Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente A Very Gaga Thanksgiving Leave it to Lady Gaga to avoid the typical when it comes to holiday specials. Instead of joining the Christmas onslaught and risking getting lost in the [...]

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Q Scopes: Beware, Aries!

By Jack Fertig Mercury is turning retrograde and there's a solar eclipse, all in Sagittarius. Be open-minded and patient. New information will make you change your mind about important matters, though it may take weeks [...]

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Hear Me Out… for the holidays

Michael Buble, 'Christmas' The crooner's sex appeal isn't just surface hotness, though no one's going to fault his boyish features. It's all over "Santa Baby," taking the typically-for-chicks tune and adding some machismo to it [...]

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God’s Memoir

Across 1 Big name in foamy heads 6 Eagles, but not leather bars 10 Cabbage salad 14 When actors should come 15 Heterogeneous mixture 16 Common greeting 17 Hairy situation on Wall Street? 19 "Da [...]

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Books that make a difference

You walk into a major chain bookstore hoping to find a children's book to give as a holiday gift. But what if you're looking for something that's not your mainstream, hetero-cast, run-of-the-mill material? You won't [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Gay Gift Giving

What do you get a gay who has everything? Take your pick from these ideas, perfect for LGBT homebodies, adventurers, activists and more. Nobis Outerwear They say that heat escapes the head faster than any [...]

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Granholm comes to Ferndale’s AJ’s Cafe

FERNDALE - Former Governor Jennifer Granholm will be at AJ's Cafe in downtown Ferndale Nov. 25 from 2:30 to 4 pm. She will be signing copies of her best-selling political book "A Governor's Story: The [...]

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Pioneering Mother’s Legacy Lives On Through PFLAG

by Michael K. Lavers EDGE Media Network A mother's simple act of walking alongside her gay son sparked a worldwide movement. Jeanne Manford conceived the idea that would eventually become Parents, Families and Friends [...]

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Tamara Scott

Creep of the Week Bravo to Michele Bachmann for her newly appointed Iowa co-chair Tamara Scott, a woman who will no doubt help woo anti-gay Iowans to Bachmann's dimly lit camp. Scott, who is a [...]

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So wise, the fabled snow

Parting Glances That silent night the sound of jackboots grew loud encircling our streets. The hosannas grew bold. Onward like soldiers marching as to war they came, letting no one bar their trampling way. "We [...]

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Giving thanks, gender, drag

Compiled by Howard Israel S/He Said "I am thankful for the small group of close friends who I have been able to come out to since I moved back home and back in the closet. [...]

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