Arg! Rum!

By Ed Sikov Cocktail Chatter Onboard the Neue Weimar, queen of the Deutche-America line: I write this column on the second day of the honeymoon Dan and I never had the chance to take before. [...]

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Kristine W sets you straight

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there. For instance, Kristine W - the chart-topping dance-music powerhouse adored by the gays - is heading to Detroit, where the Sin City-based singer will perform at 10 [...]

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Be alert, Cancer!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes The Sun moving into Aries passes Mercury, retrograding into Pisces, and then goes on to conjoin Uranus. Egotistical ideas and smug certainty will be punctured. Let it go and laugh. [...]

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Rachel Has Two Daddies

Across 1 With 32-Across, portrayer of one of Rachel's dads 5 Take down a peg 10 Bone of the leg 14 Trucker's rod 15 Runway walker 16 Go in only partway, at the beach 17 [...]

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Intersecting identities

By Desiree Cooper Rosemary Linares is a bubbly 29-year-old with a master's degree from New York University, a supportive husband and an adorable stepson. From the outside, it looks like she has it all--including what [...]

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Muskegon: Right political climate for ordinance

By Jim Larkin What a difference 30 miles - and a different political climate - makes! Nine months after Holland, its Lake Michigan shoreline neighbor to the south, rejected a proposal to include sexual orientation [...]

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Killer of gay man convicted

On March 14 it only took the jury two hours to convict 20-year-old Andrew Terrell Clark of murder in the November 2010 fatal stabbing of a gay man targeted through an online dating service. Robert [...]

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Mark your calendar for Transgender events

The boards of Transgender Detroit and Transgender Michigan are busy getting ready for the springtime events that attract transgender people and allies from all across the region. Michelle Fox-Phillips of Transgender Detroit and Rachel Crandall [...]

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Robo calls attack Romney’s pro-gay record

By Lisa Keen Keen News Service There was no surprise in Tuesday's Republican presidential primary results: The field's most conservative candidate, Rick Santorum, won primaries in two of the nation's most conservative states. The candidate [...]

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Parting Glances: Pages past tense #4

Detroit's imposing, massive, block-wide Masonic Temple, now virtually empty, was built in 1922, or, cornerstone dated 5022, following the Hebraic custom of noting esoteric history. At one time in the 1960s every major dance company [...]

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Dharun Ravi’s conviction

Compiled by Howard Israel S/he Said "The fundamental question in this trial was whether or not Dharun Ravi would have similarly invaded the privacy of a roommate having intimate relations with someone of the opposite [...]

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Claiming a bi-place

By Emily Dievendorf Eye on Equality The first time I was called "greedy" it was by a drag queen at the Michigan Pride Festival. She wasn't talking to me directly. She was calling out audience [...]

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NH House rejects marriage equality repeal

By Lisa Keen State Rep. David Bates, R-Windham, talks about his amendment on on a bill to repeal New Hampshire's gay marriage with a civil union law instead and putting the question on the ballot [...]

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