Sister Act

Never ones to take themselves too seriously - their new video, "Baby Come Home," has them camping it up in nun gear - Jake Shears and Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters let loose in our [...]

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Don’t fuss, Taurus!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Pride festivities peak annually when the Sun enters Cancer, the sign of family and community. This year, issues of spirituality and religion come up to help affirm LGBT spirituality, leading [...]

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What’s a Matzo

Across 1 Hazard for Sheehan 5 Like some division 9 "Ed Wood" role 13 Gauche side, for Debussy 14 New Age music superstar 15 "Phantom" scar source 16 Start of a Fay Jacobs saying about [...]

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Holland Pride events June 28

A community choir, award-winning documentary, and a discussion of discrimination in the workplace and housing are all on tap for Holland's 8th annual Gay & Lesbian Pride event on June 28 at the Park Theater, [...]

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Tyler Bradley

Between Ourselves Tyler Bradley is a third year student at Saginaw Valley State University studying graphic design and Spanish. He is the A&E Section Editor of The Valley Vanguard and Social Activities Coordinator of Living [...]

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Thank you, Mr President

"Welcome to The White House," said President Barack Obama to me and about 350 other activists at the Third Annual LGBT Pride Reception June 15. Those simple words opened a floodgate of emotions for me. [...]

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Joe Haveman

Creep of the Week You know, if you would have asked me a year ago what the most terrible state in the nation for lesbians or gays I would not have said Michigan. I mean, [...]

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A new study from the University of Padova, Italy claims mothers and maternal aunts of gay men tend to have significantly more offspring. Scientists participating in the research claim this may explain how genetic homosexuality is passed on to the next generation. What do you think?

Heard on Facebook "Why do they have to do studies to see why people are gay? We're gay and we love it! Find out why people are assholes instead." -Kyle Durkin "This study is fundamentally [...]

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No believe it or why not?

Parting Glances It's 5:30 Friday afternoon. Thinking of BTL co-publishers Jan and Susan in Washington, D.C., I iPhone text a simple message of sharing: "Hugs!" Seconds later Jan cellphone hugs me back. Jan's comment: "It's [...]

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Bigotry and the Boy Scouts

ompiled by Howard Israel S/he Said "What I said while I was mayor ... I was in a business meeting, I come from a business perspective ... I said that I would bring a doctor [...]

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Puzzling out the Phelpsians

By Leslie Robinson General Gayety Some people argue that the best way to handle the ever-present, ever-protesting members of the Westboro Baptist Church is to ignore them. That sounds sensible. I just can't do it. [...]

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Checks and balances

By Eric Rader Speak Out While President Obama's recent statement of support for same-sex marriage was welcome news, the legal and political reality is that he cannot change laws alone. Presidents function within a system [...]

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