State marriage polls show language matters

by Dana Rudolph New polls on marriage equality in seven states show mostly positive results for marriage equality advocates - but polls in two of the states indicate that the way the questions are asked [...]

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Faith, fear and forbidden love

By Ashley Laabs The Detroit Actors Theatre Company will present "Bare: A Pop Opera" at 8 p.m. Nov. 17-19 at Clutch Cargos' iLounge in Pontiac. "Bare" is a musical rife with personal, social and religious [...]

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Out & About

Rev. Delores Berry sings at MCC Rev. Delores Berry, musical evangelist, will be visiting MCC Detroit the weekend of Nov. 19-20. On Saturday, Nov. 19, Rev. Delores will be presenting a workshop at 10 a.m. [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Annette Bening and Julianne Moore from "The Kids Are All Right." Photo: Focus Features Will Leo make it turing's turn? A big-screen biopic of World War II computer pioneer Alan [...]

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Q Scopes: Pay attention, Capricorn!

By Jack Fertig Mars opposes Neptune just before going into Virgo. Showing off and excessive aggression or internalized anger will exact a price that you'll have to pay very soon! Meditation and swimming help; contact [...]

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Remembering Kameny

Across 1 Dorothy Gale's home 5 Like Heidi 10 Pull a boa behind you? 14 "Hey, sailor!" 15 Hoisting device 16 He shot off at O.K. Corral 17 Phi ___ Kappa 18 Judy Jetson's brother [...]

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Fluffy dessert at Andiamo Novi Theatre

Maren Ritter and Patrick O'Reilly is "Five Course Love" at Andiamo Novi Theatre. Photo: HappenStance Productions If you think you've had YOUR share of weird dates and unusual relationships, the five couples who come to [...]

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There’s nothing

By John Quinn Co-founders Barbie Amann Weisserman and Diane Hill star in Two Muses Theatre's inaugural production, "The Odd Couple." Photo: Two Muses Theatre It takes a leap of faith to open a theater [...]

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The many shades of ‘Gray’

By Martin F. Kohn Michelle Renaud, Brian Thibault and Susan Reno in "Anatomy of Gray." Photo: UDM Theatre Company Dr. McDreamy, Meredith Grey and company aren't going to show up in Jim Leonard's play [...]

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Transgender Day of Remembrance

People who identified as either transgender or people of color were 2 times as likely to experience assault or discrimination as non-transgender white individuals. As volunteer Jessica Manko collects the names of transgender people who [...]

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Local Jeweler collects coats

WEST BLOOMFIELD- For the 20th consecutive year, Tapper's Diamonds & Fine Jewelry will collect and distribute hundreds and perhaps thousands of winter coats and other cold weather gear for Michigan residents in need. Last year, [...]

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Parting Glances: Tommy Pitwool’s 7

He lives with his mommy, Jean-Rose. His daddy, Darnell Prince Pitwool. And a dog named Armageddon. Tommy's home schooled. Living in Topelulu, Ala., famed sin-free domain of Lou "Lulu" Seldom's Fracas in the Family Foundation. [...]

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Lots of love for new Affirmations director

FERNDALE- Affirmations was packed to capacity Monday night, as Antonio David Garcia, the new executive director, spoke about his vision for the community center and its role in connecting those interested in moving Michigan towards [...]

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Murder silences a ‘Treasure’

DETROIT- Her mother called her Treasure, but her killers treated her body like trash - chopping and burning it up before dumping it on the side of the road. The burnt torso of Michelle Moore, [...]

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