Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Kate Winslet. Photo: The Weinstein Company Haynes and Winslet bring 'Mildred Pierce' back to life One thing you can definitely say about visionary gay filmmaker Todd Haynes is that he's [...]

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Q Scopes: Get playful, Pisces!

By Jack Fertig Mars squaring Mercury cranks everybody's mouth into overdrive, but Jupiter is revving up opinions and outspokenness even more so. The only way to win an argument under these aspects is to shut [...]

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Q Puzzle: Taking a Position

Across 1 Mapa of "Desperate Housewives" 5 Agreements of goodwill, and perhaps grace 10 Broadway mewsical? 14 "I've had better ..." 15 Garden-variety 16 Midvoyage 17 Active one waiting for cab fare? 20 Handsome Greek [...]

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‘The OutField’ opens eyes

By Dan Woog The OutField Last winter, "The OutField" profiled a closeted All-America college soccer player. "Mason" (a pseudonym) described his love for the game - and the repressive environment that kept him from coming [...]

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It’s a busy month for Michigan theaters

(front) Celeste Blanch, Bethany Rydzewski, Kate Rasmussen, Donna Edwards and Sara Rydzewski star in 'Little Women - The Broadway Musical,' the opening show of Stagecrafters' 2009-10 season. Photo: Lance Luce. Theater begins busting out [...]

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530,000 turn out for Vancouver pride

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Vancouver's Aug. 2 gay pride parade brought 530,000 people to the streets of the West End, Xtra! West reported. The city's 31st march included 150 contingents and took place [...]

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Embassies support Budapest pride

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Thirteen embassies in Hungary issued a statement Aug. 28 in support of Budapest's 14th gay pride events. Culminating with a Sept. 5 parade, the weeklong festivities include music, parties, [...]

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Italian national soccer coach disses the gays

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs The coach of Italy's national soccer team, Marcello Lippi, said Aug. 26 that an openly gay couple would not be welcome on the team. "Two members of the blue [...]

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Some people are gay. Get over it!

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Britain's leading GLBT lobby group, Stonewall, has launched a back-to-school ad campaign with the theme "Some people are gay. Get over it!" The ads are running on 500 billboards [...]

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UK Foreign Office to fund foreign gay rights cases

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs The United Kingdom's Foreign Office will help pay for gay rights legal challenges in repressive nations such as Jamaica, Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq and Iran. Gay Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State [...]

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Uruguay OKs gay adoption

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Uruguay's Chamber of Deputies voted 40-13 on Aug. 27 to let gay couples adopt children. Forty-six other lawmakers were not present for the vote. The measure received unanimous support [...]

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Between Ourselves

by Jessica Carreras Tim McCloud Tim McCloud wants to let the world know that gay men can play sports, despite the ever-popular stereotype. The 31-year-old Royal Oak resident is an avid runner, plays basketball [...]

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Michigan Chamber invites controversial keynote

by BTL Staff Mark Brewer LANSING - Glenn Beck, the keynote speaker at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce's September annual meeting, has said that he believes President Barack Obama is a "racist" ("Fox and [...]

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Michael Coleman named 21st Century Fellow

Micheal Coleman FERNDALE, Mich. - Michael Coleman, director of communications and development for Affirmations LGBT community center in Ferndale, has recently been accepted into the 21st Century Fellows Program. The program is a product [...]

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Getting fixed

by Jessica Carreras Lansing resident Patrick McAlvey has created a video to tell his story about ex-gay therapy and to warn LGBT youth not to try to 'fix' themselves. Confused. Isolated. Depressed. Angry. Lansing [...]

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Busch’s under fire

The Michigan Democratic Party's LGBT and Allies Caucus plans to picket Busch's Incorporated on Saturday, Sept. 12 to protest the grocery store's alleged firing of an employee for being gay. The Ann Arbor location of [...]

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Cool drinks for good causes

Six-year-old Diego Garcia is thanked by the Ferndale City Council for his charitable contributions to local nonprofits, raised by a lemonade stand at Motor City Pride in June. BTL photo by Crystal Proxmire FERNDALE, [...]

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REC hires new leader

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. - In August, the Ruth Ellis Center Board of Directors made the decision to hire Laura Hughes, MPH, as their new executive director. She will begin her duties on Sept. 15. The [...]

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Ties Like Me expo

Want to get word out about your business and network with other LGBT business owners? Now's the chance. Ties Like Me is hosting their third annual Business Expo on Sept. 16 from 5-8 p.m. at [...]

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Get Wilde!

by Jessica Carreras Detroit City Council hopeful Charles Pugh and Don Calamia "It was a season where men played women, women played men (and) lots of people got naked," Between The Lines theater [...]

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An ‘immeasurable’ loss

By Lisa Keen Sen. Ted Kennedy campaining for Barack Obama at American University in January 2008. Photo courtesy of Obama for America. The man whom many in the LGBT community consider their greatest friend [...]

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Update: Same-sex marriage battles

By Lisa Keen The attorney for a gay couple fighting for the rights of same-sex couples to marry brushed off the significance of a court order Monday dismissing their case. He says the dismissal is [...]

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Letter: Erasing racism

This article by Tiffany Mclean was very profound in its reasoning ("Equality isn't always equal," BTL Aug. 27). I am in this community and feel that there is such a thin line that does divide [...]

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Letter: Hysteria??

Hysteria? Truly you're joking ("Hysteria hits home," BTL Aug. 27). I have been alive long enough to remember when child sexual abuse was just a dirty little secret. You see how well that's worked out [...]

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Letter: More Damage than Good

This artical says it like it is ("Hysteria hits home," BTL Aug. 27). These laws are doing so much more damage then they are good. Do you know anyone registered as a sex offender can [...]

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