Artist Daniel Cascardo

Between Ourselves Daniel Cascardo is a Royal Oak-based artist whose work murals are notable features of the downtown Ferndale landscape. Cascardo is also an ally to the LGBT community, who recently worked with Affirmations Community [...]

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Idina Menzel Defies… Everything

Idina Menzel doesn't do anything halfway - even when she's deciding on her gay faves. "It's so silly," says the homo-hearted theater queen, surfing Google for "hot gay male celebrities." Her assistant even gets involved. [...]

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Rapping for the fame

By Andrea Poteet Hip-hop may no longer be a boys' club, but from Lil' Kim to Nicki Minaj, most female artists have relied on revealing fashion and man-eating lyrics for chart success. Keyon La Don [...]

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‘Rock’ On

How do you come off a musical that has John Travolta doing drag? You make sure the next one, "Rock of Ages," gets Tom Cruise in butt-baring chaps. "I thought we would cover it up [...]

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Akil Patterson’s project

By Dan Woog The OutField When University of Nebraska assistant football coach Ron Brown made anti-gay comments recently - among other things, he threatened the Omaha city council with eternal damnation if it passed a [...]

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‘Sylvia’ a doggone good time

By John Quinn The truly creative artist can take a shop-worn theme and turn it into something new and wonderful. A. R. Gurney did just that with his 1995 hit, "Sylvia," the current rousing production [...]

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Ringwald holds third Gay Play Series

FERNDALE - The Ringwald Theatre will present its third installment of its wildly popular Gay Play Series from June 15-22. Last year's outing was attended by hundreds of people over a 10-day festival period. This [...]

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Ferndale Pride set for June 14-17

FERNDALE - The LGBT community once again celebrates its heritage and pride across Ferndale next week as thousands are expected for the annual street festival, "Light the Night Against Hate" educational event, Dyke March and [...]

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Ferndale, Lansing and Grand Rapids, oh my!

Ferndale Pride Thursday, June 14 Beyond The Bar 2012: Opening Reception Presenting Organization: Affirmations Time: 7 p.m. Location: Affirmations, 290 W. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale Contact: 248-398-7105, Join Affirmations in celebrating a unique collection [...]

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K’zoo Pride both edgy and fun

BTL Staff Report Above photos by Benjamin Jenkins See additional photo gallery by Kendall Casey KALAMAZOO - Rainbow bunting and beautiful blue skies greeted thousands of festival [...]

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Pride banquet winners announced

FERNDALE - The 26th Annual Pride Banquet & Awards Ceremony will take place June 21, recognizing those individuals who have provided outstanding service and leadership in Michigan's LGBT and ally community. The Award winners are: [...]

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Consumer Summit for LGBT Older Adults

DETROIT - On June 23 over one hundred LGBT older residents of the metro Detroit region will gather for a day-long educational summit at the Michigan State University Detroit Center, 3408 Woodward Avenue, from 9 [...]

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Perceptions’ Pride Awards return

Saginaw - Perceptions' LGBT & Allies Pride Awards Banquet returns to Saginaw's Andersen Enrichment Center for the fourth time this June 26, honoring the area's most outstanding individuals and organizations working towards equality. The event's [...]

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Tony Perkins

Creep of the Week Hello everyone, are you enjoying your officially sanctioned Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month? Having a gay old time ruining life for straight people everywhere, especially the traditionally married ones? [...]

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Letter: Brooks Patterson joke in bad taste

Dear Editor, While we all understand Brooks Patterson was just making a bad joke when he suggested Bob Ficano should consider suicide. His timing could not have been worse. The Oakland County Board of Commissioners [...]

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Pages past tense #13

Parting Glances During my ride back from my first gay party - a closeted affair of mostly University of Michigan profs and grad students - Jack Jacobs (aka Miss Liberties) talks nonstop, ending his paragraphs [...]

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Much ado about marriage

BY Jay Kaplan There is a lot to celebrate this year - we've made tremendous progress toward marriage equality in both the traditional courts and the court of public opinion. Despite a few setbacks, the [...]

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All Eyes On You

By Anthony Paull Dating Diet My father's new thing is he has absolutely no boundaries. I don't know when we've come to this point in our relationship but I believe it started somewhere around the [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente 'Bomb Girls' blowing up soon Sexy lesbians working in a World War II-era bomb factory? Yes, it happened, there just haven't been a lot of Steven Spielberg movies made about the [...]

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Q Scopes: Pace yourself, Scorpio!

By Jack Fertig Jupiter entering Gemini brings a year of new ideas and communications and short travels. Sign up for a class and/or find a better way to commute. Improve relationships with siblings and neighbors. [...]

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End of Summer

Across 1 Barrie buccaneer 5 Crawled out of bed 10 Rainbow shape 14 Short term employee 15 Nuts 16 Rupert Everett's "Ready to ___ " 17 Platform at an HRC gala 18 Part of "NIMBY" [...]

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HHS report details progress, new goals on LGBT health issues

From NGLTF press release WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released its annual report {} of steps it has taken to promote the health and well-being of LGBT people. [...]

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