Dear Jody: Can’t hurry love

Dear Jody I have been looking for the love of my life for years and, as of yet, haven't found her. It's difficult not having a special someone. I'm 33 years old, and have had [...]

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Horsing around

By Andrea Poteet For writers, debates over grammar can lead to strained friendships, bruised egos or endless bragging rights. For Kate Cooper, feisty frontwoman for Aussie indie duo An Horse, an argument with her sister [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Jane Lynch, out of the tracksuit Admit it, as much as you appreciate her evil one-liners on "Glee," part of you misses the days when Jane Lynch felt more like your [...]

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Guerrilla in the Midst

Across 1 Tune type 5 See 48-Across and 57-Across 10 Did the vocals 14 Like Saint Joan, say 15 Speedy train 16 Food thickening agent 17 Julia Morgan wings 18 Ophelia and Hamlet or Claire [...]

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An unusual feast at The Ringwald

By John Quinn The creative minds around town have given us some rare and tasty parodies of famous films - most notably, "Evil Dead - The Musical" from Who Wants Cake? and Go! Comedy's "RoGoCop [...]

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Mosaic celebrates 20 years

Drawn by the excitement of art and the quality of performance, around 200 young people from more than 50 metropolitan schools come together each year to be a part of the Mosaic Youth Theater of [...]

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New in Braun Court

Thursday is Trivia with Terry at aut BAR. The bartender - and Yale graduate, three-time "Jeopardy" finalist and HARC Board member - hosts the event every Thursday at 7 p.m. No teams. Laid-back rules. He [...]

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Time To Plan for Pride 2012 events

Pride planning is now under way around Southeastern Michigan as Hotter Than July and Ferndale Pride both held their first organizational meetings Feb. 23. Both groups had higher than expected turnout and anticipate growing the [...]

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Ozone House benefit features home-grown talent

Ypsilanti - Local performers are set to take the stage for the Community Showcase benefit concert for Ozone House on Saturday, March 10 at St. Luke's Episcopal Church. The showcase line-up will highlight a diverse [...]

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Rick Santorum

Creep of the Week America loves a circus. Doesn't even matter if it's ethical. Tigers locked in cages all day? Elephants viciously whipped? We don't care. We want to see big cats jump through hoops [...]

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Sex with zombies

Parting Glances Twice recently I observe an attractive young woman interviewing graduating seniors at a nearby Barnes & Noble bookstore. Curious about the company she works for I stop to chat. She answers with a [...]

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Democrats: Say I do

S/he Said "I think (the Democratic platform) should (include marriage equality), period, end of sentence," she said. "But it sort of goes to the conversation we just had about President Obama - he needs to [...]

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Brad Pitt joins Dustin Lance Black’s ‘8’

Today, The American Foundation for Equal Rights and Broadway Impact announced the addition of Golden Globe-winner and Academy and Emmy Award-nominee Brad Pitt to the cast of the West Coast premiere reading of the play [...]

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NJ same-sex marriage support at new high

NEW JERSEY - A Quinnipiac University poll released March 1 and taken immediately after Gov. Chris Christie's veto of same-sex marriage legislation, shows that a supermajority of New Jersey voters - 57 percent - support [...]

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Troy Mayor recall effort moves forward

Protesters outside Troy city hall in December started demanded Mayor Janice Daniels' resignation. On Thursday, March 1, recall petition language was approved which allows citizens to begin collecting signatures to have the Mayor removed. The [...]

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