Use your power for good, Aquarius!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes The planets are all conspiring to promote misguided charm offensives, codependency running amok and disastrous efforts at wit. Restraint, humility and foresight are important, rare commodities. If you can stay [...]

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Friends of Dorothy Fight Back

Across 1 Grief over her death may have helped inspire the Stonewall Riots 5 Recesses for Rev. Perry 10 Some writers work on it 14 Fortune-teller's opening 15 Vintner's fruit 16 Spicy stew 17 1-Across [...]

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Revue celebrates ’50s musicals

By Bridgette M. Redman For those who love the Golden Age of Broadway musicals, "On Broadway 1956" at Tibbits Opera House will be a treat. The revue pulls together more than 30 songs that could [...]

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Summer in Seattle

by Andrew Collins Out of Town This city sculpted by Puget Sound and Lake Washington and crowned with leafy hills abounds with lively diversions, both indoor and outside. Plus a sunny and mild climate from [...]

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An Exchange Opportunity

When asked why gay couples should host exchange students, Ryan Carron-Smith said, "Why shouldn't they?" Together with Tom Carron-Smith, his partner of 13 years, they have hosted 11 exchange students at their home in Clawson [...]

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Ruth Ellis Center Youth Exhibition at MOCAD

On June 28 the Ruth Ellis Center celebrated the opening of its youth photography exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD). Five young people from the Ruth Ellis Center participated in a month-long [...]

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Palmer Park to Host Hotter Than July

DETROIT- The 17th Annual Hotter Than July Picnic comes to Palmer Park in Detroit on Saturday July 28. Bringing in thousands of attendees through food, live entertainment and music, this picnic celebrates Detroit's LGBT community. [...]

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Chuck Norris

Creep of the Week Have you heard the news? President Obama hates the Boy Scouts of America and wants to make all of the boys involved into a bunch of pansy liberal gay homos. And [...]

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Pages Past Tense #15

Parting Glances There's a gay/lesbian history story told about former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower when he was Commander-in-Chief of the European Theater during World War ll. It was brought to Ike's attention that dykes [...]

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Celebrities, Journalists and Oreos

Compiled By Howard Israel S/he Said "(I understand) the pressures to stay in the closet. An actor's role is to portray someone else on screen, so many actors like to hide as many elements of [...]

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Viewpoint: Funding Priorities

By Ellen Cogen Lipton I love the Fourth of July. I always participate in parades alongside local and federal officials and spend my evening with family and friends. As I celebrate with fireworks, picnics and [...]

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Auf Wiedersehen Little Hero

by Leslie Robinson General Gayety I'm appalled that I'd never heard of Gad Beck. Not only was he an important figure in LGBT history, he was a hoot. Until his recent death just shy of [...]

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