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Dear Jody

By |2009-04-02T09:00:00-04:00April 2nd, 2009|Opinions|

What happened to you? Q: When I first met my partner, she - "Shana" - had all the time in the world for me. Shana even left work, at times, to have an extended "noonie" [...]

Antonin Scalia

By |2009-04-02T09:00:00-04:00April 2nd, 2009|Opinions|

What's wrong with this country when Barney Frank can't call Antonin Scalia a homophobe without folks getting bent out of shape? In an interview with, Frank, the openly gay congressman from Massachusetts, was discussing [...]

Goodbye to Madam X

By |2018-01-16T05:08:07-05:00April 2nd, 2009|Opinions|

I last saw Le Roy Scott riding his battery-powered scooter up John R. street three weeks ago. He was headed toward Cathedral Terrace where he reigned - gaily content - on the ninth floor facing [...]

Transgender Day of Visibility

By |2009-04-02T09:00:00-04:00April 2nd, 2009|Opinions|

by John Corvino March 31 is Transgender Day of Visibility. I'm supposed to participate in a panel that day. I'm a bit apprehensive. Like many gay people, I tend to tiptoe around transgender issues. This [...]

S/he said

By |2009-04-02T09:00:00-04:00April 2nd, 2009|Opinions|

compiled by Howard Israel "I didn't do anything illegal. I didn't hurt anyone. I don't think I did anything wrong. Who should I apologize to? I did it for the money. We kept thinking no [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

By |2009-04-02T09:00:00-04:00April 2nd, 2009|Entertainment|

By Romeo San Vicente 'Heathers' hopes to kill on Broadway Twenty years after the theatrical release of "Heathers," there hasn't been another teen movie quite like it. Its unique combination of coal-black satirical comedy, color-coded [...]

‘Tea’ time

By |2009-04-02T09:00:00-04:00April 2nd, 2009|Entertainment|

By D. A. Blackburn 'Pouring Tea: Black Gay Men of the South Tell Their Tales' 7 p.m. April 6 Arena Theatre, Michigan State University, East Lansing Free In E. Patrick Johnson's world, sweet tea [...]

Bodybuilding – and beyond

By |2018-01-16T12:59:15-05:00April 2nd, 2009|Entertainment|

By Dan Woog The Outfield When author Benoit Denizet-Lewis began researching "America Anonymous: Eight Addicts in Search of a Life," he wanted his book about addicts to include someone from the LGBT community. In "Todd" [...]

Madison, Wisconsin

By |2009-04-02T09:00:00-04:00April 2nd, 2009|Entertainment|

by Andrew Collins Out of Town Of mid-sized cities, Madison is one of the gay-friendliest in America. The regional political ethos is tolerance, and the city's role as state capital and home base of the [...]

TV Spotlight: ‘Pedro’

By |2018-01-16T09:35:57-05:00April 2nd, 2009|Entertainment|

Anyone watching "Pedro" last night on one of several MTV networks (check local listings for encores this weekend) probably cried a river. Dustin Lance Black, the award-winning "Milk" screenplay writer, wrote the harrowing and inspiring [...]

Be careful, Scorpio!

By |2009-04-02T09:00:00-04:00April 2nd, 2009|Uncategorized|

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Venus is squaring Pluto, cranking up the heat in all relationships towards anger and/or "amour." The slightest impulse can ignite raging passions. Don't shy away from conflict. With Jupiter in [...]

Classic Elton Tunes

By |2009-04-02T09:00:00-04:00April 2nd, 2009|Uncategorized|

Q Puzzle Across 1 Fem accessory 6 What you might be in when you're out 10 Worn-out horses 14 Lover of Henry and June 15 Blows away 16 Ready to go in 17 Musical tribute [...]

Dear dwelling spaces

By |2018-01-15T22:27:29-05:00April 2nd, 2009|Guides|

"I like the kitchen. Our kitchen gets lots of natural light. Plus, I can always find a snack." - James Melton, Detroit "I live in a tiny studio in New York. I don't have rooms." [...]

Home-related reads

By |2018-01-16T07:49:11-05:00April 2nd, 2009|Guides|

1. "Super Natural Home: Improve Your Health, Home, and Planet - One Room at a Time," Beth Greer, Rodale Books, $15.95 Not anxious enough? Beth Greer's make-good book exacerbates the worry wart in all of [...]

A piece of (wood) work

By |2018-01-15T17:44:14-05:00April 2nd, 2009|Guides|

by Jessica Carreras Heirloom Furniture Restoration is about the strangest hospital you'll ever see. Inconspicuously located down a bumpy dirt road on the west end of Ann Arbor, the shop is, mainly, a converted garage. [...]

8,000 reasons to buy in 2009

By |2018-01-16T08:19:42-05:00April 2nd, 2009|Guides|

by Jeff Hammerberg Congress recently enacted legislation providing a tax credit worth up to $8,000 for first-time homebuyers. A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in taxes, so if a buyer gets the $8,000 perk [...]

President Heather O’Brien

By |2009-04-02T09:00:00-04:00April 2nd, 2009|News|

by Jessica Carreras Two years ago, Dykes on Bikes Detroit, a local chapter of the national group of lesbian motorcyclists, had two members. One of those two was Heather O'Brien. Today, the 39-year-old Dearborn Heights [...]

Wayne State works to make campus S.A.F.E.

By |2018-01-16T10:53:42-05:00April 2nd, 2009|News|

On April 2 from 3:30-5:30 p.m., the Wayne State University GLBT Association, in collaboration with the Gender and Sexuality Community, will host a panel and training for allies of the LGBT community to make the [...]

Int’l AIDS Society blasts pope

By |2018-01-15T20:04:45-05:00April 2nd, 2009|News|

by Rex Wockner Pope Benedict XVI's first-ever remarks on condom use were irresponsible, dangerous, ignorant, outrageous and insulting, officials of the International AIDS Society said March 20. Speaking to reporters March 17, Benedict said AIDS [...]

MEPs take up Russian gay rights crusade

By |2018-01-16T14:03:44-05:00April 2nd, 2009|News|

by Rex Wockner Twenty-two members of the European Parliament have sent a letter to the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers complaining about Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov's permanent ban on public gay events and similar [...]

Serbia bans GLB discrimination

By |2009-04-02T09:00:00-04:00April 2nd, 2009|News|

by Rex Wockner Serbia's National Assembly banned all forms of discrimination based on sexual orientation March 26. The vote was 127-59, one more vote than was needed for passage. Sixty-four deputies did not show up [...]

Conflicting reports on Venezuelan civil union bill

By |2018-01-15T19:47:19-05:00April 2nd, 2009|News|

by Rex Wockner Venezuela's National Assembly is set to legalize same-sex unions with a new "associations of coexistence" law, MP Romelia Matute told reporters March 20. She said the law will extend "juridical and patrimonial [...]

Vilnius mayor: Gay march cannot be downtown

By |2018-01-16T13:16:15-05:00April 2nd, 2009|News|

by Rex Wockner The mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, Vilius Navickas, said March 19 that gays can have a pride parade, but only far from downtown. "I respect everyone under the sun, and their personal lives, [...]

Gainesville voters retain GLBT rights law

By |2018-01-16T04:04:56-05:00April 2nd, 2009|News|

by Rex Wockner Voters in Gainesville, Fla., rejected an amendment March 24 that would have repealed the city's law that protects GLBT people from discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations and credit services. Charter Amendment [...]

N.H. House passes same-sex marriage bill

By |2009-04-02T09:00:00-04:00April 2nd, 2009|News|

by Rex Wockner New Hampshire's House of Representatives passed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage March 26 by a vote of 186-179. The measure now moves to the Senate. "This is a very proud day [...]

Nominations now being accepted for the Pride Banquet

By |2009-04-02T09:00:00-04:00April 2nd, 2009|News|

Award nominations opened March 1 for the 24th Annual Pride Banquet & Awards Ceremony, celebrating the outstanding achievement of people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied communities in southeastern Michigan. The Pride Banquet [...]

A look into “his Germany”

By |2018-01-16T16:33:18-05:00April 2nd, 2009|News|

Lev Raphael is standing in the doorway of his home, holding back one of his West Highland Terriers. Promptly he is in the kitchen, using his Braun coffee maker, an emblem of a fear of [...]

Embrace competition, Sagittarius!

By |2018-01-22T22:41:04-05:00April 2nd, 2009|Uncategorized|

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes The Sun is aligned with Eris focusing our attention on our alliances and group identifications. Aspects from Mars and Jupiter make us eager to protect the group and expand its [...]

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