Macy Gray Chats

Maybe you forgot about Macy Gray. Not that anyone could: She's a loopy, 6-foot-tall standout with a distinctive, soulful rasp. But Gray's success since the monster hit "I Try" has been just that - try [...]

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No Strings

Greg Storms' friends still tease him about the time he drank too much and landed in some guy's lair. The morning after was weird, especially when Storms realized how much his one-night stand looked like [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

by Romeo San Vicente Hammer does Hoover Now that everyone has seen "The Social Network," the talk has swung back and forth between Oscars and the cool way director David Fincher turned super-tall, super-handsome, baking [...]

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Q Scopes: You’ll be fine, Libra!

By Jack Fertig Mercury is in Capricorn squaring Saturn and Eris, tending to be worried and argumentative. The good news: Venus is in Sagittarius in harmony to all three offering a pleasant negotiation between those [...]

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Howling Mad

Across 1 "Stone Butch Blues" hero 5 Disney canine 10 One way to cook fruit 14 Protected from the wind 15 Vietnam capital 16 Cry after getting the shaft 17 "Ed Wood" role 18 Susan [...]

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Buenos Aires Bears clubhouse attacked

Homophobes attacked the Buenos Aires Bears clubhouse Jan. 15, shouting anti-gay abuse, throwing rocks and bottles at members, and burning a mattress and garbage up against the entrance, local media reported. Several bears reportedly were [...]

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Euro MPs blast Lithuanian bill

The European Parliament on Jan. 19 called on Lithuania's Parliament to reject a proposed law that would punish "public promotion of homosexual relations" with a fine of up to $3,900. The Euro Parliament also called [...]

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IGLHRC worried for Cameroon activists

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission said it is deeply concerned over recent threats to LGBT rights defenders in Cameroon. The organization said that Alice Nkom, chairperson of the Association for the Defense [...]

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Andorran gays now can donate blood

Gays in Andorra no longer are banned from donating blood. The policy change follows the small nation's decision to disaffiliate its blood-donor system from the one in nearby Toulouse, France, and to affiliate instead with [...]

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Jackson’s only gay club closes doors

By ANDREA POTEET Hotel rooms were booked. Radio advertisements had aired, and guests from neighboring states were set to attend a highly-anticipated event at Jackson's only gay and lesbian bar last week. But the event, [...]

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GOP lawmaker seeks to end HIV prevention funding

LANSING -- A bill submitted by state Rep. Dave Agema, R-Grandville, that would eliminate state funding for HIV prevention and other important health initiatives is raising alarms in the public health community. Agema has proposed [...]

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Future teachers learn about gay bullying

By Hannah Schwab A panel discussion with school counsellors and bullying consultants took place after the film. BTL photo Hannah Schwab GRAND RAPIDS-Grand Valley State University's College of Education hosted a screening of "Bullied," [...]

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The best businesses to work for in Michigan

By Tara Cavanaugh The Human Rights Campaign released its yearly list of best places to work based on treatment of LGBT employees Jan 21. Michigan businesses that made the list include Chrysler, LLC in Auburn [...]

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Blues festival begins Jan. 28

FERNDALE-The 10th annual Bud Light Ferndale Blues Festival, which donates proceeds to the Michigan AIDS Coalition and Ferndale Youth Assistance, runs from Jan. 28 to Feb. 5. Donations and sponsorships help the festival raise $20,000 [...]

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KICK announces new leadership

DETROIT-The board of directors of KICK, The Agency for LGBT African-Americans, elected Tiffany McLean as president and Jeremiah Jones as vice-president. Antonio Johnson was re-elected as treasurer and secretary. All three members began three-year terms [...]

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Figure Skater Johnny Weir

Figure skater Johnny Weir signs his autobiography, "Welcome to My World," at Borders in Ann Arbor Jan. 17. Photo courtesy of Susan V. Stewart, (c) 2011. All rights reserved globally.

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Switch-a-roo: Covey and Coulter trade places

FERNADLE-Leadership in Ferndale has taken an interesting twist. Craig Covey (former mayor, now Oakland county commissioner) switched spots with Dave Coulter (former Oakland county commissioner, just appointed mayor). The switch-a-roo, which came about after a [...]

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Between Ourselves: William Sawyer-Todd

William Sawyer-Todd is the chair of the Lansing Human Rights Political Action Committee, and the chair of the East Lansing Human Rights Commission. PQ/ There are young people demanding their rights because they thought it [...]

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Hospitals now must recognize gay couples

by Rex Wockner Federal regulations that protect same-sex couples in hospital settings nationwide took effect Jan. 18. The rules, which apply to all hospitals receiving Medicaid or Medicare funds -- nearly every hospital -- require [...]

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Connecticut men win birth-certificate case

by Rex Wockner The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development proposed regulations Jan. 20 to ensure that its programs do not discriminate against LGBT people. "This is a fundamental issue of fairness," said HUD [...]

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Bill seeks to end same-sex marriage in Iowa

by Rex Wockner A bill to authorize a public vote on amending the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage, domestic partnerships, civil unions and all other recognition of same-sex couples was introduced in the Iowa [...]

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Elton raises $3 million for AFER

by Rex Wockner Elton John raised $3 million for the American Foundation for Equal Rights on Jan. 19 at a 90-minute private concert in Beverly Hills. About 500 people attended the soiree in a tent [...]

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Gordon Klingenschmitt

You know what gay people need? Exorcisms. It's the only way to get rid of the gay-making demon lurking in the homosexual soul. And who better to do that exorcism than Gordon Klingenschmitt, an ex-Navy [...]

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Mirror, mirror …

I popped into a bar and, for the life of me, couldn't tell who was gay. The same thing happened at church, where presumably the guys kneeling (there were a few) are also gay. One [...]

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Marriage, child rearing

"As a young boy my room was plastered with photos of bodybuilders. Naked, oiled male bodies. That got my mother so concerned, she asked our family doctor one day to take a look at that. [...]

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Gay stamp of approval

By Leslie Robinson I've kept a secret for years. Now it's time for me to come out--as a stamp collector. I'm throwing off my shame. I'm a nerd and I'm proud! My orientation, philatelically speaking, [...]

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