The Dating Diet: The T & A-Team

I'd like to report otherwise, but I'm finding a lack of maturity on the dating scene. In fact, I don't see much dating happening at all; rather, I spy a lot of game-playing with men [...]

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Dear Jody: Pining for a player

Q: I am involved with a woman, "Julie," who lives part-time in my city. The reason I say "part-time" is because her job takes her back and forth between where I live and two other [...]

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‘Mo-dern Family

Julianne Moore breezes into the room - a cozy, sun-lit suite at a Four Seasons in Los Angeles - with a perky bounce, appearing far shinier than the ordinary-looking lesbian mom she plays in "The [...]

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Queen of the Night

Kelis doesn't take crap from anyone. Not from closet cases. Not from PETA, which she chewed out recently after they got on her case for wearing fur. That so much about her - two Grammy [...]

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The Plastic ‘Party’

Everyone loves Tupperware, right? Well, so does Dixie Longate, America's top-seller of the famous plastic ware, who comes to Saugatuck's Mason Street Warehouse beginning July 21 and throws a good ol' fashioned Tupperware party filled [...]

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Bebe Busts into Detroit

By Lawrence Baker "RuPaul's Drag Race" has already crowned America's second Drag Superstar, but Bebe Zahara Benet will always be our first. The winner of Season 1 has enjoyed a hugely successful reign, with her [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Cynthia Nixon catches 'The Big C' Time to shake the embarrassing sands of Abu Dhabi from Cynthia Nixon's resume with some fresh work, wouldn't we all agree? Well, she's got some [...]

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Q Scopes: Open up more, Taurus!

By Jack Fertig Venus, Jupiter and Pluto are all in mutual aspect, bringing out artistic challenges and erotic opportunities, very possibly opening up profound insights. Sun, Mars and Aries are also working together, boosting aggressive [...]

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Best of the Bicons

Across 1 Chef Traci Des ___ 8 Mystics 15 They're often seen on slides 16 Joan of Arc, allegedly 17 "Blonde Venus" cross-dresser 19 Hot time for Colette 20 "Like, fer sure" 21 "Ben Hur" [...]

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Farce bubbles with merriment

By Bridgette M. Redman "An Italian Straw Hat" is all that a farce should be. One might expect no less from the patriarch of the genre -- especially when it is superlatively performed by Hope [...]

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Josh Puckett fights for freedom

The 1992 murder of the Huron Township couple Christine Puckett and Susan Pittmann sent fear, anger and devastation surging through the Detroit-area LGBT community. Candlelight vigils were held, activist groups spoke out against hate and, [...]

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Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot!

by Jessica Carreras Though a Detroit city budget cut scare in mid June almost caused the cancelation of half of the events for 2010's Hotter Than July, with the backing of City Council President Charles [...]

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Between Ourselves: Lucy Hough

by Jessica Carreras Lucy Hough has been spending her summer working as Between The Lines' editorial intern. The 19-year-old Northern Michigan University student and Northville native is running her school newspaper, The North Wind, for [...]

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LGBT community member and sound engineer dies

On July 11, Jerrell "Jerry" L. Frederick, passed away. He was 80. Frederick was a longtime, well-respected film sound engineer for Motion Picture Sound. He is survived by his loving companion John Keeber, brother David [...]

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The Ultimate Gay Male

As part of the 2010 week of Hotter Than July events, Young Brothers United and MPowerment Detroit will present their third annual town hall meeting, "The Ultimate Gay Male - Community, Culture, Celebration, Communication" from [...]

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DOMA shot down in Mass.

By Lisa Keen In an enormous victory for same-sex marriage, a federal judge in Boston ruled July 8 - in two separate lawsuits - that a critical part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act [...]

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What hatred can do

There are many times in our lives as LGBT people where we are asked to, or simply do, recall pioneers in our community - people who really stood for something and created change. Here in [...]

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Viewpoint: View From the West Wing

Whether it was in a civics/history class or on "Schoolhouse Rock" when the concept of our government was first introduced to you, there's nothing like a visit to Washington, D.C., to get you really thinking [...]

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