Legend looks back

By Andrea Poteet Unless you're a hardcore folkie, you've probably never heard of Cris Williamson. Often called "the best kept secret in music," Williamson's albums, especially 1975's "The Changer and the Changed," have been handed [...]

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Lemon Aid

By Andrea Poteet In his nearly two decades in television news, Don Lemon has made a career out of finding the truth. So when he sat down to write his first book, "Transparent," revealing one [...]

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Q Scopes: Do your best, Pisces!

By Jack Fertig The Sun makes hard aspects to Uranus and Pluto, bringing ego and power-struggles to a dangerous head; but Sol moves quickly into a grand trine with Eris and the North Node, offering [...]

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Kilt Inaction

Across 1 Mr. in an Orton play 7 Sends back to a lower court 14 They may shoot cream into your mouth 16 Dancer Duncan 17 Gradual absorption 18 It takes balls 19 Start of [...]

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Slovenia sees first same-sex second-parent adoption

by Rex Wockner INTERNATIONAL NEWS Slovenia's first same-sex second-parent adoption has been approved by the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs, according to Ljubljana's SKUC-LL, the Students' Cultural Center Lesbian Section. A new Family [...]

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Ugandan LBTI group’s membership list stolen

by Rex Wockner INTERNATIONAL NEWS The LBTI group Freedom & Roam Uganda reported Aug. 1 that its offices were burglarized and sensitive information was stolen. Taken were computers, printers, a server, telephones, a microwave oven [...]

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Anti-gay bill introduced in Ukraine

by Rex Wockner INTERNATIONAL NEWS An anti-gay bill has been introduced in Ukraine's parliament, according to the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. The measure "regarding protection of children's [...]

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‘Last’ gay victim of Nazis dies

by Rex Wockner INTERNATIONAL NEWS Germany's Lesbian and Gay Federation reported that the last known living gay victim of the Nazis, Rudolf Brazda, died at age 98 on Aug. 3 in Bantzenheim, France. Along with [...]

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An international family affair

By Tara Cavanaugh Joe Bissell, in 2009 with his first exchange student Patrick, from Germany, and his partner Justin Maynard. Bisell and Maynard are now hosting their third exchange student, a boy from Spain. Photo [...]

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Peters re-elected despite Gary Glenn attack

By Jeremy Martin HOLLAND- City residents re-elected Jay Peters to serve a second four-year-term as the 2nd Ward representative on its nine-member city council on Aug. 1. "My wish was that I would take 51 [...]

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Ruth Ellis Center shows off its ‘Voices’

By Ruchi Naresh HIGHLAND PARK- Last Wednesday, one of the Ruth Ellis Center's creative writing projects came full circle in the form of "Voices," a published poetry anthology. To celebrate, a crowd of 50 listened [...]

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Between Ourselves: Roland Leggett

by Tara Cavanaugh Roland Leggett is a field organizer for Equality Michigan. 1. Tell us about your job as a field organizer. I've been with Equality Michigan since January of this year. Before that, I [...]

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We’re making progress

By Denise Brogan-Kator "Eye on Equality" As the newly appointed Executive Director of Equality Michigan, I want to share some of my thoughts about where we are as a movement and where we are headed. [...]

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Ozone House receives Community Foundation grant

ANN ARBOR- Ozone House Youth & Family Services was recently awarded a $10,000 grant by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan to lead a project called "Implementing Inclusion: Improving Social Services for Youth with Queer [...]

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Leadership Retreat Aug. 21

LANSING- The Unity Michigan Coalition and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force are convening LGBT and progressive leaders interested in building support for and advancing local and statewide non-discrimination ordinances. A 3-day "Power Summit" [...]

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Celebrating Faith Inclusion Breakfast Aug. 19

TROY- The Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion is sponsoring a faith inclusion breakfast from 7:30-9 a.m on Aug. 19 at the Troy Mariott Hotel, located at 200 W. Big Beaver Road. The morning features [...]

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California governor signs parents bill

by Rex Wockner U.S. NEWS California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Protection of Parent-Child Relationships Act on Aug. 5. The measure will allow courts to determine who a child's parents are when there is both [...]

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Fringe can’t be ‘balanced’

Last week, NPR featured a story that discussed gay conversion therapy. NPR's presentation of the therapy earned a lot of heated feedback from listeners, due to its unsuccessful attempt at showing the therapy in a [...]

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Rick Santorum

Creep of the Week I have to admit, Rick Santorum has good reason not to like gay people. I mean, with the help of Dan Savage, one of the leaders of the Homosexual Cabal, gays [...]

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SOS Greets St. Peter

Parting Glances It must have been a slow news night, midweek, last week. Either that or the powers that be behind the scenes in the TV newsroom have a warped sense of human interest priorities. [...]

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Progress and sports

Compiled By Howard Israel S/he Said "There has been a tremendous amount of important progress over the last few years. But the kind of momentum we're seeing can be a double-edged sword. While it has [...]

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