Dear Jody: Finding friends

Finding friends Q: Jody, I am having a problem and don't know what to do about it. I can't talk to friends because I don't have any. That's my problem - no friends. I moved [...]

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Diamond Rings

By Andrea Poteet The first thing most people notice about Diamond Rings is the eye makeup. Often streaked across his pale face in a glittering rainbow stripe, it's an integral part of the look Canadian-born [...]

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DJ Jace: Turning tables

By Samantha White Motor City Pride is celebrating a milestone this year as it returns to Detroit, where it all began 25 years ago. The festival is spreading its wings not only with a new [...]

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Kerli: Love Warrior

Kerli doesn't like to talk about gay people. She prefers seeing everyone as simply human beings, where there is no straight or gay, no black or white. "It really divides humans," the 24-year-old singer says. [...]

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Pierre Fitch

Porn got Pierre Fitch's career rolling, but he didn't stop there - the Canadian cutie's been DJing for nearly three years. "I've always had a passion for music," he told us recently. And his sonic [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente 'Paperboy' delivering McConaughey and Efron Two high-profile gay filmmakers collaborating on a sexy thriller? That's the news with "The Paperboy," a feature being produced by Pedro Almodovar and directed by the [...]

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Q Scopes: Sing out, Pisces!

By Jack Fertig Mercury squaring Neptune in Pisces while entering Gemini inflates wonderfully imaginative notions. Jupiter entering Taurus could ground them and find profitable applications. Jupiter in Taurus for the next year "should" be good [...]

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Getting in Gear for Dick

Across 1 "You are all a ___ generation" (Stein) 5 Family name of Boy George 10 Online auction site 14 Piece of Aaron Copland 15 Sal of _Rebel Without a Cause_ 16 High flat area [...]

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Boy meets girl, with an Edge

By Carolyn Hayes The Encore Musical Theatre Company is once again flexing a different set of musical muscles. Its Encore on the Edge series provides a home for more unconventional, contemporary fare, encouraging devotees of [...]

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Gay Play Series returns to Ringwald

FERNDALE - Who Wants Cake? and The Ringwald Theatre recently announced the return of its wildly popular Gay Play Series (GPS). Last year's inaugural outing was attended by hundreds of people over a single weekend. [...]

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Charles Alexander: Always an artist

By Alexa Stanard Charles Alexander, a longtime Detroiter and contributor to BTL, now enjoys life as a writer and artist. He recently celebrated his 75th birthday. BTL photo: Andrew Potter. When artist, writer and [...]

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Giving voice to the voiceless

By Andrea Poteet Laura Hughes is the executive director of the Ruth Ellis Center in Highland Park. The center is one of three shelters for homeless and runaway LGBT youth in the country. BTL photo: [...]

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A kick-start to the heart

By Tara Cavanaugh and Ruchi Naresh Curtis Lipscomb, the new executive director of KICK, shows off KICK's new space in Detroit's Tech Town. BTL photo: Andrew Potter. "It's really tough reaching the African American [...]

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Family matters

By Tara Cavanaugh During the last 25 years, PFLAG-Detroit has clearly marked its support by attending pride marches across the state and even by posting a billboard on I-75. The billboard was paid for by [...]

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A cookbook for LGBT gourmets

Too many cooks spoil the broth, so the well known saying goes. Believe it or not, Julia Child was one. In addition to being a sometime World War II spy recruit, Julia was - tell [...]

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LGBTs march in Turkey

by Rex Wockner INTERNATIONAL NEWS LGBT people marched in Ankara, Turkey, May 22 at the conclusion of the 6th International Meeting Against Homophobia. A group of Iranian LGBT refugees joined the procession, proclaiming: "Ahmadinejad! We [...]

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Between All of Us

By Tara Cavanaugh Between Ourselves Here are some of the inspiring volunteers and organizers featured during the past year in BTL's Between Ourselves. The biweekly column showcases people who are doing good work for the [...]

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Support local GLSEN at June fundraiser

GLSEN of Southeast Michigan is planning a fundraising event on June 18 starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Detroit Yacht Club. The evening will include appetizers, a cash bar, and a raffle along with a [...]

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The history of Pride

1972 - The Michigan Gay Confederation organized Detroit's very first gay pride march. It was known as "Christopher Street Detroit '72," named after [...]

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Gary Cass

Creep of the Week By now you're probably familiar with the It Gets Better Project, but in case you're not, here's a little refresher. It Gets Better was started by Dan Savage after a spate [...]

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How excited are you for Motor City Pride?

I am super-stoked for Motor City Pride finally being celebrated in Downtown Detroit! Funny that my family used to feel "unsafe" watching the Freedom Festival fireworks in Detroit, so we crossed over to Canada. (I [...]

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Hart arrhythmias recalled

Parting Glances I have a scrapbook my mother put together sometime after I came out to her in 1973, a year after my father died. She wrote a note to go with it. Her supportive [...]

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Happy 25th! Time to plan for our 40th

By Tim Retzloff Responding several months ago to Equality Michigan's decision to move Motor City Pride from Ferndale to Hart Plaza, Oakland County Commissioner and former Ferndale Mayor Craig Covey noted in his Covey's Corner [...]

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We’re all in this movement together

By Curtis Lipscomb Welcome, Motor City Pride, to Detroit! Whether you cross the city of Detroit boundaries via M-10 from Oakland County or you cross over 8 Mile Road from Macomb County, you will see [...]

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