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Book Marks: Pacific agony, Rage, a love story

by Richard Labonte "Pacific Agony," by Bruce Benderson. Semiotext(e) Native Agents, 184 pages, $14.95 paper. Reality merges with mockery and slips into mania in Benderson's acerbic novel, a hallucinatory satire of travel writing. Commissioned by [...]

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Book sale to benefit Common Language

ANN ARBOR - Common Language, an LGBT book store that opened in 1991, is determined to survive and thrive in an era of frequent independent bookseller closures. Avid supporters have organized the latest in a [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente James Franco visits 'The Broken Tower' Here's how heterosexual James Franco is: He's played gay three and half times. First as James Dean, then as Harvey Milk's boyfriend and soon he'll [...]

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Straight Guy, Gay World

DJ Dave Aude talks about mixing for the music industry's top dogs Dave Audé might be the gayest non-gay person you don't know. But you've probably heard his work - mixes of Lady Gaga's [...]

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Be very careful, Gemini!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Pluto in Capricorn squaring Saturn in Libra signals social revolution and reaction. Mars in Leo square Venus in Scorpio trumpets - perhaps too brazenly - sexually assertive displays. These discordant [...]

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Across 1 Blues singer Smith 7 Becomes de-nuded? 14 Little green men or green card holders 15 Tinkerbell portrayer Julia 16 Crib toy 17 Ferrera of "Ugly Betty" 18 He plays George Putnam in "Amelia" [...]

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Gift Guide Editor’s Pick: Band Hero

Me rocking out is like a vegan gnawing on a pork chop. So when Band Hero was announced, and I learned that I could revel in my stereotypically gay side with Culture Club and Taylor [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Gay Gift Giving

STOCKING STUFFERS "Club Christmas 3," from D1 Music producers Peter McLean and Keith Kemper, features uplifting, instrumental dance-floor versions of beloved holiday classics like "Away in a Manger," "O Come, All Ye Faithful," and a [...]

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1,800 march in second Hong Kong parade

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs About 1,800 people took part in Hong Kong's second gay pride parade Nov. 1, double last year's turnout. With the theme "Be Proud! Be Yourself!" the hourlong march set [...]

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Hungarian Parliament approves unusual adoption bill

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Hungary's Parliament on Nov. 9 passed a new Civil Code that extends second-parent adoption rights to same-sex couples who live together informally but not to same-sex couples who are [...]

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ILGA Latin America confab set for Brazil

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs The fifth Latin America and Caribbean regional conference of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association will be held in Curitiba in the Brazilian state of Parana [...]

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Lesbian bishop consecrated in Sweden

by Rex Wockner The Church of Sweden consecrated Eva Brunne the world's first openly lesbian bishop in a mainstream denomination Nov. 8. Svenska kyrkan/Magnus Aronson/IKON photo International News Briefs The Church of Sweden consecrated [...]

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Gay Euro MPs denounce Ugandan bill

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Members of the European Parliament's Intergroup on LGBT Rights have strongly denounced the "Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009" pending in Uganda's Parliament. "The proposed legislation includes provisions to punish those alleged [...]

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Between Ourselves

by Jessica Carreras Michelle Brown Michelle Brown of Detroit is on the board of Michigan Equality and the National Black Justice Coalition, is the co-chair of the Michigan Women in AIDS Committee and is [...]

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New Michigan GLSEN chapter proposed

by Jessica Carreras FERNDALE - A local psychologist and mother of a gay son is taking matters into her own hands when it comes to bullying of LGBT youth in southeast Michigan. Jane Kelly, a [...]

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by Jessica Carreras Facebook boasts that its purpose is to help you "connect and share with the people in your life." But what if it also helps to foster hate speech? Recently, several metro Detroiters [...]

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Raising funds for youth – Pronto!

Pronto!, a gay-owned restaurant and bakery in Royal Oak, has committed 10 percent of all food, drink and carry-out sales on Dec. 2 to a non-profit neighbor in Ferndale. Affirmations is metro Detroit's community center [...]

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Growth Through Art

Steppin' Out is holding a fundraising event, called Growth Through Art, at 6-9 p.m. Nov. 21 at the Douglas J. Aveda Institute in Royal Oak. This event is a collaboration with "Stitches - A Doll [...]

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Washington Blade, Southern Voice shut down

By Lisa Keen The recorded message on the Washington Blade's phone on Nov. 16 gives no hint at what happened. It still says, "Thank you for calling the nation's most trusted gay newspaper, serving the [...]

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Marriage struggles across the U.S.

By Lisa Keen T he struggle for marriage equality looks like a juggling act this week: New York's up in the air, New Jersey is poised to hop from one hand (the legislature) to another [...]

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Transmissions: There are always more

by Gwendolyn Ann Smith While I consider myself to be involved in many different aspects of transgender life, there is one issue that drives me, and one thing I always come back to: anti-transgender violence. [...]

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In season two of "Keeping Score" - the national project of the San Francisco Symphony to make classical music more accessible to the masses - three new programs explore the music and stories behind Hector [...]

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A perfect pairing to the Wine Every Month Club, Germany-based Blomus Designs' corkscrew and decanting funnel will add a modern, sophisticated touch to any home bar. Made of sleek, stainless steel - and available exclusively [...]

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Piss & Vinegar - the provocative new brand of underwear from Ginch Gonch founder Jason Sutherland - has a heart on. For Jesus. Yes, that Jesus. Made from breathable, body-conforming stretch fabric, the first release [...]

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Out bodybuilder and former Colt supermodel Bo Dixon releases his first self-titled calendar, BO DIXON: Reinvented 2010. Celebrating the power of perseverance, this muscle-worship date keeper features the hirsute powerhouse in 14 all-new photos and [...]

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An homage to the surreality that defines New York City, celebrated pop artist Olan Montgomery's new pocket-sized book, "POP - Art inspired by New York's Own Subcultures from Celebrity to Subway," examines with hypercolor sunglasses [...]

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Like you need a reason to jet off to a faraway land - but at least this is a good one. Now through the end of the year, when you purchase an American Airlines gift [...]

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Oprah named Sarabeth's Legendary Spreadable Fruits one of her top 10 all-time favorite gifts - and 'round here, what Mama O says goes. But it's no wonder why the daytime diva and her devoted minions [...]

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Treat the oenophiles on your list to the gift that keeps on giving with monthly deliveries from the Wine Every Month Club. Recipients will enjoy new, noteworthy discoveries from wine regions around the world - [...]

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Trouble attracting potential suitors? No sweat. Or maybe it is. Cover up your natural repellent with Masculinity by Intense, a new fragrance from N10Z that's formulated with a unique male-to-male pheromone. Featuring a refined composition [...]

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With flavor infusions like Pomegranate, Chocolate, Tomato and Triple Shot Espresso, Three Olives Vodka is quickly gaining a reputation as the gourmand's drink of choice. But that doesn't mean you have to be a food [...]

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Built on the concept of technology meeting style, DEOS introduces two collections of innovative iPod earphone covers available at all price levels. The first, DEOS DIAMOND - for those who have more cash than they [...]

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Give your hooves a rest with the STRiDA collapsible bike, the first completely new bicycle geometry in 95 years. Inside a foldable triangular frame of lightweight aluminum, power is transferred to the rear wheel via [...]

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‘Precious’: From hell to hope

Gabourey Sidibe plays "Precious" in Lee Daniels' buzzed-about film of the same name. The face of Claireece "Precious" Jones is gloomy and stone-cold. Frozen by years of unfathomable brutality, the tired-eyed Harlem teen struggles [...]

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‘Precious’: From hell to hope

Gabourey Sidibe plays "Precious" in Lee Daniels' buzzed-about film of the same name. The face of Clareece "Precious" Jones is gloomy and stone-cold. Frozen by years of unfathomable brutality, the tired-eyed Harlem teen struggles [...]

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