 5 Game with men that are queens 10 They rise to show thighs 14 Actress Skye 15 Desert plant 16 Skin softener 17 Ending for Copland 18 What Vampires [...]

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Model behavior

J.E. Bright was already a fan of gave-fave "America's Next Top Model" when he was hired to write a book based on the reality show. It took him about five months to put the heavily [...]

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Life is a cabaret

by Jessica Carreras Marcus Weatherspoon couldn't die - he hasn't been on 'Oprah' yet. Not when he narrowly escaped being in the World Trade Center buildings on the morning of September 11, 2001. Not when [...]

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Support the compromise Matts Safe Schools bill

I am writing in response to your editorial of BTL: Feb. 26 regarding whether the proposed anti-bullying legislation, known as "Matt's Law", should contain enumeration. In apparent contrast to the expressed sentiments of your editorial [...]

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MIGRA President Mel Enness

by Jessica Carreras There are many LGBT sporting groups in existence, but none quite like gay rodeo. Mel Enness, a 42-yaer-old Lansing resident, is president of the Michigan International Gay Rodeo Association, which holds fundraisers [...]

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California Supreme Court hears Prop. 8 case

By Lisa Keen Thousands of people gathered outside the state supreme court building in San Francisco last Thursday, while inside, the court heard three hours of arguments on whether it should overturn Proposition 8, a [...]

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Anti-bullying bill debate continues

As news came out of Oregon last week pointing out the failure of that state's non-enumerated anti-bullying legislation (in place for close to 10 years) to protect minorities, Michigan's community continued to debate the same [...]

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Who is responsible?

by Rev. Deb Dysert Clergy on Staff, MCC Detroit I have had this question posed to me in a number of situations lately. I recently went to the Holocaust Memorial with my middle school class. [...]

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Argentina lifts military gay ban

by Rex Wockner Argentina's military decriminalized homosexuality and lifted its gay ban Feb. 27. Part of an overhaul of the military justice system, the change was approved by Parliament last year and took effect six [...]

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China also censored the Oscars

by Rex Wockner Following reports that Singapore's MediaCorp TV and the pan-Asian satellite network STAR censored gay content from their broadcasts of the Academy Awards, the Huffington Post reported that China also deleted most of [...]

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Cross-dressers arrested in Guyana

by Rex Wockner The South American nation of Guyana should halt arrests and police abuse of transgender people and repeal a law that criminalizes dressing like the opposite sex, human rights organizations said March 5 [...]

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Serbia drops plan to protect GLBT people

by Rex Wockner A draft anti-discrimination law was withdrawn from active consideration in the Serbian Parliament on March 4 under pressure from the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Queeria Web portal reported. The church objected to [...]

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Health in hard times

Economic struggles affect more than the girth of our pocketbooks. Indeed, the loss of a job, stress from taking on more work or worrying about finances - or even the inability to afford health-affirming things [...]

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Joining the ‘Sex Spirit Circus’

By Clayton Gibson Whether it comes to "getting off" or "getting God," lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people know their stuff. We have developed a highly sexualized and sex-positive gay culture and, at the same [...]

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Gay and religious?

ANN ARBOR - If one were to identify as LGBT and a person of faith in Ann Arbor, there seemingly might not be many places to go to find a community of individuals who share [...]

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