Best of the year

by Richard Labonte Book Marks Bests are subjective, and Top 10s are limiting, but these are the books that stuck with me most in 2011. Some are examples of formal queer fiction or standard homo [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Amber Heard revs her 'Motor' Amber Heard, new queen of all car-centric movies? OK, maybe not, but the co-star of "Drive Angry" and, most recently, "The Rum Diary," is at least [...]

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Q Scopes: Deal with it, Scorpio!

By Jack Fertig The Sun conjoining Pluto in Capricorn heightens awareness of authority and bureaucratic structures that hem us in, as well as the revolutionary urge to smash them. Impulsive acts of rebellion are disastrous. [...]

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Not Just a Cruising Motto

Across 1 "Maude" producer 5 Source book for "Jesus Christ Superstar" 10 Doctors make you strip for it 14 Pisa's river 15 Old line for cockpit workers 16 Brain section 17 Began a hole, with [...]

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The Year of the Gay

By Dan Woog The OutField In schools, in the military - and especially in sports - 2011 was The Year of the Gay. High school, college, even professional athletes came out of the locker room [...]

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Faith Initiative to hold kick-off event

FERNDALE - Affirmations Community Center will launch their Faith Initiative on Thursday, Jan. 12 from 7 - 9 p.m. with a screening of "Fences." It's the personal faith journey of Antonio David Garcia, the executive [...]

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Holland is Ready to receive award

HOLLAND - A community group that earlier this year urged the Holland City Council to add anti-discrimination protections for gay, lesbian and transgender people will return to City Hall on Jan. 18, this time to [...]

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The year ahead for LGBT issues

By Lisa Keen Significant events are crowding the calendar for 2012, and each promises considerable drama and suspense for the LGBT community. Here are the ten most important to keep an eye on: 1. The [...]

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Amy Koch

Creep of the Week It's always sad to watch a person self-destruct. Especially when that self-destruction is happening in that person's pants. Minnesota Senator Amy Koch recently stepped down as Senate Majority Leader after it [...]

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Life’s leaky faucet

Parting Glances At my advanced age I've come to realize I really don't exist. With the exception of the IRS, my creditors, my column's faithful baker's dozen fans, my friends. I'm a nobody, and an [...]

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Marriage and relationships

compiled by Howard Israel S/he Said "I think it underscores that sanctity of marriage is important to most Minnesotans and people who are in same-sex relationships believe in that sanctity also and want a chance [...]

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Against all logic

By Emily Dievendorf Oh, what a year it has been. I think we all expected life to get harder when the state turned bright bloody red as a result of the 2010 election. We expected [...]

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Let’s hear it for Chicago

by Mark Segal This is a call to look at how government funds go to the Catholic Church. Over the years, the Catholic Church or the men who run it have called our community everything [...]

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