Anti-gay graduate student’s appeal denied

By BTL staff ATLANTA- On Dec. 16, a three judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit unanimously upheld a lower court's ruling against Jennifer Keeton, a graduate student in [...]

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The (Bi) Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Tattooed and pierced, dressed in full black and the very type of social recluse who's as mysterious as her body art, Lisbeth Salander is the quintessential outsider. She's also sexually ambidextrous, something seldom portrayed in [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Hot new TV pilot trend: lesbian(ish) sitcoms Now that it's been properly established that both Sue Sylvester and Coach Bieste are man-hungry heterosexuals, where is a comedy-loving lesbian to turn for [...]

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Breaking Up the Band

Across 1 Rub it in 6 Half of the Odd Couple, for example 10 Dinah of a golf classic 15 Milk, in Madrid 16 Judy Garland concert persona 17 Some bounders 18 Like Machu Picchu [...]

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Cops target gay men in Kent County parks

By BTL Staff and AP Wire GRAND RAPIDS - Activists in western Michigan say sheriff's deputies have been unfairly targeting gay men in Kent County parks by striking up conversations with them while working undercover. [...]

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OBITUARY: Gordon Barnard

ROSEVILLE - He was known as a character, a diva and a legend - at least in his own mind - by those who loved him and knew him well. Gordon Barnard, 75, died Nov. [...]

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An ‘epic’ year for marriage equality

by Dana Rudolph One leading advocate called 2011 an "epic" year for marriage equality. Was it? While only one state - New York - enacted full marriage rights for same-sex couples, it was the most [...]

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Chuck Norris

Creep of the Week It's no secret that Chuck Norris is a physical force to be reckoned with. So if you're gay, stay out of his way. Because he doesn't like you very much. I'm [...]

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Truth stranger than fiction

Parting Glances I've been told about a well known TV preacher who had an unexpected visit from none other than the True Ghost of Xmas Past. I'm omitting his name and church affiliation because, the [...]

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How to win funds and influence people

By Mark Segal This past week was a killer. I participated in a historic conference at the Department of Housing and Urban Development headquarters in Washington, D.C., then headed to New York City for the [...]

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‘The Help’ DVD Review

Come Jan. 15, one film - Disney's adaptation of best-selling book "The Help" - could walk away with four Golden Globes (it's nominated for five, but two in the same category). Its chances? Damn good. [...]

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