Jason Mraz

I won't tell you what Jason Mraz told me during our interview in early 2012. Realizing after the fact that a political remark could potentially shake up his love club, he graciously asked me to [...]

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Sinead O’Connor

Does Sinead have balls? Of course she does. Big ones. She talked about that region during our recent conversation, insisting that sex - whether it's with a man or a woman - isn't necessary for [...]

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George Takei

George Takei knows the power of a cat meme. Because of all things, it's the pussy that gave him a platform and set the stage for something more than just pervy postings and silly jests: [...]

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Britney Spears

It's Britney, bitch. No, really, it is. She's on the phone. And Britney Spears - the meek, reserved, media-shy entertainer - doesn't get on the phone with press very often these days. She's speaking to [...]

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Mel B

Mel B will tell you what she wants, what she really, really wants: to get back to being Scary Spice again. Not that the pop star, known as the Spice Girls' wild child, ever got [...]

By |2013-12-16T09:00:00-05:00December 16th, 2013|Michigan, News|

Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie

After years of speculation, Brendon Urie is coming out as ... "a straight dabbler"? Panic! at the Disco's glam frontman, who celebrates bisexuality on the band's single "Girls/Girls/Boys" from their fourth LP "Too Weird to [...]

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Matthew Morrison Sings Out

"Glee" made Matthew Morrison (and his unruly curls) a star, but his success started long before his role as do-gooder teacher Will Schuester. Morrison originated the studly Link Larkin during the Broadway run of "Hairspray," [...]

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The Bling Ring

In "The Bling Ring," Sofia Coppola's flashy zeitgeist neo-noir based on true events of teenaged Hollywood bandits, Israel Broussard takes lead-role reins as a gay L.A. transplant befriended by a chick clique of thieving punks. [...]

By |2013-06-21T09:00:00-04:00June 21st, 2013|Michigan, News|

Dido On ‘Loyal’ Gay Following

It would be easy to mistake Dido as being as mellow as her music - but don't. In our chat, the British singer-songwriter - promoting her first album in five years, "Girl Who Got Away" [...]

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Bette Midler: The Showgirl Goes On

More than 30 years have passed since Bette Midler made her screen debut as a rocker with a self-destructive drug habit. The film, 1979's "The Rose," turned the Hawaii native's dreams, and her nights performing [...]

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Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue was just 19 when she landed a record deal that would turn the soap star into a singing superstar. This year marks a quarter-century of Kylie, who's celebrating the milestone with orchestral reinterpretations [...]

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Gayby Making

There are lots of ways to have a baby if you're a gay man who wants one with his platonic girlfriend. Surrogacy is one option. You could adopt. Maybe even go the donor insemination route. [...]

By |2012-12-06T09:00:00-05:00December 6th, 2012|Michigan, News|

Magic Mika

After years of speculation, Mika has finally confirmed it: He's gay. Totally queer. One-hundred percent into men. Now, moving on: The British performer's third album, "The Origin of Love," is Mika's most self-reflective work, from [...]

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Silly Lily

Lily Tomlin launched her career over four decades ago with a timeless clan of wacky characters that she established on NBC's sketch comedy show "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In." But what if she had to be [...]

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The Indestructible Nelly Furtado

There's a story Nelly Furtado likes to tell of her seeing two lesbian teens squeeze each other while crying as she sang " ... On the Radio (Remember the Days)" on one of her first [...]

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Sister Act

Never ones to take themselves too seriously - their new video, "Baby Come Home," has them camping it up in nun gear - Jake Shears and Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters let loose in our [...]

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Rock On!

How do you come off a musical that has John Travolta doing drag? You make sure the next one, "Rock of Ages," gets Tom Cruise in butt-baring chaps. "I thought we would cover it up [...]

By |2012-06-19T09:00:00-04:00June 19th, 2012|Entertainment|

The Trouble with Adam Lambert

Remember the fuss Adam Lambert caused when he tongued his keyboardist in front of the world? Of course you do. The controversial kiss drew both homophobic outbursts and so-what shrugs, and it's an American Music [...]

By |2012-05-29T09:00:00-04:00May 29th, 2012|News|

Greta Gerwig: The New Gay-Loved Girl

It was only a matter of time before Greta Gerwig would enter gay consciousness. Roles in the "Arthur" remake, with Ben Stiller in "Greenberg" and as Natalie Portman's bestie in "No Strings Attached" made her [...]

By |2012-05-29T09:00:00-04:00May 29th, 2012|News|

Melissa Etheridge (Kind Of) Opens Up

Come to her window, but Melissa Etheridge won't be around. Why? Because she's everywhere else - on tour through the summer and in the studio laying down tracks for her first album since 2010's "Fearless [...]

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Jack Black (Maybe) Goes Gay

Is this Jack Black's first gay role? As a small-town Texan teddy bear who goes off the deep end, it might be. But, because the real-life man he's playing isn't out, we may never truly [...]

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Jason Mraz Won’t Give Up

How cool is Jason Mraz? For one, his unwavering fight for equal rights led him to shoot a Human Rights Campaign video recently; he's also waiting to wed until everyone can and, not long ago, [...]

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The Real Mike Ruiz

A child imagines life outside reality by creating a wild, monster-inhabited world of escapism in "Pan's Labyrinth," a stylistic fantasy-art film released in 2006 from Guillermo del Toro. That world, or at least a version [...]

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Idina Menzel Defies… Everything

Idina Menzel doesn't do anything halfway - even when she's deciding on her gay faves. "It's so silly," says the homo-hearted theater queen, surfing Google for "hot gay male celebrities." Her assistant even gets involved. [...]

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The Madonna Interview

Looking stunningly flawless, not at all her 53 years, in a deep blue dress with her now-infamous black gloves and a bracelet of four crosses to represent each one of her children, she gives us [...]

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Glenn, Close Up

Man, Glenn Close feels like a woman, but she sure doesn't look like one in her new gender-bending movie. In "Albert Nobbs," the actress - known especially to gay audiences for her role in the [...]

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Joan Rivers Takes Off the Face

Joan Rivers has never been one to question her actions. But today, she's doing just that: "I'm listening to Katy Perry and I don't know why." Besides being a firework herself, Rivers has little in [...]

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The Power of ‘Pariah’

Just a girl looking for her place in the world isn't an all-too-uncommon tale. But Alike is black. And gay. It's a minority double-whammy that singles out the Brooklyn teen from the rest of the [...]

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Mary J. Blige Shows the Gays Real Love

You could say this is Mary J. Blige's second life. Her first, candidly chronicled on her confessions-of-a-wreck album "My Life," was an early glimpse into one of the biggest singing superstars in the world, who [...]

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The (Bi) Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Tattooed and pierced, dressed in full black and the very type of social recluse who's as mysterious as her body art, Lisbeth Salander is the quintessential outsider. She's also sexually ambidextrous, something seldom portrayed in [...]

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Uncovering America’s Gay History

Next week's PGN, along with 28 newspapers across the country, will begin to celebrate October as Gay History Month. This is the largest gay history project of any type, anywhere ever: Our combined print run [...]

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Gloria Reaches Out to the Gays

Gloria Estefan isn't called the Queen of Latin Pop for nothing. Over three decades - and counting - she's earned it. Since needing a "Dr. Beat" to control her feet in the '80s, then as [...]

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NLGJA joining Unity Coalition

Historic news from NLGJA and UNITY this morning. The NLGJA board has unanimously voted to accept an invitation to join UNITY as a full member. We will be joining our colleagues at the National Association [...]

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Frankmusik Mixes It Up

Frankmusik goes where no straight man's gone before. Just look at what he did in 2008, when he disrobed - and bared his bum - for a spread in one of the U.K.'s gay magazines. [...]

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365gay to Shut Its Doors

Editor Jennifer Vanasco's signoff message from 365gay.com: September 30 will be our last day of operations. Logo has shifted its online strategy and so the site is closing and I am moving on to other [...]

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Basic Subscription: Free To LGBT Media Outlets

Q Syndicate Basic Subscribers get immediate access to a limited number of columns and quickly learn to appreciate the high quality, ease-of-use and reliability of the professionally prepared columns, on time every week. Basic Subscribers [...]

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Premium Subscribers: One Low, Flat Monthly Fee

Premium Subscribers receive unlimited access to all content produced by Q Syndicate's professional team of journalists, including all the columns, cartoons, puzzles, entertainment features and celebrity interviews. Premium subscribers pay an affordable monthly fee for [...]

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Excellent content for today’s LGBT media outlets

Today's LGBT readers want what's relevant, sassy, fun and informative. We've crafted Q Syndicate's lineup of celebrity features, columns, puzzles and cartoons to appeal to LGBT readers' unique sensibilities, making Q Syndicate publications a must-read [...]

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