Dear Jody: Should I help her through it?

Q: I have had a loving, sometimes tumultuous, relationship with "Leslie." We have had an unconventional relationship, I guess you'd say. Leslie and I have an open relationship. We started out with a monogamous relationship, [...]

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Cocktail Chatter: Dark and Stormy

by Ed Sikov "Old Storrrr-my! Old Storrrr-my!" Craig was insufferable. But he was so perfectly Santana that I laughed despite myself. "Shut up!" I begged, but that only spurred him on. All was not well. [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Darren Criss succeeds in 'Business' and with 'Bridesmaids' It's good to be Darren Criss right now. Gleeks already know the news that the New Directions collective fantasy of starring in a [...]

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Q Scopes: Stay focused, Scorpio!

By Jack Fertig Good news: Sun, Mercury and Venus lining up in Leo promote bold, fun flirtations and creative efforts. Bad news: Mars in Cancer in semi-square to those three undermine confidence and promote ill-considered [...]

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Oscar Speech

Across 1 They get laid only once 5 Flat tops 10 Barneys event 14 Hide a mike on 15 Off to one side 16 What Israelis may shoot off 17 Artist Schiele 18 Shaft worker [...]

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Roots and woofs

By Andrea Poteet In the Motor City, it can be easy to forget that "horse power" was once delivered by actual horses. But a window to the city's roots can be found in a surprising [...]

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When there’s more to love

By Tara Cavanaugh Don't call Angela Foor's 30-plus-pound-cat fat; that upsets him. Instead, Foor says, he prefers to be called "soft." Pepper the cat hasn't always been this big. In fact, when he first came [...]

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Grab & Go breaks sushi stereotypes

FERNDALE- While lounging in a flexible cafe chair, watching downtown passersby, sipping a homemade smoothie and nibbling something exotic - perhaps a cream cheese, spinach, bacon and mango roll - it's easy to let one's [...]

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Arts, Beats and Eats – oh my!

By Zach Childree ROYAL OAK- The city of Royal Oak is gearing up for its annual Arts, Beats and Eats festival on Labor Day weekend. "There are so many amazing things happening at the event [...]

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Riot Youth teens show off their art

ANN ARBOR- The Neutral Zone will host "Out of the Box: [More than Queer]," a showcase of art by NZ's Riot Youth Summer Storytelling Project. The event will be held on Thursday, Aug. 25 from [...]

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Between Ourselves: Anika Fassia

By Tara Cavanaugh Anika Fassia earned her master's in social work and social policy at the University of Michigan. She's taking part in a two-year fellowship with the Michigan League for Human Services to advocate [...]

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Put your voting cap on

It may sound silly to be encouraging our community to vote right now, when the next major national election is more than a year away. But now is the perfect time to remind all of [...]

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Phillip Hinkle

Creep of the Week If I close my eyes and try really hard, I can almost transport myself back to a time when gay sex scandals involving anti-gay Republicans were shocking. Well, "shocking" is maybe [...]

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A real hum jobber …

Parting Glances I've occasion to escort friends Roger and Lloyd, visiting from summer-sweltering Florida, to what's euphemistically known among dance mavens as "the Windsor ballet." Our much anticipated cultural outing, because of family visitation commitments, [...]

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Coming out, 2012 elections

Compiled by Howard Israel S/he Said "Coming out is about telling people something very important about who you are, not about flaunting anything. How you do it is one of the most personal decisions you'll [...]

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Same gender means some problems

By Leslie Robinson General Gayety You might enter into a same-sex relationship thinking you know all the troubles that lie ahead. Discrimination, rejection by family and friends, spending eternity in hell - none of that [...]

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