Q Scopes: Don’t be shy, Pisces!

Jack Fertig Venus and Mercury dancing into Sagittarius crank up sociability and charm. The challenge is to back that up with substance and accomplishment. ARIES (March 20 - April 19): Secrets about your sex life [...]

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Happy Daze

Across 1 Threesome for Da Vinci 4 Where you can eat a heroes 9 People in the hole 14 ___ Tin Tin (TV dog of old) 15 Start of the answer by 19-Across 16 More [...]

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The OutField: Gay Sports’ Hot 100

By Dan Woog To John Amaechi's long list of achievements - former NBA basketball player, gay activist, human rights advocate - add another: Order of the British Empire. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has tabbed [...]

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Out & About

Ann Arbor kicks out the Jams 2.0 The Ozone House Youth and Family Services presents their second annual Kicked Out the Jams benefit concert for LGBTQ youth at risk of homelessness on Nov. 18. The [...]

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Teased and tortured

The tragic suicides of bullying victims in the last couple of years have been worst-case scenarios of what happens when someone reaches rock bottom. But for those hanging onto hope that it does, indeed, get [...]

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Everyday stigma stressful for LGB people

According to a new study released in October, ongoing stigma and social inequality can increase stress and reduce well-being for lesbian, gay and bisexual people, even in the absence of major traumatic events such as [...]

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LGBT patients needs underserved

By Bob Roehr U.S. and Canadian medical schools offer a median of only five hours of training on meeting the needs of LGBT patients, according to a survey published in the Sept. 7 issue of [...]

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Harness your creative genius with the right fuel

by Ellen Livingston ANN ARBOR - When passion, mental clarity and focused energy all come together our creative expression is at its peak. We're not likely to make major creative breakthroughs when we're tired, uninspired, [...]

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Pro-LGBT billboards going up in West Michigan

Article Number: 49941 Jeremy Martin contributed to this report GRAND RAPIDS- After initially refusing to accept billboards from a group that supports an inclusive civil rights ordinance in Holland, CBS Outdoor will run billboards in [...]

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Meet Dave Garcia Nov. 14

FERNDALE- Affirmations is holding a welcome reception for the public to meet the new Executive Director, Antonio David Garcia, on Monday, Nov. 16 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Garcia plans to announce new developments currently taking place [...]

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Support group for fifty-plus starts

DETROIT- A support group for Black Same-Gender-Attracted women who are fifty years and over will hold their first meeting on Friday, Nov. 11, from 6 - 8 p.m. The group is just one of the [...]

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Creep of the Week: Linda Wall

Once upon a time there was a lesbian gym teacher (shocking, I know). More specifically, that time was the early 1970s and that gym teacher was Linda Wall, who is now an Independent candidate running [...]

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Letter: Hatred in Holland

My partner and I lived in Holland, Michigan for 12 years. We have been together for over 20 years. My partner and I experienced severe discrimination in all forms of hatred in Holland, including our [...]

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Letter: Time for Rainbow Flu

Regarding the article. 'Gay, You're Fired!," we must make the government understand how valuable LGBT workers are! We deserve to be treated equally! We will not allow them to discriminate against us. One way to [...]

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Heard on Facebook

Last Thursday, a 15-year-old gay teen was recorded being brutally beaten by a classmate in Union-Scioto High School of Chillicothe, Ohio. The classmate was suspended for three days. Is that a fair punishment for his [...]

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Moon me once, Jamie Franco

Parting Glances For whatever reason of over-the-hill desperation I've just paid $10.95 for a copy of Flaunt, this month featuring on its cover the talented buns of actor James Franco. No doubt without question a [...]

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Eye on Equality: We are family

by Nusrat Ventimigia So Thanksgiving is nearing again. Apart from contentious historical origins, Thanksgiving has come to represent a time for coming together with loved ones. Don't get me wrong, eating my way into a [...]

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Transmissions: Scout’s honor

by Gwendolyn Ann Smith Bobby Montoya wanted to join the Girl Scouts. Born with male genitalia, Montoya decided at age two that she was a girl. She dresses and acts like a typical American 7-year-old [...]

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Gay candidates win reelection in Michigan

Jim Carruthers won reelection to his seat on the Traverse City City Council last night, and David Coulter easily won his first mayoral election in Ferndale after last year's job-swap with current Oakland County Commissioner [...]

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Pro-equality candidates win in most Michigan races

A majority of pro-equality candidates won last night in local races across the state. Of the 19 candidates endorsed by Equality Michigan Pride PAC, 13 won their elections. And in Holland former pro-equality public school [...]

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How HRC can partner with the larger community

by Matt Foreman Imagine. To many of our opponents and even to many allies, the LGBT movement is a cohesive force for change. But despite our undeniable successes, particularly at the state and local level, [...]

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