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Dancing in the D

By Bridgette M. Redman Dance can take people on many unexpected journeys, whether on the stages of the world in performance or the more personal journey of self-discovery. Jeff Rebudal has done both, and as [...]

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Kopaid in Full

Across 1 Amount of AZT, e.g. 5 "Sands ___ Jima" 10 Where pool players put their balls 14 Out partner 15 Mapplethorpe models, often 16 Woods of "Legally Blonde" 17 Teammate that Dave Kopay dated [...]

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Morals, morals, who’s got the morals?

According to the Oxford American Dictionary, an altruist is one who has an "unselfish concern for the needs and well-being of other people." In Nicky Silver's razor-sharp satire "The Altruists," a passionate band of idealistic, [...]

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What A Do can handle the truth

By Bridgette M. Redman Ever since Shakespeare first penned the directive to "first kill all the lawyers," those of the legal profession have often gotten a bad rap on stage and screen. They are perceived [...]

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Out of Town: Upstate N.Y.

The recent legalization of same-sex marriage in New York has given a number of classic romantic vacation spots throughout the state's northern and western regions. Of particular note are the Adirondacks and the Finger Lakes, [...]

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Jeff Erno talks

OXFORD - Eight years ago, depression hit Jeff Erno. A seven-year relationship had ended suddenly. His mother had passed away after years of caring for her. And the northern Michigan grocery store chain where he [...]

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Veep Biden OK with gay marriage

By Lisa Keen WASHINGTON D.C. - Responding earnestly to a question, Vice President Joe Biden has hoisted personal and legal support for same-sex marriages back into the presidential campaign. Biden told a nationally televised news [...]

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Creep of the Week: Sean Harris

Sean Harris Pop quiz time: Your son, barely out of diapers, starts acting a little, well, "girly." What do you do? If you answered, "Punch him in the face" you just might be North Carolina [...]

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Thinking Out Loud: My American Journey

By Abby Dees I'm several days into a five-week bike ride up the Mississippi, from New Orleans up to its source in Minnesota. I'm taking a slow journey through the very middle of Middle America, [...]

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