Through the shadows

By Jerome Stuart Nichols Some of the world's greatest works of art were forged in the midst of tragedy. Craig Allen Combs, an openly gay poet living in Toledo, hopes that his debut collection of [...]

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Express yourself

The Peacock Room has established itself in Midtown as "the little boutique with big architectural treasure." Not only are people who work and play in Detroit attracted to the museum-quality space, but owner Rachel Lutz [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente 'Glee' and 'Twilight' stars leap to 'White Frog' Somebody must have once given indie filmmaker Quentin Lee good business advice about keeping his overhead low and never giving up. Because while [...]

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Hold your ground, Leo!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Mars and Neptune are finally moving out of opposition, but not before the Sun aspects them, offering some clarity and lessons to pull out of the recent confusion and fury. [...]

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What’s He Doing with Her?

Across 1 With 5- and 10-Across, Andrew's mom on "Desperate Housewives" 5 See 1-Across 10 See 1-Across 14 NG: Feels poorly 15 "The Remains of the Day" director James 16 NG: Petri dish medium 17 [...]

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Have some ‘Manners’

Changing times means more union celebrations for LGBT couples, who are recognizing their love in the form of commitment ceremonies, domestic partnerships and weddings. With that comes special wedding etiquette that straight people don't have [...]

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Princess charming

"Getting married is not a political statement; it's a lifelong commitment that I hope people will take seriously." Kay Shelton should know. She and her wife Amanda took the plunge on July 22, 2000. The [...]

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Tough love

M Kelley and her wife Bec married legally on July 23, 2010 in a large Grand Rapids church with about 120 friends and family there in support. The marriage is legal despite M's feminine appearance, [...]

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Wedding help to the rescue

Dreaming about the big day with the one you love is an exciting time. When it comes time to actually planning the wedding, you'll want to create a budget, get organized and make important decisions [...]

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Upstate N.Y.

Out of Town by Andrew The recent legalization of same-sex marriage in New York has given a number of classic romantic vacation spots throughout the state's northern and western regions. Of particular note are the [...]

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Ferndale Police Department talks transgender

By Crystal Proxmire Citing a history of violence against transgender people in the prison system, the Los Angeles Police Department has announced plans for a 24-bed holding facility for transgender detainees in their women's facility. [...]

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Register now for Rainbow Run

By Crystal Proxmire Ferndale Pride is setting a jovial pace for Father's Day weekend activities. Not only will there be Ferndale Pride Market Daze, the Annual Dyke March, a balloon launch (with biodegradable balloons) and [...]

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A power team of employee activism

DETROIT - When one of the founders of Ford Globe met one of the founders of Chrysler's People of Diversity at an employee resource event in 1998, the wheels started turning on a relationship based [...]

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Dignity Detroit celebrates 38th anniversary

Dignity Detroit celebrates 38 years of ministry to the LGBTQ community of the metropolitan Detroit area with an evening of dining and dance as well as special liturgy on the weekend of May 19. Dignity [...]

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Ex-Affirmations CEO hits Vegas

By Crystal Proxmire Thousands of fans across Michigan and beyond supported comedian Leslie Thompson during the Improv Up Yours Contest, a month-long comedy contest won through online votes. After online votes were tallied at the [...]

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Scandal erupts in North Carolina

By Lisa Keen Less than three weeks before voters in North Carolina go to the polls to cast a vote on same-sex marriage early voting has begun, an embarrassing sex scandal involving the state Democratic [...]

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Creep of the Week: Heather Wilson

I've been reading about Kenneth Weishuhn, a 14-year-old who recently took his own life after reportedly enduring death threats after coming out as gay at school. Especially heartbreaking was that, according to the Huffington Post, [...]

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Same-Sex Wedding Gospel

Parting Glances 1. In the Year of the Grand Delusion, during the Reign of Lost War Rumors, a decree went out from the Tetrarch of Theocracy, abiding in the Capitol of Divine Cacophony, that all [...]

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Rainbows and Glee

Compiled by Howard Israel S/he Said "Do I really think that this is the kind of thing that's contagious? I don't know. When I was a teenager and I saw James Dean smoking, it made [...]

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A familiar issue needs to vent

By Leslie Robinson General Gayety I'm Gay Marriage, and I'm mad. Those alleged experts over at the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press--and what a stupidly long name that is--conducted a national [...]

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Wake-up call for Trevor Thomas

By Jim Larkin GRAND RAPIDS - Read the political blogs and you can sense the intrigue in the Democratic race for the 3rd District Congressional seat. Can a young gay man (Trevor Thomas) win a [...]

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