Case of The Missing Cardinal

As Sherlock Holmes once said to his lifetime partner Dr. John Watson, "John Old Topper, there's a mystery afoot about the whereabouts of the body of our friend Cardinal John Henry Newman." For those PG [...]

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The Sad Truth About Gays and the Economy

By Diane Silver Political IQ I'm not feeling particularly rich these days. Every time the Dow Jones average plunges and new unemployment figures are released, my stomach churns. I go into terror mode as I [...]

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The boxes we fit

by John Corvino Recent discussions of various civil union proposals have revived some familiar questions, including "Why limit such recognition to couples, as opposed to larger groups?" and "Why limit it to romantic/sexual couples, as [...]

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Pope Benedict XVI

You know what Africans love? AIDS. Getting it, spreading it - doesn't matter. It's their favorite thing. I mean, it must be, right? Because why else would the HIV/AIDS rate be so high over there? [...]

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S/he said

compiled by Howard Israel "Swimming is definitely one of the sports that is more accepting of gay athletes. It might be because of the close relationship we all have. I mean, we're all running around [...]

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Book Marks

by Richard Labonte "The Torturer's Wife," by Thomas Glave. City Lights Books, 268 pages, $15.95 paper. Few of the nine short stories in Glave's second collection are explicitly queer. But his themes are universal: the [...]

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Hear Me Out

Indigo Girls, 'Poseidon and the Bitter Bug' Even with some solid solo projects, there's still nothing quite like Emily Saliers and Amy Ray: The Lesbian Yin-Yang. Those rich harmonies? Hard to live without. They're in [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Tracy Morgan and Martin Lawrence put the fun in 'Funeral' When Romeo first reported on the proposed Chris Rock-led American version of the outrageous British farce "Death at a Funeral," it [...]

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I Love You, ‘Man’

Even straight guys need a man, as Peter Klaven (the loveable Paul Rudd), who needs groomsmen to stand up in his wedding, finds out in the hilariously homo-ish "I Love You, Man." The concept - [...]

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A drink by any other name

By Camper English Cocktail Chatter Even if I enjoyed having a Sex on the Beach (the drink), I would probably feel too embarrassed to order one in public. Luckily my aversion to peach schnapps precludes [...]

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You are everyone’s darling, Aries

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Mercury, Venus, and the Sun are aligning in Aries bringing together charming, witty banter and mad, impulsive flirtations. Venus is retrograde so be careful with those flirtations. They're not likely [...]

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Dear Jody

Does he love me? Q: What is your definition of "commitment"? My partner "Jon" thinks that commitment just means living together. I moved in with Jon in January; we'd been dating for eight months. We [...]

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Harvey of Human Kindness

Q Puzzle Across 1 Sean, who played the lead in 67-Across 5 Lover's quarrels 10 TV show, e.g. 14 Two-toned cookie 15 Muscle Mary's tummy toughener 16 "Desert of the Heart" author 17 Moisten with [...]

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Obama reverses Bush opposition to UN declaration

by Rex Wockner The administration of President Barack Obama has reversed a decision by the administration of former President George W. Bush and added the United States' signature to a pro-gay declaration delivered in the [...]

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Motown gets down with Affirmations

by Jessica Carreras DETROIT - If the economy is hurting Affirmations, their annual big bash celebration didn't show it. On Saturday, March 21, the Ferndale LGBT community center hosted the 10th annual night of dinner, [...]

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HRW: Cayman Islands should protect gays

by Rex Wockner The Cayman Islands, a British overseas territory, should revise a draft constitution that will be submitted to voters May 20 to ensure it protects everyone from unequal treatment, and the British government [...]

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Denmark OKs gay adoption

by Rex Wockner Denmark, which enacted the world's first same-sex civil union law in 1989, extended adoption rights to gay couples March 17. Parliamentarians voted for the measure 62-53, with 64 legislators not present. The [...]

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Poverty in the LGBT community

Bob Roehr There are "many reasons to think that LGBT people are at least as likely - and perhaps more likely - to experience poverty" than their heterosexual counterparts, according to the first report ever [...]

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Satire spoofs Broadway favorites

There's no business like show business when it comes to subject matter ripe for satirizing, and that's precisely what Gerard Alessandrini has made baskets of money doing since his "Forbidden Broadway" first opened in 1982. [...]

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