Book Marks: Best of 2010

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by Richard Labonte The bad news: Alyson Books, founded 30 years ago and for a time the preeminent gay and lesbian press, flamed out in October despite a bid by editor Don Weise to purchase [...]

I Love You, ‘Phillip Morris’

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It took nearly two absurdly long years for "I Love You Phillip Morris" to hit stateside cineplexes, and for such an uproariously funny film, with quirkiness and unsuspecting heart to boot, one question looms: Why [...]

Best Albums of 2010

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10. Melissa Etheridge, 'Fearless Love' Hearing the musician return to her zenith and kill songs with raging burn was a rush like no other. She blows the spiraling top off the title track, spilling desperation [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente Liberace with Damon and Douglas: Still on If you've felt frustrated after reading an announcement about a movie going into production "sometime in the near future," and then never hearing about [...]

MHS Pet of the Week: Collette

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Collette is a three-year-old Shepherd mix that was found wandering the streets of Pontiac, looking for her new forever home. This sweet girl loves being around people and has adorable white "socks" on her front [...]

Q Scopes: Think ahead, Capricorn!

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By Jack Fertig With Mars semi-square Neptune enthusiasm and ideals can ignite huge fires. Especially in this holiday season of dreams, trying to dodge disappointments and enthusiastic partying isn't easy. Focus on meditation, charity and [...]

Isle Say!

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Across 1 They poke around in leather 5 Shakespeare sprite 9 P-town beach sights 14 One of the Huxtables 15 Auth. unknown 16 Bucky Beaver's toothpaste 17 Anthropologist Margaret 18 "Aida" backdrop 19 Barber belt [...]

Brazil creates national council to protect LGBTs

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Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Human Rights Secretary Paulo Vannuchi signed a decree Dec. 9 creating the National LGBT Council. The document says the council's purpose is to "formulate and propose guidelines [...]

Groundbreaking report looks at LGBT Cambodians

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The Cambodian Center for Human Rights released a groundbreaking report Dec. 9 titled "Coming Out in the Kingdom: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People in Cambodia." It says that LGBT Cambodians face unique challenges, including [...]

Dan Choi hospitalized

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Leading 'don't ask, don't tell' activist Dan Choi said Dec. 14 that he was committed to a veterans hospital psychiatric ward on Dec. 10, the day after the U.S. Senate again refused to authorize repeal [...]

India to count transgenders

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India's 2011 census will count transgender people. They will have the option of selecting a category that is distinct from "male" or "female."

Spacey won’t discuss sexual orientation

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Actor Kevin Spacey told The Daily Beast on Dec. 15 that he's not interested in discussing his sexual orientation. "I have not given up my right to privacy," Spacey said. "People have different reasons for [...]

Activists hope to force teaching of gay history

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A bill introduced in the California Legislature by Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, would require that LGBT people be fairly and accurately included in school teaching material. The measure is sponsored by Equality California and [...]

UN secretary-general, US ambassador attend LGBT event

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United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the United States' U.N. ambassador, Susan Rice, joined a high-level U.N. panel Dec. 10 that condemned anti-gay violence and the criminalization of same-sex relations. The Human Rights Day event [...]

Righting wrongs

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Dressing in drag for Halloween isn't usually a life-altering experience. But a particular drag performance as Ginger Rogers sent Denise Brogan-Kator on an unexpected path. Back in 1993, Brogan-Kator was a 38-year-old vice president of [...]

How you can help

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HIV/AIDS Research Center Wish list: Dedicated and consistent volunteers, financial donations, new furniture, personal care items (toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, etc.) What is HARC? HARC is an established AIDS service organization that provides [...]

‘Tis better to give

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Over two dozen members of the Metropolitan Church of Christ Detroit delivered presents and sang Christmas Carols with needy families on Dec. 15. BTL Photo: Crystal Proxmire Christmas will be a little bit brighter [...]

Woman murdered in Livonia

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Amy "Rion" Chesbro, fiancee of activist and social worker PJ TwoRavens, was shot in her car the morning of Dec. 16. She died from the wounds the next day. According to the Charlotte Observer, police [...]

Anti-bullying summit in Ann Arbor Jan. 9

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A county-wide summit on intervention and prevention strategies to address bullying in Washtenaw County and area schools will be held on Sunday, Jan. 9, 1p.m. to 4 p.m., in the Curtis Room of the First [...]

Michigan survey says discrimination getting worse

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Discrimination based on race, gender or sexual orientation is getting worse in Michigan, respondents said in a recent poll commissioned for the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion. The phone survey of more than 500 [...]

Everybody deserves to wear white

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By Hannah Schwab Find more photos of the hot models - er, the fashion show here. BTL photo: Hannah Schwab Everybody should have the right to tie the knot. This is the driving [...]

Certification, then 60 more days

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BY STILL AT RISK:Despite the U.S. House and U.S. Senate voting on repeal legislation, service members still cannot come out. "Don't Ask" will remain the law even after the President signs the bill. Warning [...]

Looking forward, looking back

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Sgt. Leonard Matlovich was a Vietnam War veteran, race relations instructor, and recipient of the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. His photograph appeared on the cover of the Sept. 8, 1975, issue of Time [...]

John McCain

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"Today is a very sad day," sighed a doddering and out of touch John McCain on the day "don't ask, don't tell" was finally repealed by Congress. Oh, shut up, McCain. Your completely indefensible and [...]

Heard on BTL’s Facebook page

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How excited are you about DADT?! I served for 17 1/2 years in the Air Force prior to recently being medically retired. This wonderful news brings gladness to my heart where all can serve their [...]

Bogart. Jesus. Annie Lennox. Sol Invictus!

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If your birthday is December 25th your sun sign is Capricorn - in case you're wondering while kissing Santa underneath his merry mistletoe. Advises the Sexual Astrology Team (Google them after opening your AAA battery-operated [...]

‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and progress

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Compiled by Howard Israel "Yesterday's win isn't just about DADT. Consider what repeal means: Even in a situation where people are, and should be, the most concerned about any changes (because of the dangers involved), [...]

2010 Highlights and lowlights

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PQ/ During this past yearÕs election, the LGBT community saw itself not only represented by out politicians, but also targeted by politicians and activist groups. While lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people saw gains at [...]

Highlights and lowlights of 2010

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While lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people saw gains at the federal level in 2010, Michigan saw the ugly side of anti-gay animus with straight pride celebrations in local schools, a rash of national and [...]

2010 Highlights and lowlights

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Bullying deaths draw local action Nationally-covered teen suicides, many of them related to anti-gay harassment, prompted public mourning and increased calls for anti-bullying legislation. At Michigan State University, hundreds gathered in early October for a [...]