House eliminates domestic partner benefits

By Tara Cavanaugh LANSING- The state House voted to eliminate health insurance benefits for the domestic partners of state employees on Thursday, Sept. 15. This renders the benefits, which were set to take effect Oct. [...]

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Q Scopes: You can relax, Leo!

By Jack Fertig Mars entering Leo inflates energy and egos, and trine to Uranus in Aries, will lead to unexpected results. Stubborn assertion will lead to wacky disasters. Be bold, but adaptive and humble for [...]

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Funny Girl

Across 1 Junior Vasquez is this kind of jockey 5 Stick your nose in 10 ___-tat 14 From the top 15 Old Mercury 16 Neighbor of Pakistan 17 64th album of 59-Across 20 Chef Traci [...]

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‘Love Song’ poses interesting questions

By John Quinn John Kolvenbach's comedy, "Love Song," is a deceptive little work. Superficially it appears a run-of-the mill, boy-meets-girl retread. Yet under a layer of outrageous characters and an overreliance on obscenity and repetition [...]

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‘Come Fly Away’ his way, her way

By Martin F. Kohn It should come as no surprise that Twyla Tharp has an affinity for Frank Sinatra; the director-choreographer has always done things her way, whether creating a ballet for pregnant women or [...]

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Design to live by

By Tara Cavanaugh Award-winning interior designer Jimmy Angell should be more than a little full of himself. He has a booming firm and clients clamoring for his [...]

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Won’t you be my neighbor?

By Tara Cavanaugh DETROIT- The Oct. 9 East English Village Home Tour is offering a glimpse of more than just pretty homes at bargain prices. The tour also offers visitors a chance to become part [...]

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What we can do now

By Jay Kaplan This past week the Michigan House passed, along partisan lines, bills HB 4770 and 4771, which would prohibit public employers from providing health insurance coverage for unmarried domestic partners whether they are [...]

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Exhibit showcases local LGBT talent

DETROIT- There's more to David Wysocki than being a gay man. He loves wine, travel, sewing and interior decorating. He also installs roofs, works as a landscaper, and has been a graphic designer for 17 [...]

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PAC seeks nominations for pro-equality candidates

Gay and transgender political organizers throughout Michigan are gearing up for November's election by offering financial support to pro-equality candidates. The Equality Michigan Pride Political Action Committee is looking for candidates to endorse and is [...]

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Michigan AIDS Coalition receives $14K grant

FERNDALE- The Michigan AIDS Coalition, in partnership with the Southeastern Michigan Health Association, is departing from their standard work of providing HIV testing and is entering a new arena: syphilis intervention services. This pilot grant, [...]

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Angel Carrion

by Tara Cavanaugh Between Ourselves Angel Carrion won this year's Rising Star Award at the annual Pride Banquet in June. Carrion, 22, recently started a new job at AIDS Partnership Michigan. He has also worked [...]

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Ask Lamdba Legal: Can we be foster parents?

Dear Ask Lambda Legal, My partner and I live in Illinois and are in a civil union. We are thinking about becoming foster parents, but have heard about problems with certain child welfare agencies. Should [...]

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Dave Agema

Creep of the Week There's one thing you can say about the state of Michigan: it's too friendly to gays. I mean, yes, it's still legal in Michigan to be fired for being gay. And [...]

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With Bruce and Dickie at home

Parting Glances I'm not one to indiscriminately name drop, but I had dinner with the Wayne-Graysons, celebrating their 75-plus years together. I flew Delta to Gotham City for the gala event, staying at the Crusader [...]

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DADT repeal, ETC

Compiled by Howard Israel S/he Said "The US military is making changes of its own, although they aren't really being publicized either. Along with the sensitivity training that's been required of all servicemembers to acclimate [...]

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Find me a find

By Leslie Robinson Viewpoint Yente would plotz. The matchmaker in "Fiddler on the Roof" would have a coronary over the kind of matchmaking being practiced these days. And by a rabbi, no less. The shmendrik. [...]

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AIDS Walk Michigan raises more than $100K

By Tara Cavanaugh and Zach Childree The AIDS Walk crowd warms up to disco music before starting Sunday's 3-mile walk in downtown Ann Arbor. BTL photo: Tara Cavanaugh Dressed head to toe in a [...]

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