Dear Jody: Lazy lover

Q: It snowed about nine inches last night. Before I went to work today, I had to get the kids up and feed them. (I have two children by an earlier marriage.) I shoveled the [...]

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Hollywood’s Hot Mess

Ke$ha's so crazy she pees in wine bottles and pukes in closets. Because of that frat-boy behavior, she's just as easy to love as she is to hate. But try denying the power of her [...]

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Be very careful, Capricorn!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes The Sun in Pisces is time for meditation and self-exploration. That hits some bumps as Sol quincunxes Saturn in Libra and Mars in Leo, heightening awareness of unmet personal and [...]

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Gay Man of the Decade

Across 1 Part of a Stein line 4 Comes out on the beach 8 Mauresmo of the courts 14 Women's patriotic org. 15 Come quickly 16 Study of pansies, e.g. 17 Prayer to the Queen [...]

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Out in the NFL?

By Dan Woog? The OutField Did you hear all that buzz last month about National Football League player Ovie Mughelli? Probably not. What started as a post on an Atlanta black entertainment blog, - [...]

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A2CT goes On with the Show

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre kicks off its new fundraising campaign On with the Show: the Campaign to Sustain Community Theatre on March 20 at The Corner Brewery. The campaign will run until the end of [...]

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The Wonderettes are marvelous indeed

By Martin F. Kohn Judging by the commemorative banners on the gymnasium wall, Springfield High School is just a cut above mediocre: the bowling team once made the semi-finals; the glee club once came in [...]

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‘[title of show]’ co-creator talks

Ferndale's Ringwald Theatre knows a thing or two about making one's dreams come true. So it's not surprising that the hit Broadway musical "[title of show]" should make its Michigan premiere at the relatively young, [...]

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First pride planned in St. Petersburg, Russia

Despite the violence and official bans that have hit Moscow's pride events over the past four years, Russia's second city, St. Petersburg, will stage its first pride parade on June 26. The plan has the [...]

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Malawi gay activist arrested

A gay activist in Malawi, Peter Sawali, was arrested in early February for putting up posters in the city of Blantyre that said "Gay rights are human rights," according to the European Parliament's Intergroup on [...]

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Two become one

by Jessica Carreras They haven't decided on a name yet, or a new mission statement. Both Web sites are still up, and some of the details still need to be hashed out. But there's no [...]

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Gospel and AIDS

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, a day of national HIV testing, treatment and community mobilization, was recognized on Feb. 7. But for Kick - The Agency for LGBT African Americans, the Black Pride Society and [...]

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Speak Out: The State of the LGBT Union

by Eric Rader Information on contacting the U.S. Department of Defense to speak out about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" can be found at Find your federal legislators at or to voice your opinion [...]

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Between Ourselves: Mitchell Rivard

by Jessica Carreras Mitchell Rivard is a college student at Michigan State University. He's also an ardent activist for such causes as getting out the vote, social and economic justice and blood donor discrimination. After [...]

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MSU GLBT groups announce 2010 scholarships

The Michigan State University GLBT Alumni Association, GLBT Faculty, Staff and Graduate Student Association and the LBGT Resource Center announced applications and giving opportunities for 2010 student scholarships this month. Three scholarship opportunities are available [...]

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Merger: Celebrate cautiously

There will be plenty of both cheers and caution at this week's announcement that the Triangle Foundation and Michigan Equality have merged. Cheers for obvious reasons: We're all ecstatic that this day has finally come. [...]

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Creep of the Week: Nancy Elliott

Woah there, State Rep. Nancy Elliott (R-New Hampshire). Relax. No one is trying to anal sex you. Though this is something you apparently think about a lot. So much, in fact, that you must not [...]

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Viewpoint: Creating Change

When all the furor erupted over Sen. Harry Reid's remarks that then candidate Barack Obama could be successful in obtaining the presidency because "he is light skinned" and that he spoke with "no Negro dialect, [...]

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