‘BODS’ rethinks the figure

"The body is organic, with beautiful shapes and forms - hopefully," quips Ray Fleming, the owner of Robert Kidd Gallery in Birmingham. What he's referring to is the concept of his studio's upcoming exhibit, "BODS: [...]

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Welcome to the Jungle

Rita Mae Brown: "Every big mistake I've ever made in my life is because I just didn't trust my animal self.' Situated on a quiet, rural area of central Virginia, on a sprawling 1,000-acre [...]

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Make connections, Capricorn!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes The Sun in Libra draws us toward reconciliation, but on what grounds? First, Sol aspects Eris and Chiron, highlighting our position and the other side's; then, he aspects Uranus and [...]

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Coming Out Day

Across 1 Worker on Broadway 5 Mystery writer Claire 10 Colette's coffee 14 NG: Devil-may-care 15 NG: President born in Hawaii 16 Fairy-tale monster 17 Showing a tiny opening 18 Communist party developer 19 "The [...]

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The OutField: Out and under the radar

By Dan Woog Brian Sims 

In 2000, a Bloomsburg University football teammate asked Brian Sims a question he'd half-expected for years: "Are you gay?"
Yes, the 6-foot, 260-pound defensive tackle replied.
The result was ... nothing.
Well, [...]

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A dreamy season opener at the Blackbird

There are a number of impressive elements to the Blackbird Theatre's season-opening production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - but none more so than this: Director Barton Bund tells the Bard's popular, but complicated masterpiece [...]

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Thursday changes at Go Comedy!

Over the past several months, Thursday nights at Go Comedy! Improv Theater have morphed into a night of original comedies. It's a great proving ground for creative talent to explore their abilities and to fine-tune [...]

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BTL readers respond

We asked and you answered. See what Facebook fans of Between The Lines had to say about whether or not the LGBT community should support local automakers. "The only answer I can give you now, [...]

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A perfect 100

The Richmond, Va.-based company CarMax received a 100-percent rating on the HRC's Corporate Equality Index in both the 2009 and 2010 reports. RICHMOND, Va. - CarMax, Inc., the nation's largest retailer of used cars, [...]

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Detroit group celebrates caffeinated car-lovers

by BTL staff Love cars? Drink coffee? There's a group for that. CandCDetroit.com is the latest social media site on the Internet gathering car owners and enthusiasts in the metro Detroit area. Members and enthusiasts [...]

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Geared up

by Jessica Carreras Aj O'Neil is no fool. Granted, his Ferndale-based cafe, nestled in on Nine Mile Road, opened on April Fools' Day of 2007. But what he's done since is no joke - either [...]

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GM PLUS wins ‘Outie’

by BTL staff Adam Bernard, chair of GM PLUS, with Tina Seitz, GM PLUS board member, holding their Outie award for the 2009 Out & Equal Employee Resource Group of the Year. ORLANDO, Fla. [...]

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Saying goodbye

by GayWheels.com General Motors' Chief Gay Officer Travis Parman (pictured here with a beloved Camero) recently left the company after 11 years of service. Photo courtesy of GayWheels.com. Travis Parman spent 11 years with [...]

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Viewpoint: Eulogizing the CGO

by Brett Berk - Vanity Fair Tear the lapel of your best pink blazer and say Kaddish, bitches. Travis Parman - General Motors' East Coast Publicity Director and self-anointed CGO (Chief Gay Officer) - has [...]

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Photos imitate painting – and vice versa

Gustave Le Gray's photo of ships at anchor off the coast taken in the 1850s influenced how painters like Edouard Manet painted similar scenes. The exciting new photographic technology stimulated a new era in fine [...]

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Affirmations meets HOPE Fund challenge

Three weeks before the Oct. 31 deadline, Affirmations has met a $25,000 challenge from the HOPE Fund. A $1,000 gift early in the month brought their total to $25,853, along with 149 new donors to [...]

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Between Ourselves

by Jessica Carreras Brooke Murphy Brooke Murphy is the creator of west Michigan-based LGBT organization Speak Equal. The 27-year-old Grand Rapids activist hopes to bring more gay-focused political and social programming to her area. [...]

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The LGBT Connect Project continues at Kick

Kick's studio is now up and online. Kick, the non-profit group for Detroit's LGBT community, has announced the addition of free wireless Internet now available at their Detroit offices. The connection is free for anyone [...]

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Michiganders march in D.C.

Some Michiganders made signs before the Oct. 11 march and rally at an event hosted by Straight Women in Support of Homos. BTL photos by Crystal Proxmire WASHINGTON, D.C. - At least a couple [...]

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A decade of doing

Laura Hughes, the new executive director of the Ruth Ellis Center, attended Detroits AIDS Walk Michigan on Oct. 11. BTL photo by Jason A. Michael It's an exciting month for the Ruth Ellis Center. [...]

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Come together

by Jessica Carreras This weekend, the LGBT and allied community will come together in faith. Since 2004, the Faith Action Network has presented the Together in Faith Collaborative - a weekend retreat meant to spur [...]

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Tri-county gays to discuss LGBT rights

With the issue of gay rights at the top of the national news, three leading Michigan experts and activists on the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders will speak at a U.S. Social Forum [...]

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Viewpoint: A taste of democracy

I just spent the busiest two days of my entire life running around Washington, D.C. - going to educational and community events, checking out the Newseum and other places I just had to see and [...]

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Focus on DADT

by Bob Roehr Army Lt. Daniel Choi took part in the ceremonies honoring the late Leonard Matlovitch, who in 1975 first put a face to the issues of discrimination for gay people in the military. [...]

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‘I’m with you’

By Chuck Colbert and Lisa Keen WASHINGTON, D.C. - The content of President Barack Obama's speech to an audience of LGBT supporters on the eve of the 2009 March on Washington offered nothing new. He [...]

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Update: Hate crimes legislation

On Oct. 8, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill expanding the legal definition of a federal hate crime to include gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability. The bill came as an attachment [...]

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Equality. Now.

By Chuck Colbert Washington, D.C. - The day after the President Barack Obama delivered a rousing speech to more 3,000 LGBT supporters at the Human Rights Campaign dinner, pro-gay civil rights activists took to the [...]

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‘March or not’ debate tired

There's been a lot of back and forth banter about the National Equality March, both nationally and here in Michigan. Was it necessary? Should we support it? Will it take away funds and volunteers and [...]

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