Cocktail Chatter: The Madras

By Ed Sikov Jack Fogg, the CNN reporter, strode into the house with the world-ownership attitude of everyone who went to Harvard. With him was his lithe Indian boyfriend, Samir. They rented a room one [...]

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Book Marks

By Richard Labonte "Visible Lives: Three Stories in Tribute to E. Lynn Harris," by Terrance Dean, James Earl Hardy, and Stanley Bennett Clay. Dafina/Kensington Books, 352 pages, $15 paper. Fans of the many steamy novels [...]

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How ‘Mo Can Kathy Griffin Go?

Out-gaying Cher takes someone with a strong allegiance to the queer community. Someone who's played lezzy, and maybe undergone some plastic touch-ups. Someone like Kathy Griffin, the funny "fag hag" who's shamelessly self-deprecating about her [...]

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Killing the Competition

By Thomas Matich This past season of "American Idol" was frustrating to watch. Aside from Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze, the contestants weren't able to muster much originality or "wow factors" in their performances of [...]

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Keeping It Fun(damental)

Chris Taylor really wants you to know something: He's in bed, wearing only underwear, next to a large, hairy male with beautiful green eyes. And it's his cat. He's sick on this particular afternoon, just [...]

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Macy Gray Chats

Maybe you forgot about Macy Gray. Not that anyone could: She's a loopy, 6-foot-tall standout with a distinctive, soulful rasp. But Gray's success since the monster hit "I Try" has been just that - try [...]

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Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

By Lawrence Ferber With his second solo outing, "Non-Stop" (Mute), Erasure vocalist Andy Bell is behind the wheel of a shiny new electropop model. Characterized by an edgier, nightclub-ready sound with fevered nu-disco flourish - [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Latifah likes 'Single Ladies' She may have just purchased a new home with her personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins, but "Just Wright" star Queen Latifah must still have fond memories of "Living [...]

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Pro-family Christian

Across 1 Gals of guys with big shooters 6 "Lesbians ignite!" e.g. 11 " ___ Afraid of Virginia Woolf" 15 Swell place 16 "Harold and Maude" screenwriter Higgins 17 Banjoist Scruggs 18 TV political drama [...]

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Between All of Us: Quotes of the Community

compiled by Jessica Carreras "My parents and church community instilled in me the value of community service, and the importance of investing time and energy in causes that promote positive change you believe in." - [...]

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Featured Goings On for Pride

Affirmations' All Media Show Well-known artist and College for Creative Studies professor Gilda Snowden is one of 15 artists showing a total of 40 pieces at the Affirmations Pittmann-Puckett Art Gallery from June 6-30. "As [...]

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New band to perform at state Pride festivals

by Lucy Hough Providing entertainment at Pride festivals around the state is a new instrumental group, the Equality Band of Michigan. The group, an offshoot of the former Great Lakes Pride Band, started practicing and [...]

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Back to the ‘roots’

by Lucy Hough The Southeast Michigan Dyke March emerged out of the passion and empowerment a group of friends felt after attending last year's Chicago Dyke March. "We're not doing this for us so much, [...]

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Pride Calendar

Friday, June 4 Bear Blast Party, 9 p.m. Food, shot specials, lube wrestling, MCB contest and more. Hosted by the Motor City Bears. Menjos Complex, 928 W. McNichols, Detroit. Saturday, June 5 Women's Golf [...]

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The Music Maker

It's an interesting year for Dr. Edward Maki-Schramm. In 2010, he celebrates both his 10th year as minister of music for Detroit's Central United Methodist Church and the establishment's 200th birthday. The double-whammy anniversary has [...]

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The Collaborative Cook

Cooking is usually an isolated occupation. Save the Rachael Rays and Paula Deens of the TV world, most culinary endeavors involve a chef - possibly with their team - tucked away in a kitchen, dishing [...]

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The Savior

When trying to meet with Kevin Howley, the current director of the Quaker-founded Friends School of Detroit, he says his schedule is very open because he cut down his own paid hours. This attitude is [...]

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Working it Out

by Jessica Carreras So often in Between The Lines, we honor and showcase people on the frontlines of Michigan's (and the U.S.) battle for LGBT equality. Non-profit employees and volunteers, marchers, activists, PFLAG parents, support [...]

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The Master

Over 40 years ago, Jaye Spiro was a victim of violence. As with many survivors, it changed her in ways she couldn't imagine at the time. In fact, it decided her entire career as a [...]

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BTL Asks: What Are You Proud Of?

Metropolitan Community Church of Detroit - my church! They are awesome and so very accepting. I am proud to be a part of them. My mom, because she still loves and accepts me and even [...]

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Out of Town: Cologne and the 2010 Gay Games

By Andrew Collins A progressive, attractive metropolis that's long been a playground for fans of outdoor cafes, leafy parks and extremely friendly gay bars, Cologne"tourist"information is Germany's fourth-largest city and a hub of the [...]

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Police arrest, beat transgenders in Ankara

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Five transgender people were arrested and beaten by police in Ankara, Turkey, on May 17, the Pink Life Association and other rights groups reported. Pink Life said the incident [...]

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Group: Sweden is Europe’s gay-friendliest country

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs ILGA-Europe - the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association - has named Sweden as Europe's most pro-gay country. The new edition of the [...]

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ILGA: 76 countries ban gay sex, 7 have death penalty

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs ILGA - the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association - has released the fourth edition of its massive "State Sponsored Homophobia" report. The most significant change in [...]

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Gays stage public action in Kazakhstan

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Seven gay men staged a "flashmob" in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on May 17 in conjunction with IDAHO, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. They gathered near the KazakhTelecom building [...]

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Skinheads attack Slovak pride

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs At least 80 skinheads attacked the rally that preceded the first gay pride parade in Bratislava, Slovakia, on May 22. The assaults injured two people and forced the relocation [...]

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Two arrested in raid of Zimbabwean LGBT group

by Rex Wockner International News Briefs Employees Ellen Chadehama and Ignatius Mhambi were arrested May 21 during a police raid of the Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe office in Harare. Officers took away computers and [...]

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Affirmations begins new plan, capital campaign

by Jessica Carreras FERNDALE - The Affirmations Board of Directors held their annual meeting at the center on May 26, during which they unveiled preparations for the launch of their new strategic plan and second [...]

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New Michigan group to offer FtM support

by Lucy Hough FLINT - A meeting on Saturday, May 22, set the stage for a new LGBT group that would focus on female-to-male transgender people. The group, started by Charlie Ford, is hoping to [...]

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Arcus head steps down

After five years of leading the Arcus Foundation, it was announced on May 28 that Executive Director Urvashi Vaid is leaving the organization on June 30 to write a book and, Arcus said in a [...]

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Affirmations begins mobile campaign

Want to have an extra-cool pride experience? Affirmations has launched a mobile campaign in conjunction with Motor City Pride, which will give participants a "fun, top-secret, Pride-related" experience, said Special Events Manager Carrie Copeland. People [...]

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Local authors to appear in Grand Rapids

On Wednesday, June 16, Literary Life bookstore in Grand Rapids will team up with home decor boutique Wealthy at Charles to present an evening of progressive entertainment featuring poetry, prose and music. Starting at 7 [...]

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More GetEQUAL protests, arrests over DADT

by Rex Wockner GetEQUAL co-chair Kip Williams was arrested for shouting at President Barack Obama in San Francisco on May 25. Obama was speaking at a fundraiser for U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer at the Fairmont [...]

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78 percent support letting military gays come out

Seventy-eight percent of Americans support letting gays serve in the military openly, as opposed to their staying closeted as required by the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. CNN and Opinion Research Corporation polled 1,023 Americans [...]

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Celebrating the Grassroots Era

Over the past 17 years, many names and faces have graced the pages of Between The Lines. Some of them were pseudonyms or lacked last names due to a desire to protect themselves from discrimination. [...]

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Parting Glances: Pitwool, Tommy is 7

He lives with his mommy, Jean-Rose. His daddy, Darnell Prince Pitwool. And a dog named Spot. Tommy's home schooled. Living in Topelulu, Ala., famed sin-free domain of Lou "Lulu" Seldom's Fracas in the Family Foundation. [...]

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