Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Jennifer Lopez turns mogul Jennifer Lopez jumping the "American Idol" ship wasn't really that surprising when you consider the show's slowly fading public profile and Lopez's perception of herself. This isn't [...]

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Stay in good humor, Leo!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Mercury retrograding across the Sun in Leo already tempts people to say way too much too forcefully. Other aspects make it worse. People using ears and brains will beat those [...]

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Anchor’s Aweigh

Across 1 Act up, with "on" 6 Used a forked tongue 10 Sitcom radio station 14 Threesome member for Dumas 15 160 rods 16 Strong as ___ 17 It may slip over one's head 18 [...]

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Light Comedy Comes to Eastpointe

By John Quinn "The Great American Sex Farce!" has a second act monologue in which Benni of Boca (Jann Hight) advises, "You gotta have a gimmick." Farce is full of gimmicks, including over-the-top characters, madcap [...]

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BTL Primary Election Aug. 7 Endorsements

Between The Lines endorses candidates based upon their record and their public statements in support of equality for LGBT people. Here is a list of the contested races in the Aug. 7 primary in which [...]

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Learning to LEAD

By ANDREA POTEET DETROIT - Six weeks changed Marlin Colyer's life. The 29-year-old Chicago native, who moved to Detroit in December, has a lot of big plans for changing the world. He'd like to mentor [...]

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An Unsung Hero

By Gregory Varnum This month the LGBT movement lost an inspirational leader. His passing will not be marked by a Presidential Proclamation nor will any great monuments be erected commemorating his achievements, but his impact [...]

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Faith Comes Full Circle

DETROIT - If 50 is the age that traditionally signals the onslaught of a midlife crisis in most men, in Kevin Kinsel it's signaling the rebirth of his faith. On July 28th, three days after [...]

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Stand Up and Be Counted Continues

DETROIT - "Stand Up Be Counted" continues through July 29 with a series of events and activities listed below. Sponsored in part by KICK, The Agency for LGBT African Americans, Hotter Than July is the [...]

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Clarke endorses movement to end HIV criminalization

WASHINGTON, DC - Michigan Congressman Hansen Clarke became the first sitting elected official in the U.S. to endorse a new consensus statement condemning the criminalization of HIV. Clarke, who has said Michigan's HIV-specific statute criminalizes [...]

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Optimism Drives XIX International AIDS Conference

By Bob Roehr "Turning the Tide Together" is the audacious slogan of the XIX International AIDS Conference that officially opened here in Washington, DC on July 22. "We're talking about ending AIDS," said conference cochair [...]

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Judson Phillips

Creep of the Week With Democrats and many Republicans demanding that Mitt Romney release his tax returns, it was only a matter of time before someone, in Romney's defense, called Obama a crack-smoking homo. This [...]

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Pages past tense #17

Parting Glances My first non-matriculated class at Wayne University in 1959 was English 101, held in a Quonset hut, one of several such make-dos behind what is now State Hall. The Quonset huts were processing [...]

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Josh Puckett was a Cub Scout

By Kathleen LaTosch Viewpoint He was 14 years old when his gay father died from AIDS. Six months later his lesbian mom and her partner were shot point blank by their next door neighbor, leaving [...]

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Frank Ocean: More Than Just a Man-Lover

Even if Frank Ocean hadn't recently acknowledged that he's an equal-opportunity lover, becoming one of the first major hip-hop artists to come out, his very personal major-label debut, "channel ORANGE," doesn't hide a thing: He's [...]

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