Deja vu?

Dear Jody Q: Eight years ago, I moved in with my girlfriend of that time. She had a really good job. I didn't, but it was a job. She had two kids and really wanted [...]

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The Reality of ‘Training Rules’

By Dan Woog The OutField In 2004, Jennifer Harris was the top scorer on the Penn State University women's basketball team. In 2005, she was dismissed from the squad. Harris broke the third of coach [...]

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Creep of the Week: Philip Irvin

Come out, come out wherever you are. And if you happen to be a Seattle Public Utilities employee and a member of the city's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Friends group, well, you'd best [...]

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S/he said

Compiled by Howard Israel "Every so often, the American social order is reshuffled. And that upheaval is typically accompanied by a prominent face. Yet the gay rights movement, which is about to enter its fifth [...]

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Viewpoint: Proud to be called ‘sir’

By Kate Clinton On an early morning flight from Orlando, after appearing at the 19th Annual Gay Days at Disneyworld, I was "sirred" twice by a cab driver and flight attendant. All before 7 a.m. [...]

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Viewpoint: Pride – protest or party?

by Jeff A. Ward What has unfolded over the last couple weeks at the highest levels of our government is merely an extension of a long, painful history of trampling on the rights of minorities [...]

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No fire in ‘Little Ashes’

Javier Beltran and Robert Pattinson star in 'Little Ashes,' which opens in Royal Oak tomorrow. Photo: Regent Releasing Robert Pattinson sucks in "Little Ashes." And not in the way many of you'd hope. Then [...]

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Hogan and Homo on the Prairie

Clare, Mich. doesn't get much action. Or daughters of retired pro wrestlers. But during the 10 p.m. July 5 episode of VH1's "Brooke Knows Best," the quaint farming area near Central Michigan University will gain [...]

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‘The Proposal’: Yes!

A fire-breathing bitch of a boss actually turns out to be a softy who falls for her assistant in the midst of a sham marriage. Like you didn't know that was the trajectory of "The [...]

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Television’s New Revolution

By Rohin Guha So there's a sea change slowly washing over television. While we as a nation tiptoe closer to civil rights for LGBT individuals, television is starting to reflect the fact that, perhaps, not [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Photo: Focus Features Big-screen beckons Neil Patrick Harris While hosting this year's Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris joked about his second-class status as a "TV guy." But he's already proven [...]

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“Pay attention, Cancer!”

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Saturn square Mercury would normally bring out everyone's inner critic, but with Saturn in Virgo and Mercury in Gemini, bitchy outbursts are to be expected. If you're feeling brilliant, write [...]

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Stonewall Headline

Across 1 Foreman, formerly of NGLTF 5 Marlon Brando's hometown 10 Frisbee, for one 14 As to 15 Sarah of Alaska 16 Rubber stamp 17 Eyelid ailment 18 Humped antelope 19 In the public eye [...]

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Australians support same-sex marriage

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Sixty percent of Australians say gay couples should be able to get married, a Galaxy poll has found. Thirty-six percent of those questioned oppose same-sex marriage and 4 percent [...]

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by Rex Wockner International News Briefs This column recently reported that the Rev. Eva Brunne of the Stockholm diocese of the Church of Sweden is "believed to be the first openly lesbian bishop in the [...]

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Moscow lesbians sue for marriage

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs A lesbian couple in Moscow filed suit in Tverskoi District Court on June 16 after they were denied a marriage license. Irina Fedotova-Fet and Irina Shepitko said they will [...]

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Pride day bomb injures 21 in Sao Paulo

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Twenty-one people were injured after Sao Paulo's 13th gay-pride parade June 13 when a bomb was detonated in a downtown square that is home to nightclubs frequented by gays [...]

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Between Ourselves

By Jessica Carreras Maureen Jones just left her position as the social and enrichment coordinator of Affirmations LGBT community center in Ferndale last week after a several year stint. But don't think for a second [...]

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Ferndale goes to the dogs – again!

Ferndale Downtown Development Authority will host the second annual Fido Does Ferndale on July 11 in the downtown area of the city. The event will showcase the many canine-friendly aspects of Ferndale. Many downtown businesses [...]

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Grand Rapids Pride

Despite five or six inches of rainfall the night prior, West Michigan Pride went off without a hitch in Grand Rapids' John Ball Park on June 20. The festival held that day was nothing but [...]

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Knot waiting

by Jessica Carreras Michigan has caught the marriage bug. Perhaps it flew in on the winds from Iowa, or was swept over us from the California storms. Whatever the case, LGBT activists, couples and politicians [...]

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Renee McCoy to leave Michigan for Seattle

Dr. Renee McCoy, director of HIV/AIDS Programs for the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, will be leaving her home of Detroit next month to move to Seattle. A going away party will be [...]

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Pride Banquet goes ‘over the rainbow’

by Jessica Carreras There was a yellow brick road. An Emerald City. A munchkin, a tin man, a cowardly lion and a Dorothy - two, actually. Borrowing from every gay's favorite film, "The Wizard of [...]

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Taylor’s Project in the spotlight

By Caitlin M. Foyt Helping others feels good. That's one reason why Adam Taylor has worked thousands of unpaid hours in suicide prevention within the LGBT community for over two years. But some national recognition [...]

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Ann Arbor gets its Pride back

For the first time in years, the LGBT community in Ann Arbor gathered for a Pride festival all its own. Tree Town Pride was held in Braun Court on June 20, nestled between the autBAR, [...]

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Recognition in D.C.

by Chuck Colbert In a win for gay rights advocates, the District of Columbia's Board of Elections and Ethics ruled on Monday, June 15, that it would be improper to hold a referendum on recognition [...]

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77 Representatives to Obama: suspend DADT

by Bob Roehr Seventy-seven members of Congress have written President Barack Obama requesting that implementation of the antigay military policy known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" be suspended until Congress can repeal that law. "We [...]

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DP crumbs for LGBT federal employees

by Bob Roehr The Obama administration is offering a few crumbs of partner benefits to gay and lesbian federal employees, but not the ones that really count - health insurance and pension benefits. President Barack [...]

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DP crumbs for LGBT federal employees


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Gays: It’s OK to have fun

Working for LGBT rights is a serious business. Legislative sessions, meetings with politicians, rallies, candlelit vigils, protests, marches - the list of obligations to fulfill if we want full equality is long. And in a [...]

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A work of art at Performance Network

By Martin F. Kohn "A Picasso" is about the Picasso living in Paris under Nazi occupation in 1941. So it seems odd that in advertising its production Performance Network would promote suspense as the play's [...]

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Frank introduces inclusive ENDA bill

By Lisa Keen The LGBT community erupted in anger 20 months ago when U.S. Rep. Barney Frank introduced a version of ENDA that excluded protection for "gender identity." Critics also charged that the 2007 Employment [...]

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‘Affirming the LGBT Agenda’

By Lisa Keen The President and First Lady greet about 300 LGBT leaders in the East Room of the White House to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall on June 29. WASHINGTON, DC - [...]

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