Book Marks: City Boy, Day of the Dead

by Richard Labonte "City Boy: My Life in New York During the 1960s and '70s," by Edmund White. Bloomsbury USA, 304 pages, $26 hardcover. After a series of unabashedly autobiographical novels, and a steamy 2006 [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Ryan Reynolds. Photo: Disney Ryan Reynolds gets his own 'Tootsie' Ryan Reynolds knows the gays love him already for all the shirtless woodchopping he did in that "Amityville Horror" remake. [...]

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It’s all about her

By Yana Levovna Photo: Yana Levovna Detroit's own Natasha T. Miller has a pen and paper in her hands and a million thoughts in her head that need an outlet. They drop like tears [...]

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Think carefully, Cancer!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Mercury and the Sun are now conjunct at the midpoint of the Saturn-Pluto square that continues to dominate the sky. Be very careful of "clever" impulses that are likely to [...]

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Merry … ‘Midwinter’?

It's so like the religiously ambiguous Tori Amos to elude all the churchy mumbo-jumbo and trace popularized carols back to their non-worship roots. She does just that on her new holiday album "Midwinter Graces," out [...]

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Who Should Straddle Whom?

Across 1 Emulates a market bear 6 Nick was his master 10 Visit Barneys, e.g. 14 Long, loose garment 15 Rock Hudson role, usually 16 Come down in buckets 17 Start of a quip 19 [...]

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Ferndale split on gay candidates

Greg Pawlica, left and Ferndale Mayor Craig Covey on election night. Cover won his relection bid while Pawlica lost. BTL photo: Crystal A. Proxmire FERNDALE - The first time Ferndale Mayor Craig Covey ran [...]

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Victory in Kalamazoo

by Jessica Carreras Kalamazoo Resource Center Executive Director Dave Garcia kneels with sign. Volunteers from across the region turned out to get out the vote resulting in a crushing defeat for anti-gay organizers. KALAMAZOO [...]

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Maine rejects marriage equality law

By Lisa Keen Portland, Maine - The vote tally in Wednesday, while not complete and not official, suggests an effort to repeal the state's newly passed marriage equality law has succeeded. With 93 percent of [...]

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President Pugh

Newly elected and ready to work, Charles Pugh talks with media on election night. BTL photo: Andrew Potter DETROIT - Change has come. Five new faces will grace the council table in Detroit next [...]

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Rasor wins council seat in Royal Oak

ROYAL OAK - Attorney Jim Rasor was elected to one of three open seats on the Royal Oak Commission, becoming the second openly gay man to win a seat on that city's commission. Gary Lelito, [...]

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Argentina considers legalizing gay marriage

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Argentina's Congress has begun debate on legalization of same-sex marriage. The bill is expected to survive a committee vote and advance to the full Chamber of Deputies. If passed [...]

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Gay cop gay-bashed in Liverpool, England

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs A 22-year-old off-duty trainee police officer was seriously gay-bashed outside the gay bar Superstar Boudoir in Liverpool, England, on Oct. 25. James Parkes was set upon by a gang [...]

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Kenya to count its gays

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Kenya, which bans gay sex under penalty of 14 years in prison, is planning to count its gay population as part of its efforts against HIV. Officials don't expect [...]

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Maltese president meets with ILGA-Europe

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs The president of Malta, George Abela, met with the executive board and staff members of the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (aka [...]

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Portugal to legalize same-sex marriage

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Sources close to Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates, who is forming a new government following September elections, said Oct. 23 that legalizing same-sex marriage will be one of the [...]

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Government threatens to close Turkish gay group

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs The Black Pink Triangle Association in Izmir, Turkey, has become the latest Turkish GLBT organization to face a closure threat from the government. The Izmir governor's office filed suit [...]

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Between Ourselves

by Jessica Carreras Jack Miller is a 63-year-old retired U.S. Army and Navy Veteran. He's also an openly gay father and grandfather - and a passionate volunteer at the Affirmations LGBT community center in Ferndale. [...]

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LGBT youth center gifted by actress’ will

The Ali Forney Center has received a gift of $300,000 from the estate of actress Bea Arthur. The center, the nation's largest organization dedicated to homeless LGBT youth, announced at Arthur's memorial service on Sept. [...]

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No Nov. film festival for Michigan gays

For Michigan's LGBT community, November usually marks the return of the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, hosted by the Triangle Foundation. However, visitors to Triangle's Web site will be surprised to find no news about [...]

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Local GLSEN group to begin

Research has shown that LGBT students who experience bullying and have an unsupportive school environment report a higher incidence of isolation, depression, suicide, school failure and failure to graduate from high school. And currently, there [...]

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HOPE Fund Challenge awards $60,000

by Jessica Carreras Time has run out on the HOPE Fund Challenge, which offered a matching grant to three LGBT non-profit organizations in Michigan. And with days to spare for the Oct. 31 goal, all [...]

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by Jessica Carreras History has been made. On Wednesday, Oct. 28, President Barack Obama signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law, passed by the U.S. Congress as an [...]

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Trans 101

By Jim Larkin FLINT - A trans man who went to Genesee County PFLAG for help is now helping others learn about the transgender community. Ray - he wishes to remain anonymous out of concern [...]

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Obama ends last vestige of HIV travel ban

By Lisa Keen Friday, Oct. 30 - President Obama announced today that his administration will end the long-standing policy at Health and Human Services that banned immigration by people with HIV infection. He announced the [...]

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A historic signing

By Lisa Keen President Obama delivers remarks to commemorate the enactment of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act in the East Room of the White House, Wednesday, Oct. 29. The [...]

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Anti-gay Reject 71 campaign loses in federal court

SEATTLE - The Approve 71 campaign won an important victory, Oct. 27 in federal court when Federal District Court Judge Ronald Leighton turned down an effort by the Reject 71 campaign to eviscerate Washington's voter-approved [...]

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Progress in Michigan, setback in Maine

It's been an historic week, one filled with enormous emotions for LGBT Americans. In Kalamazoo we saw 65 percent of its citizens vote 'NO' when it came to discrimination for their LGBT neighbors. The forces [...]

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Creep of the Week: Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins Unicorns. Yeti. The Loch Ness Monster. Bigfoot. UFOs. What do these things have in common? They're all shrouded in mystery and folklore. Few have seen them, many have searched. Some exist only [...]

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Viewpoint: When we act out of love

by Beverly Davidson "Love is a relationship founded on the realization that we are all connected, that everyone matters, that every single person is precious. True love does not stop at feeling; it cannot stop [...]

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